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Humanity Rising Day 224 After Chat   –   Monday April 12, 2021

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Chat from AfterChat Zoom from HR Day 224:

00:32:03    Kurt Krueger:    How can we accelerate the evolution of our cultural systems? What is the unexplored belief or assumption that when explored opens the door to inclusive peace?

Your expertise is needed by the planet and her people. You could participate in any branch of the Peace LAB or simply BE the force for Peace through your actions. Check out ::

Groups are forming together or at the same time through teleconference to bring more Peace to the Planet. Here's a Meditation practice that can greatly help. :: 12 minutes. Peace with Everything, Everything with Peace will reverberate throughout your day… making it the focus and bringing more peace to you and others.

00:32:06    Kurt Krueger:    Here’s a prelude to what the Peace LAB produced ~ via a media mode, and their’s so many more ways to bring peace. A Humanity Rising Prelude to the Peace LAB week with Lovely Lady Lesley: ::

00:38:18    Jean Stevens:    I think the coronavirus is teaching us that nature is out of balance and we need to change.  Humanity Rising is helping make the rebirth.  Great to see everyone today!  Love to all and sorry I have deadlines today and must leave.

00:48:51    Kathryn Alexander, MA:    yes, Jean

00:53:51    franka strietzel:    Ted talk on German prisons ::

01:00:20    franka strietzel:    5’ YouTube video “Restoring lives through Arts in Prison”

01:04:51    Kurt Krueger:    Thank you franka

01:06:06    franka strietzel:    Your welcome Swamiji Kurt 😍

01:06:59    Kurt Krueger:    I have to attend to our family issues now. Keep common back - it works when you work it.

01:13:17    Kathryn Alexander, MA:    I have to go. So wonderful to hear about everyone’s passion!!! Bye!

01:24:48    diana:    I gotta go, too. Looking Forward to next time

01:25:25    MEPI Kenya:    You are indeed a multi-gifted man, Stanley. You are a fulfillment of a truism that "God gives gifts to men, then gives those people as gifts to the world"

01:36:52    Diane Skidmore:    Gotta go. Lovely session. Thank you xxx

01:37:13    Stanley Pokras:    Thank you, Diane

01:42:23    Joel: my phone number +254700220384

01:43:28    franka strietzel:    Joel’s name is pronounced like we would Joelle

01:44:49    Joel:    Pastor Joel Ombima Joram

01:46:35    Joel:    from Maasai Mara Kenya East Africa


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