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Humanity Rising Day 212 After Chat   –   Thursday March 25, 2021

Chat from AfterChat Zoom from HR Day 212:

aka ChatPeople Chat


00:09:35    Kurt Krueger:    The Economics of Happiness ~ Mark Anielski is outstanding personn too.

00:14:43    Kurt Krueger:    Wheat about regenerative rather than simply sustainability?

00:15:37    Diane Skidmore:    And what does it do for the soul?

00:21:05    Diane Skidmore:    Thanks - please feel free to stop me xxx

00:23:05    Kurt Krueger:    Switching®

2 Be Unbounded

This is a simple, powerful and effective way to change old habit patterns that adversely affect our life. It uses all the essential elements for learning  / un-learning: physical, mental, metaphysical/spiritual; audio, visual, kinetic.

We literally start to consciously control our life when we practice Switching. The more we use Switching, the more power we exert in our life, the more loving we may be with others, the more unbounded we are! Let’s start practicing Switching!

Some people have used it for reversing drinking and PTSD!

For the How to’s see:

For more Peak Performance Practices read the bestselling, Winning Ways for Living.

00:25:07    Lars Münter:    Have to leave the afterchat now - It’s been an absolute pleasure to contribute to this series of session on behalf of the Nordic Health 2030 Movement - and will look forward to our next series in May onward; hope you’ll join then also.

00:25:28    Michael Cassiers:    I recommend Giles Hutchins' thoughts: ::

00:25:29    Kathryn Alexander, MA:    Thank you for coming Lars!!

00:25:31    Shannon McArthur:    nice to have yyou join us, Lars!

00:25:53    Kurt Krueger:    BRING MORE PEACE TO YOU AND THE PLANET:

“What is the mystery of peace, that if we were to discover and embrace, our realization of it would be faster and easier."

Your expertise is needed by the planet and her people. You could participate in any branch of the Peace LAB or simply BE the force for Peace through your actions. Check out ::

Groups are forming together or at the same time through teleconference to bring more Peace to the Planet. Here's a Meditation practice that can greatly help. :: 12 minutes.

Her’s a prelude to what the Peace LAB produced ~ via a media mode, and their’s so many more ways to bring peace. A Humanity Rising Prelude to the Peace LAB week with Lovely Lady Lesley: ::

If you have any questions 1-818-399-0771

00:26:32    David Wood:    Viking Economics: How the Scandinavians Got It Right-and How We Can, Too

00:26:44    David Wood:    ::

00:29:47    Franka:    Tom‘s 12 universal dimensions of Health ::

00:29:56    David Wood:    The discussion is fascinating but I will have to leave in a moment, sorry

00:30:33    Kurt Krueger:    David, thanks for coming

00:34:23    Kurt Krueger:    I need to go in 5. Wonderful; program and after chat. CU tomorrow. :)

00:34:45    Shannon McArthur:    thanks for coming, Kurt

00:34:47    Stanley Pokras:    Thanks, Kurt

00:34:58    Diane Skidmore:    CU Kurt. Thanks xx

00:41:04    Tom Bougsty:    Thanks everyone, yet, I have to go.  I appreciate you Franka for posting my website, yet, a more direct source of the 12 dimensions of health can be found in my most recent book, Transform the World into a Healthy and Sustainable Future.  Let's keep exploring our paradigm shifts and how to implement them...

00:41:19    Shannon McArthur:    Hi Julie

00:41:44    Julie Wolf:    Thanks Tom

00:42:02    Julie Wolf:    Hi Everyone. Franka how are you?

00:42:03    Diane Skidmore:    Thanks Tom for the info re your book - and for the link from Franka

00:54:41    Diane Skidmore:    Have to go. Lovely to be here. CU soon xxx

00:54:55    Shannon McArthur:    so sad to see you go, Diane

00:55:02    Michael Cassiers:    Sorry, my next Zoom meeting is starting. Thanks for the exchange!

00:55:02    Shannon McArthur:    lovely to see you

01:00:25    Julie Wolf:    We all came to earth for this amazing time.

01:02:18    Julie Wolf:    Awesome Shannon! New gentler perspectives. Thank you Kathryn!

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