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Humanity Rising Day 192 After Chat   –   Thursday February 25, 2021

Chat from AfterChat Zoom from HR Day 192:

aka ChatPeople Chat


00:15:29    Julie Wolf:    co-host me

00:22:57    Kurt Krueger, MeWe:    “What is the mystery of peace, that if we were to discover and embrace, our realization of it would be faster and easier."

We'd love to have you collaborate with us in answering this query. We are designing 90 minutes, 5 day presentations on Humanity Rising for March 1-5.

You could be a massive contributor with your hearty background. Please contact me soon. Lot's of Love.

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00:24:28    Kurt Krueger, MeWe:    Peace Lab

LABoratory ~ experiments, investigates, researches, and explorations, and some emergent design … ALSO

LAByrinth ~ one winding, irregular, peaceful path in and out!

Peace LAB: ::

Please take the Peace LAB Survey: ::

00:29:01    Kathryn Alexander, MA:    India is also plagued by Populism and that slows things down

00:33:02    Kurt Krueger, MeWe:    If you’re new to the After Chat, Please share your contact information to continue the collaboration… Kurt Krueger,

00:35:33    Shannon McArthur:    nice dog, Kurt!

00:35:35    MALINI Rajendran:    Kathryn the age of populism is now a thing of the past. The national paradigm and demographics is totally different and emerging into new paradigms.

00:37:21    Shannon McArthur:    hi Marcia!!

00:38:06    Diane Skidmore:    Helloooo Marcia

00:38:54    Kathryn Alexander, MA:    Hey Marcia

00:45:32    marciaraffstudio:    Hi everyone.  sorry to be late today!

00:46:15    marciaraffstudio:    You noticed Malini!  Had both my vaccinations so I could have my haircut….first time in a YEAR!

00:50:06    Shannon McArthur:    hi Harriett, glad to see you!

00:57:21    marciaraffstudio:    I keep seeing this to everyone and it keeps going only to Malini?  I was trying to ask Shannon to notice we don’t get polio every year anymore.

00:58:46    Shannon McArthur:    Ishmael, gorilla tells the story of humanity

00:59:03    Leo Jacoby:    Ian recommends book Ishmael

00:59:48    Shannon McArthur:    Marcia, the polio virus is a different kind of virus - it doesn’t mutate the way a Corona virus does

01:00:34    marciaraffstudio:    Is that reason not to take the current vaccination?

01:01:07    Shannon McArthur:    yes. to me. everyone needs to make their own decision.  and I  may change my mind. but not now.

01:01:27    marciaraffstudio:    ok.

01:02:26    Kathryn Alexander, MA:    I’ve had both shots so we will lsee.

01:03:26    marciaraffstudio:    This vaccine is supposed to protect on some of the mutations.  Protecting against those we can, I think is a good idea.

01:04:09    Kurt Krueger, MeWe:    Indres Shah, The Sufis, and Mullah Nasurdin stories…

01:07:15    Shannon McArthur:    what is, what potential, what if…  did I get that right?

01:08:36    Stanley Pokras:    I may add “Vision” to the top level of OtherNetworks based on what Ian just said about Stafford Beer’s indexing ideas.

01:08:56    Kurt Krueger, MeWe:    Two sources for the extreme value Indigenous wisdom and power of the Feminine side. SACRED INSTRUCTIONS by Sherri Mitchell. THE ABSOLUTE BEST BOOK ON BLENDING INDIGENOUS WISDOM FOR LIVING THE LIFE WE WERE ALL MEANT TO LEAD - one of compassion and peace. Using Science, Regenerative agriculture, Feminine/Masculine, Spirituality, and Societal change...        

ANOTHER connector with nature is The Four Sacred Gifts, a great book by an indigenous elder, Anita Sanchez - former panelist on Humanity Rising.

01:10:09    Kathryn Alexander, MA:    Stan yes that is the start, the process holder, and the context maker.

01:15:10    marciaraffstudio:    got to go…see u tomorrow

01:17:20    Leo Jacoby:

01:17:36    Leo Jacoby:    Nina's email

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