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Humanity Rising Day 181 After Chat   –   Wednesday February 10, 2021

Chat from AfterChat Zoom from HR Day 181:

aka ChatPeople Chat


00:06:21    Shannon McArthur: good morning gloria and bob!!  nice to see  you

00:06:50    Shannon McArthur: good morning Tom!

00:11:43    Frank M Tedesco:  Frank Tedesco

00:12:24    Frank M Tedesco:  Frank 727-512-4805

00:12:57    Stanley Pokras:   Stan - 267-968-0407

00:14:58    Lesley Southwick-Trask:

00:14:59    Kurt Krueger, MeWe:     Kurt 1-818-399-0771

00:18:23    Julie Wolf: small group today - only 13

00:19:14    Frank M Tedesco:  ::

00:23:09    Leo Jacoby: Christa: Freeing to be aware of the Radical Brilliance cycle. Knowing where you are and want to go next. OK to fail.

00:25:03    Julie Wolf: Side thought - Request to start watching the chat here this month for Peace Challenge  and Peace Week  participants asking for support - I suggested in emails and the site to join us here and to leace in chat to ask for support and they can ask for a breakout room.

00:26:01    Daniel WeMe:      spiritual bypass traps

00:26:27    Leo Jacoby: Bob & Gloria: guilt and shame are common barriers. Two great commandments includes a healthy self-love, move pass mistakes and move on, pass the speed bump.

00:27:35    Leo Jacoby: Lesley: hack friends to help me move on.

00:28:25    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  Flowers

00:30:36    Leo Jacoby: Stanley: kudos to Julie for all her web mastering. Peace Week page is now active! Lesley: Ask children and grandchildren to offer a contribution to Peace Week -- submission deadline is Feb. 18.

00:31:22    Julie Wolf: :: Flowers Lives (3 min video)

00:31:57    Julie Wolf: Wasnt eh Dance video too?

00:32:08    Shannon McArthur: sure, Julie! share!

00:33:32    Julie Wolf: Qucik Dance reset for me yesterday - ::

00:36:06    Julie Wolf: I love dream work!

00:37:24    Leo Jacoby: Tom: ground myself in my authentic self to be co-creator with the world and others, our interdependence and love. 2) ideas flow in the middle of the night - may get up and write them down; In the morning formulate a clearer plan. (One can experience the Radical Brilliance cycle on a daily basis.)

00:39:08    Leo Jacoby: Bob: include in Peace Week the poetry of peace from different times and cultures; can send you something.

00:42:59    Leo Jacoby: Stanley: sharing Bruce's web for Lakota people listing very specific needs of Lakota families. Helpfulness in a practical way.

00:44:22    Leo Jacoby: Lesley: San Antonio has created an emergency help system that can text specific needs and also text STOP when need has been met.

00:45:13    Stanley Pokras:   :: Help the Lakota

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