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Humanity Rising Day 180 After Chat   –   Tuesday February 9, 2021

Chat from AfterChat Zoom from HR Day 180:

aka ChatPeople Chat

00:05:47    Kurt Krueger, MeWe:     If you are new, please put you name and contact information in the chat.

00:06:03    Diane Skidmore:   And helpfulness to each other

00:06:14    Diane Skidmore:   rather than competing

00:07:27    Kurt Krueger, MeWe:     No need for asking permission with us.

00:07:33    Nashif Ahmed from uganda:     am Nashif Ahmed from,  my email address,  and my phone number is +256777213269

00:08:29    Daniel Rieders, MD:     The problem, is you need a healthy brain, to have a healthy brain. We have tools

00:09:16    Shannon McArthur: Welcome Cynthia; looking forward to chatting with you!

00:09:36    Diane Skidmore:   We made a space for teenagers. Now we have to make a space for Elders!!

00:09:56    Daniel Rieders, MD:     and now the 60s people are here, a full circle

00:10:13    Shannon McArthur: Welcome NashifΓǪ good to see  you! WeΓÇÖre looking forward to our meeting.

00:10:21    Rajinder Jhol:    big hug sue !!

00:10:40    Kurt Krueger, MeWe:     WeΓÇÖve got plenty developed and developing in the Peace LAB. Join us. :) We get to explore attracting EveryOne.

00:11:32    Marilyn Schramm:  I don't share people's hope placed in the youth. I don't see it among millennial generation.

00:11:34    Diane Skidmore:   Well done Sue - keep it up!! Still with passion!! Great!!!

00:11:50    Stanley Pokras:   The change needed is to insure that everyone gets the FOOD they need,

00:12:53    Mary Anne Walker: ΓǪand a voice in how resources are expended. Access, Equality. End the war machine.

00:13:09    Stanley Pokras:   Then we need to work on the malice that people faceΓǪ But food needs to come first. And the great nations ought to take up that challenge.

00:13:16    Diane Skidmore:   It IS happening.

00:13:22    Kurt Krueger, MeWe:     Spread this to get people planting treesΓǪ Magical Academy Award winning animated short, THE MAN WHO PLANTED TREES, ::

00:15:20    Shannon McArthur: Yes, Kurt!!  LOVE it!

00:16:25    Daniel Rieders, MD:     acknowledging Jim and Cynthia, and the other Jim G, what wonderful perspectives,  In gratitude

00:16:56    Diane Skidmore:   Brilliant Kurt - Except it's 30 minutes long! Yes, I'm bionic but - it takes time hahaha

00:18:01    Kurt Krueger, MeWe:     One of the greatest recent Adventure book with an incredible message is, The Journeys of Socrates by Dan Millman. Russian story with ultimate immigration to AmericaΓǪ and it fruit!.

00:19:42    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  The corruption from capitalism was also a big lesson.

00:20:31    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  Russians suffer - it is hard wired in.

00:20:59    Daniel Rieders, MD:     There is genocide and violence in AFRICA, and other part of the world.  Understanding the Russian experience is helfpul

00:21:19    Daniel Rieders, MD:     Corruption is in all political systyems

00:21:27    Daniel Rieders, MD:     and economic sysgems

00:21:39    Diane Skidmore:   We are the Wisdom Keepers - great!!

00:21:43    Daniel Rieders, MD:     so the work surrounding corruption, a symptoms, is needed

00:22:36    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  Daniel thatΓÇÖs one gift of my values work IMO few thinkers talk about corruption..

00:23:47    Diane Skidmore:   Exactly - it's up to us to help others understand! Our modern (western) world venerates youth along with its consumer stuff. We can create a space for Elders - as Indigenous and others already do have. Just like we did for teenagers

00:25:13    Stanley Pokras:   Join the Peace Challenge ::

00:25:27    Diane Skidmore:   Luckily I love doing stuff with youngers xxx

00:26:29    Stanley Pokras:   We are looking for language translators for our work. We need teams working on a variety of languagesΓǪ

00:27:20    Cynthia Lazaroff: Love this Kurt - we will dance our way through it!

00:28:30    Kurt Krueger, MeWe:     Cynthia, I so look forward to being with you later.

00:29:35    Daniel Rieders, MD:     Lets talk about CORRUPTION

00:30:21    Daniel Rieders, MD:     Trumpism scared me about this energy of russia and tyrrany

00:31:17    Daniel Rieders, MD:     Original wounding, seems to reoccur, over and over again.  playing out differently, same rewounding

00:31:22    Diane Skidmore:   Maybe we, the little people, will find a way to work with the other little people - of all nations!! As was said earlier - governments are not doing it and are not likely to so - a perfect opportunity to join with little human beings everywhere

00:31:47    Diane Skidmore:   And if we work with humans we can deal with trauma via EFT

00:32:59    Diane Skidmore:   Long distance healing works!!

00:33:07    patty:      As did Black mothers march with Black Lives Matter this past summer.

00:33:36    Kurt Krueger, MeWe:     TTT = Ulf SandstromΓÇÖs ΓÇ£Traumatic TappingΓÇ¥ is powerful - so is he.

00:34:55    Diane Skidmore:   In the universe I'm aware of TTT = Tearlesss Trauma Technique - Brilliant TTT world-wide!!!

00:35:19    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  There is always a rabid response when some people refuse to change.

00:35:51    Stanley Pokras:   Women are the saviors of the planetΓǪ

00:35:54    Kurt Krueger, MeWe:     Keeping the Focus on LOVE is the most powerful, a wonderful story from India exemplifies it: the famous story of Parvati is how she created her son Ganesha by herself- with no assistance from Shiva- but the one that moved me most as a child was one of her meditating. ┬áIt was before she was married to Shiva, and she was up on her mountain home performing tapas, lost in meditative bliss below the light of the full moon.┬á A hungry tiger spied her from a distance and began to creep up on her, excited to find such an easy meal. ┬áYou see this tiger had not eaten in such a long time and he was absolutely starving, so as he crept closer and closer to the young Parvati, he became more and more excited, completely focused on her and nothing else.┬á Parvati sits unmoved, eyes closed, completely in bliss. ┬áIn her inner world, she is floating in a sea of love for Shiva and for all the world.

00:35:55    Kurt Krueger, MeWe:     She can feel the tiger creeping up on her, she feels his hunger, and knows that she is the subject of his single-minded focus.┬á She feels love for the tiger, particularly marveling at the great strength of his focus- how there is no other thought in all his mind other than her. ┬áThe tiger is getting closer and closer, ready to pounce but never actually pouncing.┬á He simply continues, focused, hungry, creeping, until finally he is crouched before the young goddess, still intent on eating her, but transfixed.┬á While his mind is focused and hungry, ParvatiΓÇÖs deep love for the tiger has touched his heart; the tigerΓÇÖs mind is hunting but his heart is still, and thus his attack remains incomplete. ┬áParvati simply continues to love the tiger from her deep meditative state.┬á Eventually the tiger relaxes, and sits by her feet, content and calm, his hunger lessened by the love and peace in his heart from being to near her.

00:37:21    MALINI Rajendran: when we talk of mynamar I would like to go down the road stanely takes. Who is funding the army. Mynamar is an imporvished economy. So who and what is funding the economy. Let us not forget it is a predominantly Buddhist country. SO why and wherefrom is the army being funded. I would ask that question before expecting any peace treaty in Mynamar to work.

00:37:35    Shannon McArthur: thank you for the story, Kurt. Powerful

00:40:05    Leo Jacoby: Harriet: citizen diplomacy

00:40:34    Cynthia Lazaroff: We love you and ever grateful to you for everything!

00:40:55    Cynthia Lazaroff: We love you Harriett and ever grateful to you for everything!

00:42:13    Diane Skidmore:   Sending shivers up me. What a story!!

00:43:17    Diane Skidmore:   Magic!!!

00:43:49    Shannon McArthur: MOM is active in ALL  our lives!

00:50:02    Shannon McArthur: Oil MUST stay in the ground. Above it, it pollutes the environment and peopleΓÇÖs lives.  imho

00:51:52    Shannon McArthur: need JOY too

00:52:03    Shannon McArthur: best with othersΓǪ

00:52:30    Stanley Pokras:   The world must provide a guaranteed income for all peoples everywhereΓǪ

00:52:42    Kurt Krueger, MeWe:     NAsif is a second year college student in Uganda. He has a wonderful project with some land already.

00:52:50    Diane Skidmore:   And your passion Nashif. We support you xxx Love Love Love xxx

00:53:53    Daniel Rieders, MD:     bravo

00:55:32    Diane Skidmore:   Thank you Jim and Cynthia

00:57:16    Jim Hickman:

00:57:33    Leo Jacoby: The Sacred Inclusion Network Feb 20 with Jim

00:58:06    Cynthia Lazaroff:

01:02:03    Frank M Tedesco:  Wow. Art took me for a ride in his  jerry-rigged, jalopy plane!

01:15:44    marciaraffstudio: outrageous

01:16:44    marciaraffstudio: Divestment! yes!

01:20:38    marciaraffstudio: so how do we do that?

01:22:41    Cynthia Lazaroff: Divestment Campaign ΓÇö DonΓÇÖt Bank on the Bomb: ::ΓÇÖt%20Bank%20on%20the%20Bomb%20is%20the%20only,nuclear%20weapons%20and%20their%20specifically%20designed%20delivery%20systems::.

01:26:33    Leo Jacoby: Cynthia: "If you're not secure, I'm not sure." (covid, environment etc.) Need to reimagine security.

01:27:01    Leo Jacoby: oops: If...I'm not SECURE

01:39:40    marciaraffstudio: a lot of women dont even know Gaia has a problem

01:42:06    Cynthia Lazaroff: Women in Dialogue with Women from all over the world and building a movement to abolish nuclear weapons:  Come join us at Women Transforming Our Nuclear Legacy:

01:42:11    marciaraffstudio: so many do have foundations that are helping the public

01:45:10    marciaraffstudio: thatΓÇÖs a great movment

01:45:28    Karen Ball: money out of prisons

01:46:14    marciaraffstudio: what does that mean?

01:47:37    marciaraffstudio: TheeΓÇÖs someone IΓÇÖm going to look up!

01:51:58    Karen Ball: Thank you all for this wonderful conversation.  I need to leave.  Blessings to all.

01:52:13    marciaraffstudio: what does that accomplish?


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