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Humanity Rising Day 167 After Chat

Chat from AfterChat Zoom from HR Day 167:

aka ChatPeople Chat

00:13:13    Sarita Patel:     IΓÇÖm driving and may not be easy to hear.

00:15:29    Stanley Pokras:   Hi, Sarita. I just added a page in OtherNetworks for Madmana Studios.

00:18:28    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  YAY SALLY!!!!! SO glad you are feeling better!!!

00:18:32    Shannon McArthur: Sally, Yay!!! (*U*)

00:18:39    sallyannett:      heeeyyyxxx

00:18:43    Shannon McArthur: (hugs & a kiss on both cheeks!)

00:19:02    Lesley Southwick-Trask: Yeah!!!! Sally!!!!!

00:19:02    Daniel:     pimple representatin

00:19:27    Stanley Pokras:   Sarita is an example of the Social ArgonautΓǪ Yay!

00:19:31    Richard Page:     George Monbiot spoke to SaritaΓÇÖs point in the annual E.F. Schumacher lecture

00:20:45    Richard Page:     Monbiot provided examples of unused properties within a township being ΓÇÿacquired

00:24:14    David Stoney:     Our unconscious fears are like steel bars confining us to a narrow mode of consciousness

00:26:32    David Stoney:     Wealth and the scaffolding provided by civilization (such as it is) allow for minimal self-reflection

00:27:22    Shannon McArthur: morning, Kurt!

00:27:51    Shannon McArthur: aho!

00:27:57    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   has anyone looked at the Sociocracy for ALL's Co-housing examples or webinars?  SoFoAll

00:28:18    Jen Forti:  WhatΓÇÖs the alternative word to ΓÇ£theyΓÇ¥?

00:28:27    Shannon McArthur: other

00:28:41    sallyannett:      people

00:28:52    Lesley Southwick-Trask: Hey beautiful people -I have to jump to an interview. I am leaving the hosting to whoever wishes to take the lead  :)

00:29:13    Kurt Krueger:     CU soon Les. Lets talk later

00:31:40    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   so how do we apply this world view changing dialogue to Sarita's co-housing ?

00:32:20    Daniel:     This group seems to be a group of people making a difference, in specific different manners.  Bravo. Go Gropu

00:32:23    Daniel:     group

00:32:51    Richard Page:     Paloma here with Richard - we have our hand up

00:33:07    Shannon McArthur: ty


00:33:27    Shannon McArthur: Paloma, and then RuthAnne, please

00:34:26    Sarita Patel: 415-845-7503

00:34:33    Shannon McArthur: Kathryn, youΓÇÖre after RuthAnne

00:34:49    Sarita Patel:     I need hop off but look forward to the recording

00:35:04    Richard Page:     In our book Breakthrough Communities: Sustainability and Justice in the Next American Metropolis (MIT Press) we documented 12 case studies of community based solutions .

00:35:58    Julie Wolf: so nice to see and hear you Sally

00:36:01    Richard Page:     I am wondering if Sarita and others have researched the Community Land Trust option?

00:41:59    Richard Page:     we have found that socialled disadvantaged communities are the canaries in the mine - and offer solutions for the whole

00:43:01    Richard Page:     I appreciate the question - How do we live together well?

00:43:23    Richard Page:     Trauma awareness is important perspectiveΓǪ

00:44:37    Julie Wolf: and dignately

00:44:53    Elsie Maio: Crucial question, RuthAnn. Moving to a prior commitment. This healing you speak of is central to our personal and societal evolution.

00:45:06    Paloma Pavel and Richard page:      How to address living together beyond shame.

00:45:28    Paloma Pavel and Richard page:      Mobile home communities - Spokane - tiny homes.

00:45:37    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   "One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If weΓÇÖve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. WeΓÇÖre no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. ItΓÇÖs simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that weΓÇÖve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back." Carl Sagan

00:45:41    Daniel:     tiny homes is a lifestyle choice

00:46:09    Shannon McArthur: so is mobile trailer parks - but not always a choice - but an only option

00:49:32    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   damage only happens with disconnected people.  relationship resolves this.  co-housing is like worker owned....relationships are integral.. example from my ciry:   generous energy efficiency project is helping us befriend neighbors of city churches .... for the Earth's sake..

00:49:34    Paloma Pavel and Richard page:      Also in Spokane our friend Bob Stilger is growing a cooperative  housing multi generational community with life long learning and culture built into the model

00:51:29    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   let's talk about possibilities?

00:52:27    Paloma Pavel and Richard page:      We worked with  community groups in the city of Detroit where 60,000 vacant properties existed, and philadelphia where they dealt with 40,000 vacant properties. There is a national Vacant properties non profit organization to assist with the issue.

00:52:41    Daniel:     Ed was referring to HR

00:53:56    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  HA Paloma - Bob and Susan are members of my church. IΓÇÖve been involved in co-housing for decades, but no this one.

00:55:05    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  Paloma - can you connect emote the national vacant properties?

00:56:36    Paloma Pavel and Richard page:      Eco Village Ithaca is one I am familiar with since its inception - the oldest eco village in USA

00:57:34    Kurt Krueger:     Crestone CO, has many spiritual communitiesΓǪ We spent our honeymoon there in 92. :) .

00:58:19    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  Kurt - John Milton is there. I spent some time there in my RV life. Lots of earth energy!

00:59:09    Kurt Krueger:     KAtrhryn, YES. Great place, with some simple issuesΓǪ

01:02:03    Shannon McArthur: thanks Malini, I see you!

01:04:41    Kurt Krueger:     Part of Peace LAB. Who would be a dynamic presenter on how best to create trust?

01:05:38    Daniel:     THANKS Malini.  Ashrams can be hospitals for the soul

01:05:49    Shannon McArthur: Ashrams are oases in the ocean of greed.

01:05:58    Shannon McArthur: islands, not oases

01:06:42    Shannon McArthur: we all need to go to Ashrams with Gaia being the leader that never dies.

01:08:15    Daniel:     It is my sanctuary

01:08:42    Daniel:     meant to requote

01:10:10    Daniel:     ΓÇ£it is my sanctuaryΓÇ¥  ΓÇö living space

01:10:21    franka strietzel: the Christian Community RuthAnn mentioned is the Bruderhof. BBC documentation on YouTube

01:10:28    Shannon McArthur: Air B&B is expensive. Cannot live that way.

01:11:01    Daniel:     In our work last week, Cities week, when spoke about the curse.  property ownership steams from a curse. indigenous people generally do not own lanjd

01:11:05    Daniel:     land

01:11:20    Jen Forti:  ThereΓÇÖs an organization that started a

01:11:53    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   my son would like to correct something I said about concensus vs consent

01:12:08    Shannon McArthur: nice, Jen, can you speak to  it?

01:12:44    Jen Forti:  Sorry, I donΓÇÖt know enough about it to speak to it

01:12:48    Jen Forti:  I just know about it

01:13:00    David Stoney:     Thanks, everyone.  I must leave to attend to some tasks. Love, wholeness, curiosity, and courage to allΓǪ

01:13:21    Shannon McArthur: Thank you David!! Love you!

01:14:11    Daniel:     I must leave also, peace

01:14:38    Shannon McArthur: Ty, Daniel, have a good day!

01:15:48    Kurt Krueger:     CU Dan

01:16:09    Jen Forti:  Thanks everyone for continuing the conversation and the work after HR here in the after chat! I must move on with my day but wanted to mention that I have an idea for a thing IΓÇÖd like to start here in Portland. I want to call it Food For Thought - Sustenance, Stories & Songs. When I formulate better my ideas and questions around how to start this and what its intentions are IΓÇÖll share with the larger group ;) Be well everyone <3

01:16:40    Kurt Krueger:     CU Jen

01:16:47    Shannon McArthur: cu Jen

01:18:58    sallyannett:      i-need-to-go-so-lovely-toseeyouall-somuchlovexxxsals

01:19:10    Kurt Krueger:     CU Sally, Love you.

01:19:23    Shannon McArthur: love you, Sallyy

01:19:41    Kurt Krueger:     SIMON, love to hear your clarity on our chats, anytime.

01:22:08    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  Kurt - maybe Peace Week can be just explorative discussion?

01:23:27    Kurt Krueger:     Kathryn, Thought that could be a format for a day - maybe more. We get to decide laterΓǪ

01:24:09    Stanley Pokras:   I just realized that I missed the last 20 minutes of the Chat in Humanity Rising today. Does someone have those comments?

01:25:15    Shannon McArthur: thank you Karen, youΓÇÖll be up next

01:26:23    Shannon McArthur: Stan, are you not getting the Chat from HR?

01:26:38    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  One of the BIG issues in religious communities is the aversion to conflict.

01:28:15    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  The triangle instead of the circle

01:29:04    MALINI Rajendran: Kathryn is that because by its very fundamental nature religious communities are based on a top down control structure. Based on control that usually uses fear, preferential treatment of the faithful  and prejudice as a tool.

01:29:05    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  Our brains are designed to fall into dichotomy and so having three options is a way to shift that

01:29:43    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  Marlin - I thin itΓÇÖs because people want ΓÇÿpeaceΓÇÖ in their spiritual journey - not learning.

01:30:17    Shannon McArthur: the different levels of Peace - personal underlies the family underlies community, etc.

01:33:58    MALINI Rajendran: just to know how is consensus different from consent , doesn't consent inherent in a consensus, I would welcome some education on this.

01:34:00    Jean Robertson:   Must gom thanks you everyoe

01:34:14    Kurt Krueger:     Jean, CU soon. Love.

01:34:21    Shannon McArthur: nice to have you with us, Jean!

01:34:54    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:

01:36:17    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   Can we try this technic of crowd helping with Peace week?

01:36:32    MALINI Rajendran: My suggestion stan is to send an email to the chat people and have them post the link to this page on their faccebook page or website or in their email list . Having a page on a website is the first step. Promoting the resource is the main thing that needs to happen.

01:36:57    MALINI Rajendran: Shannon can you please post this on the conversation cc today.

01:37:35    Stanley Pokras:   BruceΓÇÖs database

01:38:49    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  I need to leave - so sorry!

01:39:06    Shannon McArthur: ItΓÇÖs been so rich, with you hear, Kathryn!

01:39:38    Karen Ball: I also need to leave.  Love to all.

01:39:46    Shannon McArthur: bye Karen

01:39:50    Marcia Raff:      You can go to Lakota west and sign up to donate even a small amount every month automatically.

01:39:59    Marcia Raff:      website

01:40:11    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   "The difference between consensus and consent continues to produce some controversy. For some people, consensus is basically like consent. A fair statement would be that consensus can be lived like consent but does not have to be lived that way. If your version of consensus plays out similarly to consent, great. For many organizations, it is not. Consent is more clearly defined, both in its process and conceptually. If you want to put a slogan on it that makes the difference clear, one could say that in consensus, we ask everyone ΓÇ£do you agree?ΓÇ¥. In consent, we ask ΓÇ£do you object?ΓÇ¥

01:40:22    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   MALINI here is the link I will be sharing a quote from about the distinction between consent and consensus...

01:41:22    MALINI Rajendran: what does salvation army do.

01:41:23    Shannon McArthur: thanks, RuthAnn & Simon

01:41:29    Marcia Raff:      Lakota people are VERY appreciative!

01:41:36    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   Bruce, I want one!  A crowd helping page for the Tribal Confederation I live and work with! !

01:42:34    Leo Jacoby: Ciao

01:42:55    Shannon McArthur: from 6-8pm PT GaiaΓÇÖs Zoom Room

01:43:31    Marcia Raff:      bye now

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