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Click on the Episode Number to go to the Humanity Rising Day Page for that episode. On that page you will find all the recordings of the videos and the chats and detailed information about that session.

Date HR Episode Number Topic CONVENER Panelists
1-Jun-20 11 Youth Green Business- Future Capitalism and Planet Andrea Paige artist offering Lily Fangz
11 Kavitha Urvasie
11 Eric Doak
11 Tia Kansara
11 Sue Lennox
2-Jun-20 12 Personal empowerment and ledership in times of crisis Kathryn Ulh Ifreet Taheea
12 Khalid Elachi David Sanchez
12 Achraf Tasfaout
12 Linda Kemoli
12 Mila Lucik
12 Akhmad Ramadhan
3-Jun-20 13 shaping a safer tomorrow- Ther MBA journey Tulika Poddar Marcel Bandur
13 Dinda Dwita Puspasari
13 Wong Mushan
13 Faiz Mordiffi
13 Christina Dodenwela
4-Jun-20 14 From Anxiety to agency- How do we inspire change in time of crisis Clover Hogan Melati Wijsen
14 Alexinadria Villasenor
14 Elizebath Wathuti
5-Jun-20 15 Leadership, entrepreneurship and a world beyond covid19 Yvette Tackle Debhora Saki
15 Isacc Damian Ezirim
15 Ayanda Siboto
15 Petrider Paul
15 Amani Alphonce Shayo
6-Jun-20 16 Transformative Education and Intergenerational Wisdom Exchange Eva Konstitine Veronica Saldias
16 Raji Jayasinghe Mary Carrol
16 Matt Robertson Kateryna Tymoshchuk
16 George Boch
16 Hayley Peter
16 Justin Faerman
7-Jun-20 17 Next Gen week Building a future together Jim Garrison Bente Milton
8-Jun-20 18 Charls Eisentien- the pandemic, george floyd and the world to come Jim Garrison Charles Eisenstien
9-Jun-20 19 Whole System Change Jim Garrison Robin wood
19 Paul Ray
19 Julene Siddiqui
19 Richar Hames
10-Jun-20 20 Whole system change day 2 Jim Garrison Richard Barrett
20 Peter Merry
20 Hans Andeweg
20 Marylin Hamilton

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