HR!Day011 - NextGen Leadership Week: Day 1 -- Future Capitalism & The Planet: Youth Green Business

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Humanity Rising Day 011 - Monday, June 1, 2020

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To co-create possibility, report on successes, re-frame the conversation

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and pave the path forward for the great shift away from capitalistic reductionist/extractive thought towards collaborative, disruptive, executable and scalable action.

Artist Offering:

  • Lily Fangz is a wordplay artist, fully engaging in the creative explorations of life, biting down, activating those around with passion, perspective, and perhaps asking the questions that aren't posed enough.



  • Kavitha Urvasie, Youth for Sustainable Development, Auroville Youth Link leader, Sustainable Development
  • Eric Doak, Entrepreneur, Founder, Former CEO Choose USA / CEO Renew Market
  • Tia Kansara, Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO, Replenish Earth, Co-Founder Kansara Hackney Ltd
  • Sue Lennox, Educator, 2020 NSW Senior Australian of the Year, Co-Founder OzGREEN Founder, Youth Leading the World, Inter-generational Bridge

About the NextGen Week

The rising generation of decision-makers and global citizens has an important role in this movement to build a more sustainable and resilient planetary society. It is their generation and those to follow that will be most affected by the actions we all take today. This week, we feature NextGen leaders from around the world to share their vision for the future and actionable solutions they are working on today. Join the NextGen Forum.


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Each Zoom live webinar will have a maximum capacity of 500 participants. If you are not able to join on Zoom, we will be live streaming here on the UbiVerse and on:

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