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Click on the Episode Number to go to the Humanity Rising Day Page for that episode. On that page you will find all the recordings of the videos and the chats and detailed information about that session.

Date HR Episode Number Topic CONVENER Panelists
24-Sep-20 101 The One and the Many Perter merry Tim Freke
Jim garrison
24-Sep-20 102 The Future of Business: Humanistic Management and Regenerative Economics Jim garrison L. Hunter Lovins,
Sabjinea Dr. Eban Goodstein,
Dr. Michael Pirson,
25-Sep-20 103 Climate Change, Public Health and Litigation Jim Garrison Dr. Chadia Wannous -
28-Sep-20 104 Donald Trump and the Upcoming US Election jim Garrison Jim Garrison
29-Sep-20 105 Mindsets for Change stopping the next pandemic Jim Garrison Karen Wilhelm Buckley
Jan Vertefeuille
Elsie Maio,
30-Sep-20 106 Dialogue with Johnathan Poirritt Jim Garrison Johnathan Poirritt
01-Oct-20 107 Radical Regeneration: A Dialogue with Andrew Harvey and Caroline Baker JimGarrison Kim rosen
Andrew Harvey
Caroline Baker
02-Oct-20 108 Systems design for a world with a future Christine McDougall
Cindy Forde,
12-Oct-20 109 From Kailash to Davos, Planetary Pilgrimage for Protopia Jim Garrison Yanling Duan
Yanling Duan
Sabinije von Gaffk
13-Oct-20 110 The Planet Has No Party Line Jim Garrison Aaron Ableman

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