HR!Day871 - Thu 3/7/24 Interconnectedness and Unity - Tom Eddington, Dan McCann, Reuben George & Chenny Xia

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Day 871 Thu 3/7/24 Interconnectedness and Unity

--- Humanity Rising Day 871 - Thursday March 7, 2024      (GoTo Bottom)
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This Week: Spirituality and Conscious Leadership

Day1 - Tom & Bob Zimmer

Regenerative Living

Day2 - Tom & Jim Garrison

Spiritual Core

Day3 - Tom, Dan, Azim & Natasha

Inner Peace

Day4 - Tom, Dan, Reuben, Chenny


Day5 - Tom, Mirabai & Samantha

Spiritual Evolution


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As human beings, our spirituality is who we are; not a practice we undertake when it is convenient. And, in our world today we are all called to be leaders with self-leadership being of utmost importance. In this week’s series we will be exploring the areas of spirituality and conscious leadership from a variety of dimensions.

Interconnectedness and Unity

It’s become a common refrain that we are all connected. Unfortunately, it is often used as though it is a new revelation or a marketing gimmick. In this session, we’ll explore the deeper truth of connection and unity.

Panellist: Dan McCann', Rueben George & Chenny Xia

Moderator: Tom Eddington

Convener: Jim Garrison


Rueben George

RUEBEN GEORGE is Sundance Chief and a member of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation (TWN). After working as a family counsellor for twenty years, he became manager of the TWN’s Sacred Trust initiative to protect the unceded Tsleil-Waututh lands and waters from the proposed Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion. Over the past decade, he has travelled across the world and built alliances with Indigenous people fighting for water, land, and human rights, and has become an internationally renowned voice for such issues. Rueben has been adopted and made a Sun Dance Chief by two Lakota families, and incorporates his cultural and spiritual teachings in all aspects of his life and work.

Chenny Xia

Chenny Xia is a serial entrepreneur and advocate for health and gender equity. As the CEO of Gotcare, she ensures acute and chronic health needs can be taken care of right at home, regardless of where you live - including service to over 100 remote communities across Canada. Chenny has been recognized for her leadership by organizations like The Globe and Mail and was a member of Ontario’s Task Force on Women and the Economy. She also serves on the advisory board of Coralus (formerly SheEO), advancing women and non-binary led entrepreneurship globally.

Dan McCann

Dan McCann’s professional narrative is a deep and respectful journey through the complex

landscapes of mental health alongside advances in science and exponential technologies. With a background that includes groundbreaking work at Canada’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and transformative group training practices at the Ryzio Institute, Dan’s expertise spans from clinical research to the profound wellness found in peak experiences facilitated by emerging therapies.

A respected voice in marrying the potential of AI with the nuances of mental health, Dan

advocates for hybrid care models that are as innovative as they are empathetic. He

champions the use of Generative AI to unlock personalised care pathways, making

mental health support more accessible and tailored than ever before.

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