HR!Day870 - Wed 3/6/24 Inner Peace and Well-Being - Dan McCann, Azim Jamal & Natasha Senra-Pereira

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Day 870 Wed 3/6/24 Inner Peace and Well-Being

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This Week: Spirituality and Conscious Leadership

Day1 - Tom & Bob Zimmer

Regenerative Living

Day2 - Tom & Jim Garrison

Spiritual Core

Day3 - Tom, Dan, Azim & Natasha

Inner Peace

Day4 - Tom, Dan, Reuben, Chenny


Day5 - Tom, Mirabai & Samantha

Spiritual Evolution


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As human beings, our spirituality is who we are; not a practice we undertake when it is convenient. And, in our world today we are all called to be leaders with self-leadership being of utmost importance. In this week’s series we will be exploring the areas of spirituality and conscious leadership from a variety of dimensions.

Inner Peace and Well-Being

Living from a place of inner peace enables us to navigate life’s challenges and enhances our well-being. A holistic approach to well-being including mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health can help aid in supporting a state of Inner Peace.

Moderator: Tom Eddington

Convener: Jim Garrison

Panellist: Dan McCann, Azim Jamal & Natasha Senra-Pereira


Dan McCann

Dan McCann’s professional narrative is a deep and respectful journey through the complex landscapes of mental health alongside advances in science and exponential technologies. With a background that includes groundbreaking work at Canada’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and transformative group training practices at the Ryzio Institute, Dan’s expertise spans from clinical research to the profound wellness found in peak experiences facilitated by emerging therapies.

A respected voice in marrying the potential of AI with the nuances of mental health, Dan advocates for hybrid care models that are as innovative as they are empathetic. He champions the use of Generative AI to unlock personalised care pathways, making mental health support more accessible and tailored than ever before.

Azim Jamal

Azim Jamal is the founder of Corporate Sufi Worldwide Inc., a company dedicated to inspiring and empowering leaders at all levels to achieve material success, blended with a deep sense of purpose, balance and happiness. He calls this the synergy of Business, Balance & Beyond!

Azim has spoken to live audiences exceeding 1 million people in over 100 cities on five continents and his media message has been heard by over 5 million people.

Azim is the author of ten books. His co-authored book The Power of Giving has been translated in 10 languages and has been # 1 on Amazon & Barnes & Noble and won the Nautilus Gold Award in May 2009 for books that create social change.

His tenth and latest book is called SPARK: Journey from Success to Significance.

Natasha Senra-Pereira

Natasha has been working in the field of mental health for over 19 years with professional experience at Canada’s largest mental health hospital and in private practice. Her experience includes working in forensics, on crisis teams and supporting those that walk the most challenging paths. She has a Master’s degree in Social Work and training in numerous modalities including IFS, EMDR and relational-somatic psychotherapy. She also has advanced training in various forms of meditation and In-Depth Channelling from the Metaphysical University Delphi in the U.S. Her work is guided by the newest research as well as her own personal healing and experience. Over the last several years, her teaching and focus has been at the intersectionality of psychedelics, spirituality and healing.

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