HR!Day638 - Discovering the Oppressor Within - Josette & Ba Luvmour

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--- Humanity Rising Day 638 - Wednesday February 22, 2023      (GoTo Bottom)
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African Wisdom speaks of asili, of the germ of a culture that manifests in every aspect of that culture. Marimba Ani, in Urugu, names the asili of our world as “power-over.” Power-over infects all of us. Once we uncover the oppressor within, and deeply accept that it is part of our evolutionary heritage and therefore lives in each of us, we can engage our calling and bring healing to our world. We have done this painful but liberating and enlightening work of directly experiencing the oppressor within, without judgment. Unexpected outcomes, which during our mutual livestream dialogue include:

  • Connecting to the oppressor. This can be done through appreciation of and specific care for the unfolding consciousness of children, and of your own consciousness. This approach awakens self-knowledge, seeing and knowing ourselves as we are, without shame, blame, or judgment.
  • Insight into the healthiest way to respond to an oppressor and any oppression that is appropriate for you. Our way is to bring forth well-being through the consciousness approach of nurturing the emerging consciousness of children to draw forth well-being. We do not go back to hammer out the wrongs of the past. Rather, we look forward by nurturing our most valuable resource for the future—children.  Most importantly, each response brings meaning and empowerment for each person involved, and for all.
  • Compassion beyond empathy. Compassion in the sense of insight into the action that brings the greatest well-being without concern for gain or pain. This compassion becomes a way of living and arises in all interactions and circumstances.
  • Natural Learning Relationships (NLR) - An important concept developed by the Luvmours.


  • Josette Luvmour, PhD, is an educator, writer, developmental consultant, and public speaker. Josette specializes in the fields of human development, the Natural Learning Relationships of children, the evolution of consciousness through life, transformation learning, nurturing well-being in family relationships, how adult and child grow together, relationship-based and holistic education, and teacher professional development. Most recently she is teaching in Antioch’s Individualized Master of Arts Program (IMA) in the School of Education (SOE).
  • Ba Luvmour, MA, is an educator, public speaker, author, seminar leader, and consultant Ba has worked in just about every phase of life with children and families. He enjoys training educators (including administrators). Most recently he is teaching at Antioch University, in the Individualized Master of Arts (IMA) program in the School of Education (SOE). Ba has been a non-profit executive since the beginning of his career and co-founded three schools and a holistic learning center for families and children. Together, Josette and Ba produced and hosted the popular podcast series, Meetings with Remarkable Educators. The foundation for all his work in is an abiding inquiry into the nature of consciousness. Ba has authored many eBooks and print books.


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University

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