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The history of the world is also the history of invention and innovation. The mid-1700’s in England, continental Europe and the United States witnessed the start of the Industrial Revolution that was to last in four distinct cycles until the mid-20th Century.   During this period many of the inventions introduced made work easier and faster, leading to production and manufacturing becoming a dominant focus and also contributing to a massive migration from farms to cities. These developments dramatically and quickly changed the world in many ways.  

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While many did and continue to wax poetic about this so-called progress, as we have learned over the last 70 years much of the widespread optimism that technology and innovation would eventually solve all of our problems was an illusion.

While it is true that technology and innovation have solved some problems and has certainly been good for the Nasdaq and the S&P 500 and the relative few who now control the greatest share of what the world calls wealth, technology has not eliminated poverty, disease, violence and many other significant challenges. Indeed, technology and innovation have actually created other serious problems, not the least of which is that today all things are measured primarily by economic impact and not their impact on humanity, the other species and our precious habitat itself, all of which are now at  grave risk.

It is now vital to turn our attention to a different kind of technology and innovation, those that can mitigate some of the damage we, in our quest for power, profit and control, have created

We call these the Technologies of Hope. We believe that if we are wise and truly committed to doing all that we can to ensure our survival and that of our habitat, we will begin to differential between this form of technology and innovation and that which has bought us to his time that the Hopi Elders have suggested in not just the 11th Hour, but THE HOUR when we are being called to come together and do all that we can to turn this Ship of Humanity away from the rocks and toward open water.

Over the course of this week and others that will follow in the new year, it is our intention to introduce you to some remarkable individuals who clearly understand both the significant challenges we face and some of the things their imaginations, skills and talents can do to make a positive difference for us all.

Today our topic is land regeneration and we are pleased to have four individuals joining us who are deeply involved in this and related subjects



  • Andrew Cameron Bailey, designer/builder, chemist and chemical engineer, and the son of a Scotsman who designed and built giant fertilizer factories all over southern Africa back in the 1950s.  He is also a filmmaker, photographer, inventor, author, entrepreneur and a visionary thinker in the realms of climate restoration* and the evolutionary potential of humanity. He has degrees in literature, anthropology, mathematics, chemistry, and chemical engineering and has lectured in mathematics and chemistry at the college level. He is the founder of Sacred Earth Enterprises, a company which is developing economically-viable climate solutions. He is co-author of the non-fiction book THE TRUST FREQUENCY: Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm, author of the historical mystery novel The Mayflower Revelations and director of the films IN SEARCH OF THE FUTURE: What do the Wise Ones Know? and SEEDS OF FREEDOM: A Vision for America. Sacred Enterprises - ::
  • Brian von Herzen, Ph.D, is the founder and executive director of the Climate Foundation which upholds the vision and the mission to regenerate life in the ocean using Marine Permaculture technology. As Executive Director, Brian leads Climate Foundation’s large-scale seaweed mariculture programs to develop sustainable food, feed and fertilizer value chains, provide ecosystem life support, and sustain blue carbon sinks. Brian graduated magna cum laude in three years from Princeton University with a degree in Physics. He holds a Ph.D. in planetary science from California Institute of Technology where he was awarded the prestigious Hertz Fellowship, and has been awarded numerous patents. After two decades developing system solutions for companies such as Intel, Disney, Pixar, Microsoft, HP, and Dolby, Brian launched the Climate Foundation in order to investigate groundbreaking nature-based solutions to the climate and other environmental challenges. As Executive Director, Brian leads Climate Foundation’s large-scale seaweed mariculture programs to develop sustainable food, feed and fertilizer value chains and provide ecosystem life support.
  • Joe Brewer has three bachelors degrees in physics, mathematics, and interdisciplinary studies and a masters in atmospheric sciences. He is a complexity researcher, innovation strategist, experience designer, and serial social entrepreneur who brings a wealth of expertise to the adoption of sustainable solutions at the cultural scale.  His latest book: THE DESIGN PATHWAY FOR REGENERATING EARTH. The Evolution Institute is a non-profit research and policy organization that seeks to understand and solve humanity’s most critical problems. We bring together scientists and scholars from many disciplines to conduct research, start pilot projects and develop policy recommendations. Our work is based on a scientific evolutionary perspective that recognizes the complexity of our biggest challenges as we seek practical solutions to sustain and improve the quality of life for all.
  • Lyla June Johnston is a musician, public speaker and internationally recognized performance poet of Diné (Navajo) and Tsétsêhéstâhese (Cheyenne) lineages. She graduated with honors from Stanford University with a degree in Environmental Anthropology. Her personal mission is to grow closer to Creator by learning how to love deeper and to support and empower indigenous youth. She is a student of global cycles of violence that eventually gave rise to The Native American Holocaust and the destruction of many cyclic relationships between human beings and nature. This exploration birthed her passion for revitalizing spiritual relationships with Mother Earth and cultivating spaces for forgiveness and reconciliation to occur between cultural groups. She is a co-founder of The Taos Peace and Reconciliation Council. She is a walker within the Nihigaal Bee Iiná Movement, a 1,000-mile prayer walk through Diné Tah (the Navajo homeland) that is exposing the exploitation of Diné land and people by uranium, coal, oil and gas industries. She is the lead organizer of the Black Hill Unity Concert which gathers native and nonnative musicians to pray for the return of guardianship of the Black Hills to the Lakota, Nakota and Dakota nations. She is the also the founder of Regeneration Festival, an annual celebration of children that occurs in 13 countries around the world every September.


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University

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