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Day III: Business is Driving the World’s Agenda - Where is it taking us?

--- Humanity Rising Day 500 - Thursday June 16, 2022      (GoTo Bottom)
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Business is devouring the world. Can it transform itself and save the world?

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It has been widely reported that business has been “driving the agenda of the world” at the expense of Mother Nature and Society at large. This “profit at all costs” agenda has resulted in the degradation of our natural ecosystems on which we depend, destroyed communities and perpetuated an unsustainable consumption culture. Who are the business leaders bucking this trend and what are they doing?


Tom Eddington, Founder and CEO, Endangered Global, and George Cappannelli, Founder and CEO, Age Nation


  • Bob Chapman, named the #3 CEO in the world by Inc. and a leading Social Capital CEO by International Business Times, Bob Chapman is very intentional about building a better world. Chapman is CEO of Barry-Wehmiller, a $3.2 billion capital equipment firm that transformed by applying a unique blend of strategy and culture to a struggling $20 million business. Today, Barry-Wehmiller is the combination of 120+ acquisitions and 12,000 teammates in 28 countries. Chapman’s journey from traditional management to “Truly Human Leadership” inspired his WSJ best-seller “Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family”, which has sold 80,000 copies and is available in seven languages. A TEDx Talk and a Harvard case study, now taught at 70 business schools, also profile his leadership philosophy. Chapman is also focused on bringing these principles to education through initiatives with Fordham University, other business schools and several secondary education institutions.
  • Jason Lippert, President & CEO LCI Industries, is the third generation leader of Lippert and LCI Industries, a $5.1 billion dollar publicly traded company with over 15,000 team members (NYSE: LCII). Throughout his 26 years with the company, he has served in many capacities. Since 2003, Jason has been the CEO of the Lippert Components subsidiary and has had an intense focus on building strong teams, bettering our communities and growing the company significantly with new product innovations. Jason has successfully built upon the strong foundation set by his father and grandfather before him, transforming a steel roofing business in Alma, Michigan into a thriving, international supplier of components to the leisure vehicle and mobile transportation industries. Jason initiated a management training program with Lippert that would prove to be integral in building a long-term, diverse team from outside the business. As a result, the talent that this program has brought to Lippert helped contribute to the growth and great results.


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University

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