HR!Day498 - Global Conscious Leadership Summit: Day I: The State of the World and the Leadership Required

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Day I: The State of the World and the Leadership Required

--- Humanity Rising Day 498 - Tuesday June 14, 2022      (GoTo Bottom)
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We begin this week-long series on Conscious Leadership looking at the complexity of the problems and attributes of the leadership style necessary to solve them.

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The problems facing Humanity have become increasingly complex to a point that to solve them requires a different level of consciousness and a different type of leadership. Unfortunately, many of our leaders today are choosing to “kick the can down the road” not fully understanding that there is “no more road”. And, this is further complicated by the actions taken by the general public believing that a strong, autocratic leadership style is what is needed. Neither are a recipe for success and are leaving future generations with a world seemingly beyond repair.

To restore balance in the world we need systems that are ecologically sound, economically feasible and socially acceptable. The systems that are in place were designed as much as a century ago. They are no longer in balance and have resulted in the destruction of our ecological world. Our systems must be replaced and the institutions supporting them must be re-evaluated. The leadership to shepherd in these new systems is essential.


Tom Eddington, Founder and CEO, Endangered Global, and George Cappannelli, Founder and CEO, Age Nation


  • Owen Lipstein is a real magazine entrepreneur and innovator.  He is the former editor and publisher of American Heath, Mother Earth News, Psychology Today, Spy and has recently launched Santa Fe Magazine.  His work in the industry has been recognized with a number of awards including The National Magazine Award for General Excellence. Owen is also the founder and owner of Shakespeare on the Hudson, another of his many efforts to bring the wisdom of the ages to people in innovative ways. In the fall of 2021, Owen launched Santa Fe Magazine with his publishing partner John Miller. The magazine seeks to capture the ongoing oral history of Santa Fe and the people who live here. After only three issues this new venture is already a success. Here’s what Award Winning Screenwriter of Nashville, Joan Tewksbury has to say about this publication that is revolutionizing the concept of city magazines: “This place is about the people and you have, in your infinite wisdom, figured out how to let us meet them. I’ve lived here close to 30 years, and have always wondered who makes up this place. Thank you Owen for giving all of us who live here this gift.” Owen is also a painter and relocated to Santa Fe in 2017 where he lives with his wife, actress and screenwriter, Maggie and their daughter Charlie.
  • Punya Upadhyaya has 21 years of experience partnering with C-Suite leaders to lead firms in complex global transformation with crisp business outcomes. He has been a global leader in a leading consulting firm. Punya is a C-level coach for leaders around the world, including the Americas, UK, India, Africa and APAC. He has partnered with leaders of F100 firms, farmers organizations, native American nations, NGOs and PVOs, local governments and a range of institutions. His focus on personal inquiry and spiritual traditions has been nurtured through deep relationships over 25 years with Lakota tiospaye and ceremonies,  and Hindu ashrams and satsang as well as praxis with  a range of interfaith and human rights groups. He holds an MBA from IIM-A and a PhD from Case Western University
  • Terry Tillman is an internationally recognized human resource consultant. Under his 227 Company he is dedicated and focused on facilitating, teaching, presenting, training and coaching people and organizations to experience more of what they want out of life. He is also a leadership expert and author of The Writings on the Wall: Peace at the Berlin Wall.


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University

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