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Humanity’s Team is a global organization whose focus is helping people throughout the world awaken and embody their deeper Self and the interconnectedness—or Oneness—of everything in the Universe.

  • Everything we do and provide as a nonprofit organization—the PACE Initiative, our free programs, Masterclasses, the Global Oneness Summit, communications, free resources, world regions activity, social media, conscious social network, and community participation outside of our organization—is for one purpose and that is to support people on their conscious journey so that we may create a sustainable earth and flourishing at every level of life.
  • Our mission is to make conscious living pervasive worldwide by 2040, and we invite you to work with us to pick up the PACE. This is a large lift, but if we work together it is achievable.


Participation on Humanity Rising

Day 421 Fri 2/25/22 Creating a PEACE Matrix: The Network of Networks
Day 738 Tue 7/11/23 Humanity’s Team - Conscious Community & Transformative Learning

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