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Integral Polarity Practice

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Integral polarity practice (IPP) is a powerful meditation and life practice that weaves together some of the most potent elements from the Wisdom traditions of the world, both ancient and modern, both East and West. A uniquely comprehensive system, IPP helps cultivate critical aspects of human growth and flourishing such as mindful awareness, positive adult development, and psychological healing through the creative play of opposites. Working consciously with opposites, or polarity, one immediately begins to taste the embodied sense of greater wholeness and freedom in life.

This session provides an introduction to IPP and the profound influence it has for personal centering, integration and growth as well as inspired effectiveness in the world as a complement to any tradition or practice. The conversation will be facilitated by Bob Rees, a student of IPP, with John Kesler, the founder of IPP, Thomas McConkie, an IPP teacher, and Gloria Rees, an advanced IPP student.


  • John Kesler is trained as an attorney and in human development and was one of the first four people certified as large group facilitators of the Big Mind Process by Genpo Roshi. His work over the past three decades has emphasized interrelated personal and local/global healing, integration and transformation. Through the non-profit which he founded, Salt Lake Civil Network, he is the chair of YOUnify, an initiative designed to engage all sectors and people across all their differences to make progress on the pressing issues of our time locally, nationally and globally. As the founder of IPP, he shares IPP through the IPP Institute.
  • Thomas McConkie is the founder of Lower Lights School of Wisdom and has a deep love for the world’s Wisdom traditions. Raised Christian, at 18 years old he discovered Buddhism, which remains a wellspring of inspiration over 20 years later. He is trained as a developmental researcher, and is a facilitator, and mindfulness and IPP teacher. He hosts the Lower Lights Sangha in Salt Lake City and has been featured on NPR, Religion News Service, Tricycle Magazine and the 10% Happier podcast with Dan Harris.
  • Gloria Gardner Rees credits life experience and motherhood for the unconventional contemplative life she has been drawn to. Not far from the University of Utah where she was doing graduate study in Critical Cultural Communication, she found the Zen Center and newly emerging work of Genpo Roshi. Delighted with what John Kesler was doing with Big Mind, she began following his explorations that resulted in IPP, and became part of his small cadre that dove into voice dialogue work. Gloria has raised six children, taught, and traveled in China and India and done humanitarian work in Nepal and Madagascar. Three years ago, she met and gleefully married Bob Rees
  • Bob Rees is Visiting Professor and Director of Mormon Studies at Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. He has taught at UCLA, UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley, and Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania where he was a Fulbright Professor of American Studies (1995-96). A poet and scholar, Rees has published widely on religion as well as on politics, culture, literature, education, and the arts. He is the co-founder and current Vice-President of the Bountiful children’s Foundation, a humanitarian organization that addresses children’s malnutrition in the developing world.



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