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Queen Boudica: War-Leader of her people - and so much more

--- Humanity Rising Day 228 - Friday April 16, 2021     (GoTo Bottom)
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In 61AD, Boudica of the Eceni (also known as Boadicea, Boudicca and Boudega of the Iceni) led the combined warhost of the British tribes in armed rebellion against the occupying armies of Rome.  For nearly a year, she routed the colonizing legions until the final battle at which she fell. Her defeat led to 400 years of occupation, the destruction of the druids and of a culture many thousands of years in the making that was amongst the most creative and spiritually coherent in the ancient world.

When Manda Scott came to write the four Boudica: Dreaming novels, this was as much as she knew.  Her own shamanic practice pushed her to shift from writing crime to writing history and sustained her for 6 years of intense productivity, believing that if she could show who the ancestors of her lands had been, it would provide a blueprint for who the peoples not just of Britain, but of the world, could be: that the world would change. In this session, she tells the story of Boudica, of writing Boudica and explores who we might be if that last battle had gone the other way.  Along the way, she explains why there aren’t knives on the wheels of the chariots, how Boudica got her name, and why pretty much all the historians are wrong in their identification of the landing place of the invasion.

Born and brought up in Scotland, Manda Scott started her professional life as a veterinary surgeon, specialising in equine neonatal intensive care.  She changed to writing full time when her first novel was shortlisted for the Orange Prize, and continued until 2016, when she studied for a Masters in Regenerative Economics at Schumacher College. Since then, she has become a smallholder, a podcaster and a screenwriter.  She is co-founder of Accidental Gods and Narrative Ark.

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