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Did you know the Amazon Rainforest only needs 15 years to rewild itself?  Nature has the power to heal itself and to heal us. Plus it provides what we truly need: fresh air, clean water, sunlight, healthy food, happiness, inspiration & endless beauty. When we co-exist with nature in a harmonious way and restore our relationship by becoming guardians of the natural world, we can really make a difference to the quality of life on earth at this time for all creatures, plant life and ecosystems big & small.  Rewilding is a golden key to how we can reverse things such as climate change, species extinction and pollution. Since we are part of nature, we can also rewild ourselves: inducing states of being extremely present, inspired, expressed, confident and playful. In this session, we will have some wild experts discussing the topic, sharing some of their rewilding wisdom, why we would want to create, support and encourage rewilding efforts and how we can rewild ourselves.

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  • Stardust Magick is an Artist, Humanitarian, Dreamer, Muse, Adventurer, Nature Worshipper, Global Citizen and Renaissance woman with a deep passion for playing with nature and natural forces. She has a rewilding salon in Amsterdam, called Wild Kat Salon that offers outdoor hair transformations and tooth jewelry as well as a design studio called Stardust Magick Designs creating custom made headdresses, rewilded clothing & accessories. She was Head Designer / Vice President of Savage Designs: an educational organic and wildcrafted clothing line and has lead numerous workshops in making wearable art from recycled things & loving stinging nettles. She has hostessed numerous women weekends: connecting them to nature to wake their primal energies and also organized healings and educational events for a Chumash Medicine Woman & Damanhur. Her long history as a ritual performance artist has often been accompanied by her dearest friend, the Fire Element, and her lifelong participation in transformational festivals has helped to mold her into the colorful creature she now is. Some of her past studies include: Urban Sustainable Beekeeping, Herbalism, Biodynamics, Permaculture & Animal Behavior. She is passionate about Mother Earth, connecting with Indigenous Cultures & co-creating community. ::


  • Rachel Corby is an author, plant whisperer and personal rewilding coach. Her passion with rewilding began whilst working with a shaman in the Ecuadorian rainforest. Since then, she has trained with various indigenous and contemporary teachers in Africa, South America and the USA, including Eliot Cowan and Stephen Harrod Buhner. She firmly believes that the rift between humankind and wider nature needs to be healed. That we each need to rewild individually before we can hope to effectively rewild the earth. Her work reflects this as she draws on her wealth of training and experience to give people the tools they need for self healing, for building relationships with the more-than-human and for the wider healing of Mother Earth. She has dedicated her life to sharing love and respect for our fellow species on this planet and for Earth Gaia - the living breathing sentient organism of which we are an inseparable part. Rachel leads workshops, retreats, apprenticeships and online mentorships encouraging people to connect with plant spirits and to reignite their own wild core. ::
  • Jay Griffiths is a passionate award-winning author and fierce advocate for nature’s remaining wild places.  Her book Wild: An Elemental Journey is an evocation of the songlines of the earth, the result of long journeys among Indigenous cultures: including staying with Amazonian shamans and Inuit people, visiting sea gypsies and the freedom fighters of West Papua. Wild explores the words and meanings which shape ideas of wildness, arguing that wildness is intrinsic to the health of the human spirit. Her work has been influential in the birth of Extinction Rebellion Rewilding (XR RW), is quoted in K.T. Tunstall’s album Tiger Suit and has written for Radiohead’s newspaper ‘The Universal Sigh’. She has broadcast widely on BBC radio, written more than six critically acclaimed books and been extensively published: including in The Guardian, Orion Magazine and The Idler. She is an Oxford University graduate and occasionally teaches writing workshops. Her most recent book is Why Rebel, a Penguin Special. ::
  • James Murray-White is the founder of Extinction Rebellion Rewilding (XR RW), which aims to bring the science & art of land & human rewilding into both the political & everyday arena. XR RW was birthed through the Extinction Rebellion Network which is a decentralized, International, and politically non-partisan movement using non-violent direct action and civil disobedience to persuade governments to act justly on the Climate and Ecological Emergency. Extinction Rebellion Rewilding (XR RW) is a family of Extinction Rebellion campaigns. A current campaign running is 'Save The Oaks', which has successfully rescued & planted 30,000 oak saplings so far that were scheduled to be destroyed: He is also a filmmaker, with a recent feature documentary on the contemporary relevance of mystic William Blake: ::
  • Huw Wyn is a Nature Poet, Transformational Event Organizer & Rewilder. He grew up on Anglesey in Snowdonia, Wales, surrounded by ancient woodlands, mountains and beautiful nature. His life lead him down a spiritual path dedicated to understanding the human mind and body. He studied Tibetan Medicine, in the Himalayas of Ladakh with a seventh generation traditional doctor, Amchi Tsewang Smanla, and at Kagyu Samye Ling Tibetan Monastery in Scotland which inspired him to get his masters in in Buddhist Psychotherapy at the Karuna Institute, Widecombe-in-the-Moor, Devon. After running his own practice in Core Process Psychotherapy for 5 years, he decided to give it all up to run Into the Wild. He set up a project where he hosted retreats and workshops that ran for many years called Tiger's Nest which worked with renowned Tibetan meditation masters where he also created and edited a series of books called 'Dharma Diary', which featured teachers such as His Holiness The Dalai Lama and Thich Nath Hanh.Currently, he is Head Director & creator of transformational festivals and retreats called Into the Wild and runs a rewilding organization called Wilderlands. ::
  • Sunny Savage fell in love with wild foods at an early age whilst growing up in the Northwoods of Minnesota, USA where she inherited her parent’s eagerness to reconnect with nature and the land. Now Sunny is an Internationally recognized wild food expert & teacher who has created the Savage Kitchen mobile-app; empowering people in utilizing edible invasive plant species so they can feel comfortable navigating the wild world and ideally enjoy “one wild food every day”. Her wild food cooking series Hot on the Trail was filmed and aired globally & she is also the producer of the Local Food Challenge Documentary. She has presented on TedxMaui and is the author of the book Wild Food Plants of Hawai’i. In the past, she had an eco clothing line working with Wild Himalayan Nettle fabrics called Savage Designs, been an Interpretive naturalist at Topanga Canyon State Park and Malibu Lagoon State Beach plus been faculty at the White Earth Tribal & Community College. In her even earlier years, her adventures included 1 year in Antarctica, 3 years of life aboard a sailboat, work with the Pygmy in the Congo & volunteering in the Dalai Lama’s temple. Her wild and passionate spirit is driven by themes of freedom. Learning and sharing about wild plants is the juice that runs through her veins. ::
  • Sankale ole Ntutu is son of the Paramount Chief Lerionka Ole Ntutu. He is a Maasai Community Chief in Maji Moto & an Ambassador of Nature. As a leader, he is dedicated to collective wellbeing, community wisdom & harmony with nature. He heads up community-driven conservation projects for & by the Maasai people: such as The Back to Nature Foundation in south-west Kenya whose mission is to safeguard community land, Maasai culture & the iconic wildlife with their migration paths through one of the most celebrated regions of the world. He is a naturalist & passionate nature guide with extensive knowledge about wildlife, edible/medicinal plants & bushcraft skills which he loves to share. Together with his team, he welcomes you to his camp located on the base of the beautiful Loita Hills where you will get an authentic cultural experience & go on an unforgettable journey back to nature.


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