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Humanity Rising Day 222 After Chat   –   Thursday April 8, 2021

Chat from AfterChat Zoom from HR Day 222:

aka ChatPeople Chat


00:36:15    Kurt Krueger:    I have only 15 minutes today. Hopefully,  all is well and thriving with you all. :)

00:38:10    Davidson Akhonya - Kenya:    Hi everyone on the call. Sorry my connection is really poor so I cannot use the camera. I can only text, not speak.

00:40:20    Davidson Akhonya - Kenya:    Yes, I followed Dr. Joyce's presentation

00:45:37    Debra Kaiser:    I am still integrating hearing of the atrocities in the depth shared today, my heart is feeling deeply fissured at the moment.

00:46:21    Stanley Pokras:    Yes, Debra…

00:46:50    Shannon McArthur:    Ah Debra, I understand… bless you.

00:47:15    Debra Kaiser:    I will need to go, I am expected at work soon.  Love and blessings to you all. xx

00:48:47    Shannon McArthur:    love you, Debra… see you tomorrow I hope…

00:50:35    Debra Kaiser:    yes, I hope to as well. Love you xx

00:51:05    Joel:    IT'S OK DEBRA, THANKS FOR SHOWING UP.

01:38:09    franka strietzel:    Learn a bit of Swahili on this YouTube Channel and the Song „Malaika“

01:38:54    Shannon McArthur:    thank you, Franka! and for the wee taste you gave us!

01:41:21    Stanley Pokras:    There are lessons to be learned about borrowing from a superpower is here… ::

01:44:29    franka strietzel:    Indonesia, Panama, Saudi Arabia

01:45:06    Stanley Pokras:    Iran and the Shaw…

01:49:23    franka strietzel:    Are there any marriages between a lot of Kenyan ladies and Chinese men? On a large scale?

02:02:50    Davidson:

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