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Humanity Rising Day 196 After Chat   –   Wednesday March 1, 2021

Chat from AfterChat Zoom from HR Day 196:

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00:13:19    Sarita Patel:    thank you Ruth Ann!  you all continue to show the way of community helping and caring. no material item can create this kind of energy

00:14:29    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:    I'm honored to be a  blender of many streams.

00:16:01    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:    the sound of heaven's applause

00:17:44    Sarita Patel:    I was in a meeting yesterday - again- with people who kept telling me to stop using the word heart and interconnectedness and if I didn’t stop- I would be guaranteed to lose funding.   I said- them That funding won’t work right now. 😅

00:18:40    Julie Wolf:    Wow Sarit! You go girl! Right action! Speaking Truth the power.

00:18:50    Julie Wolf:    to the power

00:18:59    Sarita Patel:    Our Mothers are the original caregivers.

00:19:23    Sarita Patel:    thank you Phyllis!!!!!  so gorgeous.

00:20:58    Karen Ball:    YES widen our circle!

00:21:04    Sarita Patel:    also- this is the beauty of not being able to pick one shining star.  the brightness of all is undeniable force for good !

00:21:31    Karen Ball:    We love you Ruth Ann

00:23:14    David Pinto:    Share Julie’s PeaceLab Welcome page on Sqale — ::

00:24:53    Sarita Patel:    Raising the ability to focus attention to what What  matters.

00:27:56    Connie Baxter Marlow:    Well said Tom! Foundational to bringing Peace on/with Earth!!

00:27:58    RuthE, Sharing land and sea ofThe Squaxin People:    art creates the future. Stanley! few words, true words, thanks

00:28:33    Angelica:    blessed to be here. thank you all for sharing today <3

00:28:35    Leo Jacoby:    Tom B: ego centric, ethno centric ala Ken Wilber & Tom B.

00:29:03    Diane Skidmore:    I have to go now lovely people. Thank you for having me and thank you for being there. Loads of love xxxxx

00:29:11    Kurt Krueger, MeWe:    If you’re new to our chat, please leave your contact information. Connect up with and participate in your way to the Peace LAB. :)

00:29:15    Diane Skidmore:    Oooooh yes, we can do LOADS!!!

00:29:22    marciaraffstudio:    bye Diane

00:29:25    RuthE, Sharing land and sea ofThe Squaxin People:    we need peace on / in/ from/ amount all of these levels, eh?

00:29:31    Shannon McArthur:    bye Diane!!

00:29:40    David Stoney:    take care Diane

00:30:39    Annette Shaked:    oppty/challenge  for all, though perhaps more for those of us with white privilege

- next time we find ourselves in situations with sound distortion -- invite self to see how long each of us can sit in the discomfort -- it's distortion/discomfort that many feel on a daily basis in a myriad of different ways

00:31:11    RuthE, Sharing land and sea ofThe Squaxin People:    thanks Annette

00:31:12    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:    please, post links from each presenter and maybe a link to Rodney's last song?

00:31:36    RuthE, Sharing land and sea ofThe Squaxin People:    in dreams, hearing from forests

00:31:51    Sarita Patel:    Yes. may we have a link to Rodney’s last song?

00:31:58    Shannon McArthur:    thank you, RuthE

00:32:27    Leo Jacoby:    Yesterday, I heard Sr. SImone Campbell say she identifies her role as the gastric acid of the body... sometimes caustic and irritating, but necessary for digestion.

00:32:45    Karen Ball:    Love that Leo.

00:33:00    Annette Shaked:    Here's a link to the song that was shared in the previous chat

00:33:03    Annette Shaked:    ::

00:33:04    David Heitler-Klevans (he/him):    I can relate to that a role, Leo

00:33:40    Shannon McArthur:    We are ALL caregivers (unless we aren’t)

00:33:55    Sarita Patel:    There is a movie on Netflix called I Care A lot. it’s the antithesis of what was described today. it glamorizes corruption for money - for me- I had to manage elder abuse against my parents and it brought to mind how neglected caregiving is at another level 3 years ago

00:34:16    Dehanna Rice:    It’s our natural state to care...utilizing heart intelligence ❤️

00:37:31    Marilyn Schramm:    I read a blog by a woman who claimed to have had a "mystical experience" while getting vaccine. She felt connection to All, a heart full of Love to be able to do this "small" thing to help others all across the world.

00:37:47    sallyannett:    sarita-i-saw-the-film-last-week-and-it-was-shocking

00:38:25    Rodney Whittenberg:    ::                                                        ::                                ::                                       ::                                           ::                                          ::    :: ::

00:38:37    Shannon McArthur:    thank you, Rodney!!!!

00:39:07    Dehanna Rice:    @Marilyn she probably had an out of the body experience considering the stress response of finally getting a vaccine

00:39:54    Marilyn Schramm:    @Dehanna, at least it was a POSITIVE response!!

00:40:11    Dehanna Rice:    Indeed!

00:40:13    Sarita Patel:    sally- yes. it was awful. and it shows me how powerful this peace work Lesley and all are advancing. IT IS TIME To recognize crimes against humanity for profit

00:40:44    Leo Jacoby: -- Action day March 11

00:40:47    Dehanna Rice:    Wow m!Cool Jonathan

00:41:18    Leo Jacoby:    #SacredPeopleSacredEarth

00:41:36    Vic Compher:    Happy to hear from folks with questions about CAREgivers film or Saints and Angels at

00:42:09    RuthE, Sharing land and sea ofThe Squaxin People:    systems of love and transformation 💗

00:42:11    MALINI Rajendran:    ::

00:44:29    Jean Stevens:

00:45:08    David Heitler-Klevans (he/him):    Here is more info and various links for our podcast:

Website: or

Patreon page: ::

Facebook page: ::

Podcast episodes:

or ::

Spotify profile page:

Subscribe to our Email List: ::

00:45:24    Shannon McArthur:    thank you, David!!

00:45:29    David Heitler-Klevans (he/him):    And my duo Two of a Kind (with my wife): ::

00:45:35    Jonathan Sprout:    Rodney and I, Jonathan Sprout, at Force For Good want to meet you!

00:45:51    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:    please, ask the presenters to use Lesley s request as a brainstorming case study:  how would you go about bringing Native "American" clean water awareness into the ACTION of providing clean water THROUGH the ARTS !!!

00:46:18    David Pinto:    David: link to Soundcloud is a deadend

00:46:29    Jean Stevens:    ::

00:46:39    Jean Stevens:

00:47:08    Annette Shaked:    please share url for Caregivers - there are a plethora of things on YouTube

00:47:14    Shannon McArthur:    4 directions are good, Jean!

00:47:47    David Heitler-Klevans (he/him):    Thanks for letting me know, David Pinto.  This should work: ::

00:48:46    marciaraffstudio:    When a loved one gets sick, it takes over your life!  Caretakers have a hard road to travel…in addition to the physical, the emotional is so difficult.

00:49:12    sallyannett:    that-is-why-we-paint

00:49:35    Shannon McArthur:    learning to think like a modern human is not automatic -

00:50:15    marciaraffstudio:    Yes, Sally!

00:50:26    Shannon McArthur:    OtherWise

00:50:40    sallyannett:    hey-marcia-xxxx

00:51:01    David Heitler-Klevans (he/him):    OtherWise - I love that!

00:51:37    Shannon McArthur:    sounds like a film, David?

00:52:46    David Pinto:    Anyone wanting to listen to David & Rodney’s podcast of inspirational music and stories — share and raise revenue for them — ::

00:52:58    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:    I studied community conflict transformation in Indonesia, South Africa, Northern Ireland, Bolivia, and the Syrian Turkish boarder, which had just been moved.  One universal key to Resilience and Peacebuilding is the choice to honor and celebrate difference.  let's meditate on how we might celebrate difference in our private homes, communities,  and institutions.

00:53:36    David Heitler-Klevans (he/him):    Thanks so much, David Pinto!

00:54:10    David Pinto:    Check it out, David. We need high quality content to lead the way forwards.

00:54:34    David Heitler-Klevans (he/him):    There is a line in a song for kids we sing about speaking sign language: “Learning someone’s language help you see things their way”

00:54:35    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:    That's why I invited Rodney Whittenberg -  a harmonizer leveraging difference!

00:55:01    Vic Compher:    Yes

00:55:46    David Pinto:    Share Peacelab organically — ::

00:57:38    Shannon McArthur:    David, I need to understand more about Sqale and how to share! I can  accept a lot but I  gotta share!!!

00:57:43    David Heitler-Klevans (he/him):    That song lyric above should have been ““Learning someone’s language helps you see things their way”

00:58:45    marciaraffstudio:    I talk to the trees, but they dont listen to me.  I love that song.  I listen to it all the time.

00:59:44    Kathryn Alexander, MA:    Marcia - if you talk then you must listen - they (the trees) often talk in pictures.

01:00:39    Dehanna Rice:    Beautiful...our relationship w/ trees 🌲 are showing up in meditation & dreams

01:00:58    Vic Compher:

01:01:03    David Pinto:    Shannon — I’ve been giving you cash, so you should have enough :) Hit Share, Open Invite and then tap on the left icon which copies the link — and then paste that anywhere. That’s the easiest way.

01:01:04    Shannon McArthur:    Marcia, how do  you know they don’t hear you?  They hear with their entire bodies..

01:01:17    David Pinto:    Or just share anything with the people on your people list.

01:01:21    Dr. Kathleen Riley:

01:01:35    David Heitler-Klevans (he/him):    Here’s our “Treehugger” song for tree-lovers: ::

01:03:16    David Heitler-Klevans (he/him):

01:03:23    Angelica:    THANK YOU Rodney!!

01:03:39    Jean Stevens:    Beautiful story Julie!

01:03:59    Becky Nakamura:    Thank you Rodney!!

01:04:00    Amy McKenzie:    Amazing collaboration today! Thank you!!! 💗

01:04:09    Jean Stevens:    Thank you ChatAction for all your work and this fantastic Peace Week!

01:04:28    marciaraffstudio:    I have to leave also…great session…great week!  xxoo’s

01:04:31    Becky Nakamura:    thank you to everyone for your sharing and vulnerability 💖💗🙏

01:04:33    Dehanna Rice:    Yes, thank you ALL!

01:04:55    Julie Wolf:    Todays Session ::

01:06:05    David Heitler-Klevans (he/him):    I’m going to have to leave also.  Thank you so much for inviting us in today!

01:06:10    Jean Stevens:    I applaud your efforts!!!  It is not easy to put this together.

01:06:20    Shannon McArthur:    David, thank yyou for coming!!!

01:06:32    Dehanna Rice:    Gotta run too! Lots of love ❤️

01:06:39    Julie Wolf:    Dancing ! David - remembering your story

01:06:45    Shannon McArthur:    bye Dehhanna!! Wonderful t have you

01:06:51    RuthE, Sharing land and sea ofThe Squaxin People:    bye Dehanna....

01:11:41    Shannon McArthur:    Ed,  please mute

01:12:25    David Pinto:    :) Julie… we are dancing now, in some way…

01:13:46    Jean Stevens:    Thank you everyone, I have another zoom call in a few minutes.  Blessings for all your good work.

01:14:08    Kathryn Alexander, MA:    Bye Jean - thanks for being here!

01:14:23    Shannon McArthur:    thanks, Jean, for being with us - this is so powerful, and great that you made good connections!

01:15:06    Shannon McArthur:    We are ALL caregivers!!

01:16:47    RuthE, Sharing land and sea ofThe Squaxin People:    preschool children can and should learn all these skills!!!! thanks to programs like we heard about on Monday from Miriam

01:18:38    sallyannett:    why-can-not-find-the-raise-hand-icon

01:18:59    Kathryn Alexander, MA:    Raise your hand is under ‘Reactions”

01:20:24    Paula Petry:    Found the Raise Hand!!  :-).

01:20:55    Paula Petry:    I need to go … such a wonderfully engaging and helpful experience …Thank You!!

01:21:05    Julie Wolf:    Day 3:

01:22:23    Julie Wolf:    Lesley, the HR YouTube video is on the bottom of that page

01:22:36    Annette Shaked:    If Raise Hand is not an option for you under Reactions - Click on the people icons under participants & the Raise Hand feature can be found at the bottom below participants

01:22:58    Kathryn Alexander, MA:    THANK YOU Annette!

01:23:01    Daniel WeUs HeHim:    I assume everyone knows about the ACEs Study

01:25:19    Julie Wolf:    ::

01:26:18    Stanley Pokras:    Julie… It’s “Waiting…”

01:27:14    Julie Wolf:    Sqale is a value or a gift economy technology. Here is a link for Peace LAB on Sqale (beta) to help Peace LAB (and a new economy platform) evolve as we go (grow).

And her's the link! LOL ::

01:27:21    Julie Wolf:    ^here's

01:27:38    Ruth Broyde Sharone:    I appreciate getting the link while we are chatting

01:28:00    David Pinto:    Is that your invite Julie?

01:28:06    David Pinto:    Or are you using one of mine….?

01:28:10    Julie Wolf:    yup!

01:29:02    David Pinto:    You should be sharing your own invites — using your funds…

01:29:08    David Pinto:    :)

01:29:45    David Pinto:    Chaos can be pretty

01:29:49    Julie Wolf:    Sqale invite is on all ChatAction Peace LAB WEEK pages... :: - each of the 5 days is on the Peace Week drop down

01:30:41    sallyannett:    intention-is-more-important-than-art

01:30:56    sallyannett:    see-george-lakoff-elephant-in-the-room

01:31:16    Julie Wolf:    Thank you David ! (shoulding hmmm - fun!) Pretty yes. Wild is beautiful/ That's me, that's Life

01:31:17    David Pinto:    Prioritise after we come together with commonalities… nice

01:31:24    sallyannett:    as-a-europpean-i-thpught-the-gun-laws-would-be-more-of-a-priority

01:31:46    David Stoney:    I’ve been thinking about caregivers and the phrase “broken hearted.”  Caregivers have taken the chains off their hearts and so share difficult experiences with those they participate with.  But I doubt that they are being continuously broken hearted.  They are bravely “open hearted,” able to feel deeply without being traumatized.  Being open hearted is a true gift in this liminal time of heightened anxiety and fear.  It is also a waypoint on the way to peace…

01:31:53    Julie Wolf:    You mean "Norming"  David P.

01:32:02    Amy McKenzie:    Beautifully said David!

01:32:25    David Pinto:    Nice David

01:33:09    Shannon McArthur:    art is expression with intention

01:33:15    Angelica:    I need to sign off now. much gratitude and love to you all

01:33:29    Kathryn Alexander, MA:    David - I think being able to carry pain is a quality of the enlightened. enlightenment opens you up to things others are not aware of.

01:33:33    Shannon McArthur:    thanks Angelica for coming

01:34:02    Shannon McArthur:    sound + intention = YOU

01:34:04    Eli AnotherU:    That's well ststed in this book The Transfiguration of the Commonplace

Book by Arthur Danto

01:34:24    Julie Wolf:    wild Eli!

01:34:34    David Stoney:    Kathryn, yes peace and enlightenment are perhaps two sides of the same coin

01:35:43    David Stoney:    I must leave - Health, wholeness, peace, love, and open heartedness to all

01:35:58    Shannon McArthur:    lovely, David, such fun!!

01:35:59    Kurt Krueger, MeWe:    CU David. ENjoy

01:36:02    Kathryn Alexander, MA:    David - one hour?

01:36:12    Julie Wolf:    ::

Peace LAB on Sqale

01:37:22    MALINI Rajendran:    Do take the survey if you haven't. we will be sharing the results on the 5th.

01:38:00    Julie Wolf:    Take the Survey : ::

01:38:02    RuthE, Sharing land and sea ofThe Squaxin People:    thank you Malni, and tHANK YOU. for all your helpful TECh contributions for us!

01:38:05    Shannon McArthur:    I did, Malini! Again! and it was really good!

01:38:11    Julie Wolf:    the Peace LAB 2021 Survey

01:38:16    Dr. Kathleen Riley:    Thank you everyone! I must sign off - see you tomorrow! Blessings.

01:38:26    Shannon McArthur:    Thanks, Kathleen

01:38:29    Shannon McArthur:    yay!!!

01:38:39    Kathryn Alexander, MA:    Thank YOU Shannon!!!

01:39:03    Shannon McArthur:    ;)

01:39:39    RuthE, Sharing land and sea ofThe Squaxin People:    me too, I can’t do that much time on the screens, especially my phone

01:39:49    RuthE, Sharing land and sea ofThe Squaxin People:    I hear you all. I hear you

01:40:26    Becky Nakamura:    thank you to everyone 💖

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