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Humanity Rising Day 194 After Chat   –   Monday March 1, 2021

Chat from AfterChat Zoom from HR Day 194:

This is part one of a two part AfterChat


00:28:47    Liliane Mavridara:    Let's wait for Lesley

00:30:58    Julie Wolf:    David, please give me the Sqale link (pm if you like).

00:31:09    Julie Wolf:    for Peace LAB

00:32:42    Julie Wolf:    Welcome to our Day 1 Peace Week Panalists Chase, Marie, Miriame and Rebecca, Diane, Norene and Anahata!

00:33:09    Kurt Krueger, MeWe:    If you are new to the after chat, PLEASE leave your contact information to stay connected. :) N

00:33:25    Liliane Mavridara:    Please mute if you are not speaking

00:33:27    David Pinto:    Here’s my invite, Julie: ::

00:33:45    Rebecca Irby:    ::

00:33:59    Miriame Cherbib:    And give dignity

00:34:06    David Pinto:    Sorry I have to go. This would have been a great conversation to participate in. Honestly, haven’t been moved like this for a long time.

00:34:29    Karen Ball:    hope to see you tomorrow David

00:35:50    Liliane Mavridara:    You can raise your hand if you wish to speak

00:36:19    Julie Wolf:    Thank you David for beta Sqale for Peace LAB ::

00:37:42    Julie Wolf:    Breakout rooms are a click away on my computer, if Stan and you all agree. 4 rooms?

00:38:01    Liliane Mavridara:    Julie, wait please

00:38:02    Julie Wolf:    Who wants a breakout besides Cate?

00:38:04    Ros Cook:    In non violent communication responding with our own experience is not empathy but a typical habitual response I am glad for the training that helped me realise that as well as the tools of self empathy we need to own the systemic racism embedded in us all as we seek to liberate ourselves

00:38:13    Julie Wolf:    I am waiting.

00:39:31    Jean Stevens:    Blessings, truth and light of love to all!   Yes, it is wonderful to see everyone.  All of you are giving me hope and strength to move forward building the Taos Environmental Film Festival.

00:40:13    Lesley Southwick-Trask:    Deep gratitude to each of you for being here.

00:40:41    Daniel (he/him, Giant Sequioa):    was not surprised January 6, predictable

00:40:42    Sarita Patel:    The training of Choice is imbedded in our advertising culture.  but in this reality,- we don’t have to chose- we Have to integrate

00:40:42    Chase Iron Eyes:    Jean,please post email so I can learn more about Taos env. Film festival

00:40:44    Julie Wolf:    Miriame - your SpeakJustice website lin is now on ::

00:42:39    Shannon McArthur:    Reactions!

00:42:45    Rebecca Irby:    Some resources for these conversations: ::

00:43:04    Patricia Wagner:    Can the video link for today's Humanity Rising conversation be placed in the chat? It was soooo powerful. Thank you.

00:43:06    Miriame Cherbib:    And I need to leave in a few minutes, but I wanted to say thank you.

00:43:07    Kala Perkins:    Thank you Rebecca

00:43:38    sallyannett:    thank-you-miriame

00:43:51    Rebecca Irby:    So wonderful to have your presence with with us today! Thank you!!

00:44:03    Sarita Patel:    Yes - the isolation was a slow boiling frog effect. it started way before Covid.   I fortunately had to see the isolation when speaking truth to power after watching injustices. People are often afraid of losing their place - if they can’t integrate oneness. people have been taught to succeed individually. we are retraining.  We must move quickly as the land grabs are happening in Parrallel

00:44:06    Shannon McArthur:    ah, Miriame, thank you so much for being with us and sharing your heart and words!

00:44:41    Miriame Cherbib:    Here is a more detailed description of the five habits of speaking justice : ::

00:44:44    Miriame Cherbib:    Thank you all

00:44:51    Amy McKenzie:    Thank you all so very much. This conversation is so important for our transformation. My gap is threadbare after today's session. I notice, layered under my intense desire for equality, is an unresolved, unrelenting anger with my inherited race. The work I must do is clear; I cannot truly be part of the solution until I face off my individual response. This tunnel vision el allow my personal experience to stand in the way of the difference I might make.

00:45:20    Stanley Pokras:    If you are new here, please put your email in this chat. I send a daily report for accessing the Humanity Rising recording the chat and this recording and chat.

00:45:22    Shannon McArthur:    Fool’s Crow prophesy

00:46:02    Julie Wolf:    6 Breakout rrom for 48 is 8 per room.

00:46:12    Julie Wolf:    ^rooms

00:46:21    Kala Perkins:    When I was in Australia, the Aboriginal people telling us all that we are all Indigenous in our origins was one of the most powerful things I received there over many years living in that land

00:47:00    Ina Albert:    Whiteness is not aways a protection from racism.  Centuries of anti-Semitism as the ‘other’ and the subhuman designation of Jews by Nazism are also part of the history of white racism.

00:47:05    Patricia Wagner:

00:47:34    Stanley Pokras:    I like the number 7 for breakouts… with the system allowing each person to choose what number to go to.

00:47:38    Patricia Wagner:    Thank you, Stanley!

00:48:34    Stanley Pokras:    Thank you, Patricia

00:48:58    Ellen:    thank you so much to everyone. my heart is deeply touched

00:49:11    Diane Skidmore:    I want to say a big thank you to Chase as - you mention your white friends and class!! I live where white people are definitely a minority although - London - pretty diverse and balanced so quite a progressive area - if we focus on progress! However, I'd like to say that - having listened with empathy and LOVE (which I do - very much as a way of life) - I can see that we need to work together to find some solutions that are all inclusive. Even as I write - Dan (via Chase) yes, we all come from the same beginning - if we go back far enough. We need to UNITE!!! Now we can talk to each other freely - since the blessing of the pandemic. Education can spread the words of 'sacred' and a better place. There are many of us!! Let's work out a plan!!! What to do and how to do it!! I've gotta go - LOVE and apologies to all xxxxx

00:49:28    Kala Perkins:    Yes, Ina, that’s why Jews, at this unique intersection are very often at the forefront of racial and social justice actions, though now finding it easy to “pass” for the dominant in this country.

00:50:17    Shannon McArthur:    thank you, Diane! Love you madly!! Blessings…

00:50:56    Julie Wolf:    Stay in the group until Kathryn, our facilitator, guides us please if and when we are ready to make small groups in breakout rooms.

00:51:03    Diane Skidmore:    Love Love Love xxxx

00:51:09    Sarita Patel:    We could have a Universal Flagg. That acknowledges a path forward.

00:52:35    Richard Buckley:    One of our best sessions. So well run and inclusive. A model for all our sessions. I need to leave for another call. Blessings.

00:52:51    Shannon McArthur:    Richard, thank you for coming!!

00:53:16    Liliane Mavridara:    Absolutely Diane, great point to bring in. Thank you.

00:53:18    Kurt Krueger, MeWe:    Richard, CU soon

00:53:27    Ros Cook:    Sorry I was late today, I was attending Remembrance Day for the Marshallese - standing in solidarity with those subjected to oppression of nuclear colonialism on the anniversary of the nuclear test 1000 times larger than the bomb on Hiroshima even, let us hear and amplify the stories silenced for too long - by way of doing that I share this film from Faslane, Scotland ::

00:54:17    RuthE, Sharing land and sea ofThe Squaxin People:    thank you Rod, do participate via replay. off the charts awesome!

00:54:24    Shannon McArthur:    Thank you Ros, for being there for us all.

00:55:10    RuthE, Sharing land and sea ofThe Squaxin People:    the journey is the way, yes, Lesley.

00:55:48    RuthE, Sharing land and sea ofThe Squaxin People:    “you are a part of me who I have not yet met.” Valarie Kaur

00:56:01    Rebecca Irby:    See no Stranger!

00:56:29    Marilyn Schramm:    Oneness means - let me learn about & get to know the part of One I do not yet know & understand

00:56:40    Daniel (he/him, Giant Sequioa):    love Rumi’s Stranger at the Door

00:56:41    RuthE, Sharing land and sea ofThe Squaxin People:    yes, yes, yes

00:56:49    Thank you. I have another meeting to run. I appreciate u ALL. Thank you Kurt.

00:56:51    Shannon McArthur:    Kurt’s doing his dance!!

00:57:39    RuthE, Sharing land and sea ofThe Squaxin People:    “ wanting to heal too fast is part of the trauma....” Thomas Hubl

00:58:08    Kim Conrad:


00:58:23    RuthE, Sharing land and sea ofThe Squaxin People:    Stanley, so helpful and steady, thank you

00:58:37    Ellen:    I have to go. grateful

00:58:44    Shannon McArthur:    thank you Ellen!!

00:58:58    MALINI Rajendran:    which is only one email in a day from stan.

00:59:23    Shannon McArthur:    Great to have you here - and to hear your voice (and the Trees’!) tomorrow? I hope!

00:59:34    Kurt Krueger, MeWe:    Every 20 minutes do cross crawl movements with the breath - it opens all the learning centers in the brain, oxygenates the body - especially the Brian. etc. :) the Brain gets “jelloie” - not working so well when sitting too long. :)

01:00:15    Shannon McArthur:    good practice, Kurt!

01:00:33    Gloria Rees:    Sorry to be leaving at this point, but have much to yet fit into my morning

01:00:44    Shannon McArthur:    Thanks for coming, Gloria!

01:01:14    Diane Hardgrave:    I must go, thank you for today.

01:01:31    Shannon McArthur:    thank you Diane, see you tomorrow!

01:01:40    Julie Wolf:    All is recorded here. and On and  sent by Stan in the daily email.

01:02:22    Shannon McArthur:    so are the breakout rooms… and let more voices be heard at the same time!

01:02:28    Anne-Marie, The Hague Center:    thank you to panellists, for such depth, and excellent hosting Rebecca with lightness and profound deep truth

01:02:36    Sarita Patel:    The dictionary was brought over to define - just like the law was created. the worlds no longer serve - and it’s time to redefine and refine as opportunity to allow consciousness. We were Taught to memorize and stay in the lines. This is what stops conversations like this. alchemy is in motion

01:03:01    Daniel (he/him, Giant Sequioa):    yes Sarita, conversation stopper words

01:03:13    Shannon McArthur:    yes, Sarita! the new dictionary is being formed!

01:03:39    RuthE, Sharing land and sea ofThe Squaxin People:    yes Sarita!

01:04:53    RuthE, Sharing land and sea ofThe Squaxin People:    “ I have to live with constant situational awareness” in a white man “norm” world. Rebecca

01:05:07    Marilyn Schramm:    the discomfort of "white privilege" for whites is NECESSARY to address the issue!

01:05:12    Daniel (he/him, Giant Sequioa):    why not healthy, instead of normal

01:05:15    Julie Wolf:    AND we hear you!

01:05:55    Anne-Marie, The Hague Center:    I think it needs to be more than a moment to let that sink in

01:06:29    Daniel (he/him, Giant Sequioa):    all this same language is critical to intimate relationships

01:06:32    RuthE, Sharing land and sea ofThe Squaxin People:    WE don’t live in the same WORLD, playing field, reality. rebecca

01:06:38    Stanley Pokras:    Yes, Daniel… the word “healthy” sounds like a good goal for understanding where we want to go.

01:07:27    Sarita Patel:    Debra Greene has made a documentary called the Peace Traveller. she’s been having this conversation with people all over for years before the 2016 election and currently.

01:07:53    Shannon McArthur:    Deborah Greene is amazing - her work is so powerful!!

01:08:18    RuthE, Sharing land and sea ofThe Squaxin People:    thank you for assisting us to make a map, Rebecca, Chief Iron Eyes, Marie, Miriam

01:08:47    Daniel (he/him, Giant Sequioa):    Trump is not an anomaly, his personality disorder is about 5% of the population

01:08:47    Sarita Patel:    Have to have the difficult conversations. Opposite of the rhetoric - can’t talk about politics and religion at the dinner table.   this was to teach people conflict was negative

01:08:58    Julie Wolf:    I have been moved by Deborah Greene's asking and listening to all people of the earth, what is your state of peace?

01:09:22    Julie Wolf:    Even criminals and nazi's,

01:09:31    Daniel (he/him, Giant Sequioa):    America involves central South America and Canada

01:09:38    Daniel (he/him, Giant Sequioa):    rather United States

01:10:11    Chase Iron Eyes:    Thank you guys, I’m at If needed in the future, thanks for offering your time energy and insights . I’ve got to leave for now. Chase

01:10:20    Susanne Konzet:    Thank you so much. I need to leave now.

01:10:36    David Stoney:    Chief Iron Eyes sent the following message: “Thank you guys, I’m at  If needed in the future, thanks for offering your time energy and insights . I’ve got to leave for now. Chase”

01:10:37    marciaraffstudio:    Thank you Chase!

01:11:15    Daniel (he/him, Giant Sequioa):    bye David Stoney

01:11:18    Liliane Mavridara:    Thank you Chase!

01:11:46    Shannon McArthur:    good question thank you!

01:12:14    Sarita Patel:    Deborah Greene is working with a friend of mine from Siberia who is leading with her indigenous voice.  ::

01:13:39    sallyannett:    make-friends-get-out-and-make-personal-and-familial-connections-in-other-cultures…

01:13:43    Leo Jacoby:    From PeaceLAB statement: "If we, as humanity, know so much about Peace, then why does systemic racism, brutal economic disparity, epidemic houselessness, escalating climate crises, (do we need to go on) continue to define our reality?  Each of these, and multiple others, open up the jagged CHASMS that divide us."

01:13:56    Marie Roker-Jones:    My email is

01:13:57    Shannon McArthur:    Going Forward together helps it…

01:13:58    Sarita Patel:    Rebecca Irby and Deborah Greene are addressing the integration. UN reform is huge.

01:14:23    Julie Wolf:    Brilliant timing Leo!

01:14:34    Marilyn Schramm:    just fyi - I did the Peace Challenge. it made no sense to me. it seemed totally "small self" oriented

01:14:52    Daniel (he/him, Giant Sequioa):    thanks Marilyn

01:15:16    Shannon McArthur:    Marilyn, thank you for your feedback - let’s do it again together and look at that!

01:15:30    Julie Wolf:    Marie, thank you so! I have the video you plaed today at Humanity rising on our ChatAction YouTube playlist.

01:15:40    Julie Wolf:    ^played

01:16:05    Liliane Mavridara:    Excellent point Dan!

01:17:35    Shannon McArthur:    Peace Week is part of The Plan that the Creator came up with… we are opening to the Great Planner.

01:17:46    Rebecca Irby:    Thank you Dan! Very beautifully said!!

01:17:46    Marie Roker-Jones:    Thank you, Dan for your thoughtful response!

01:18:30    Kurt Krueger, MeWe:    The SUN is rising with the TRUE Humanity - Being true Homo-Sapien Sapiens.

01:18:35    Kala Perkins:    Thank you Dan; people in power positions so rarely keep to the treaties and promises they make for “convenience”

01:18:48    marciaraffstudio:    But she wasn’t given a seat either.

01:19:19    RuthE, Sharing land and sea ofThe Squaxin People:    true, but the women acted with intersectional energy

01:19:28    Sarita Patel:    I think today’s Humanity Rising video needs to go viral on Rumble and Twitter and everywhere - it was so powerfully authentic - it’s hard not to get emotionally charged into peaceful but powerful action

01:19:28    RuthE, Sharing land and sea ofThe Squaxin People:    double effect!

01:19:55    Cate Roberts:    that is why breakouts and following talking. circle principles are so powerful

01:20:07    Sarita Patel:    The way you all modeled is huge. especially Lesley for thé white

01:20:13    Sarah Priestley:    yes Sarita! I agree

01:20:24    Julie Wolf:    Awesome Sarita! Lets make that happen. Lemme now if I can help.

01:20:52    RuthE, Sharing land and sea ofThe Squaxin People:    co-liberator , yes, I do like this language.

01:20:53    Julie Wolf:    oooouuuu! Co-Liberator

01:20:57    Liliane Mavridara:    Kathryn brought in the concept of co-liberator

01:21:24    sallyannett:    i-cant-raise-my-hand-i-would-like-to

01:21:34    Sarita Patel:    all the panelists could put it on their websites now. to lead the way.

01:21:39    Liliane Mavridara:    ok Sally you are after Susan

01:21:40    sallyannett:    say-something-please

01:21:47    sallyannett:    thanks-l

01:21:49    Shannon McArthur:    Sarita, that’s a powerful idea, imho. We haven’t had that expertise in the inSPIRITors’ group.

01:21:52    Julie Wolf:    Sally I will raise my ahnd for you

01:22:21    Julie Wolf:    ^ hand

raised for Sally

01:22:26    RuthE, Sharing land and sea ofThe Squaxin People:    thank you Annette for stretch-practice. I am with ya

01:22:31    Anne-Marie, The Hague Center:    thank you panalists, thanks all and see you tomorrow (i am needed at closing ceremony of Being Beloved Community event)

01:22:33    Leo Jacoby:    To avoid implicit us/them assumptions in our language consider "participate" "participation".

01:23:32    RuthE, Sharing land and sea ofThe Squaxin People:    to find your local indigenous people, stewards of the land you live on.

01:23:58    Julie Wolf:    Twana in Tahuya I am on this land

01:25:23    Sarita Patel:    let me know when the taping goes live or can be accessed.  I’d like to send to my friend Cassie Hughs at Grow Marketing in  SF

01:26:03    Shannon McArthur:    Stan will help you with that, Sarita. Thank you so much!

01:26:34    Julie Wolf:    Sarita, all is/will be here for this week

01:26:49    Julie Wolf:    and here too

01:26:52    Sarita Patel:    the videos today also need to go viral

01:26:55    Shannon McArthur:    thank you, Beth, powerful story

01:27:05    Annette Shaked:    Yes & let's really accept the challenge to weave awareness of Race, Culture & Action in all panels and activities this week & our fields of influence beyond

01:27:09    Amy McKenzie:    Yes, showing up is all. Thank you for this deeply provocative conversation. I must go now. I look forward to continuing this shared exploration in attaining peace and equality for all...

01:27:14    Kurt Krueger, MeWe:    "You and I are also news stations. You and I are also reporting on what’s going on in the world. Like the TV executives behind the scenes, we also get to decide what stories to tell — even on the street when a friend asks us how we’re doing. That is our moment of truth. That is our broadcast. That is our tim  pop e to choose.

"Will our stories be local versions of the nightly news, always skewed to what’s bad and wrong, full of gossip, worry, and complaint? Or will we choose to share a new kind of story — one infused with possibility, progress, insight, awareness, and hope?" ~ Mitch Ditkoff

What say you? How are you broadcasting your “news”? Let’s broadcast Peace with Everything, Everything with Peace. :)

01:27:30    Shannon McArthur:    Thank you, Amy, for coming!

01:27:48    Marilyn Schramm:    if we are to realize Oneness, we must get to know & appreciate the part of We/the One we don't yet know or appreciate.

01:29:09    Ruth Broyde Sharone:    I always wonder why so few men show up for these chats . .

01:29:15    Shannon McArthur:    Thank you Susan, for coming and being and come back, please!!

01:29:27    marciaraffstudio:    I want o congratulate Lesley & Kurt for a great beginning of Peace Lab Week!

01:29:31    Liliane Mavridara:    Yes Sally.

01:29:37    Shannon McArthur:    there are more circles that need your voice!

01:29:41    Sarita Patel:    yes Kurt!

01:30:14    Sarita Patel:    human trafficking is NOT illegal in all countries yet.

01:30:38    Shannon McArthur:    that’s amazing, Sarita… my guts clench

01:30:41    Marie Roker-Jones:    Something I share with tech leaders is to create a space of inclusion and belonging.

1. Be authentic-Be intentional with your action

2. Be accountable-Be mindful of when your bias is guiding your actions.

3. Be progressive-What's one action you can take daily?

4. Be sustainable-How are you contributing to social equity? How will you?

I appreciate how all of you are sharing and being mindful of what you can do. Please feel free to reach out


01:31:05    Dan Bailiff:    I honor you Susan for your reflection of my thought. I agree! I make an agreement with Life and all my relatives to do all I can to fulfill this trust.

01:31:32    Lesley Southwick-Trask:    Marilyn - drop me a line and I can share with you the rationale underscoring the Peace Challenge as well as learn about your experience

01:31:48    Marie Roker-Jones:    I have to go. Thank you Rebecca and Lesley!

01:31:59    Sarita Patel:    I am grateful for this after chat group of visionaries.

01:32:01    Daniel (he/him, Giant Sequioa):    thanks Marie

01:32:02    Rebecca Irby:    Thank you Marie!!

01:32:02    Julie Wolf:    Marie please include us in your work.

01:32:07    Kurt Krueger, MeWe:    Thank you Marie, what a blessing

01:32:08    Lesley Southwick-Trask:    No words Marie

01:32:10    Shannon McArthur:    Marie, thank you so much for all you’ve shared

01:32:20    Lesley Southwick-Trask:    Just heartfelt gratitude

01:32:30    Shannon McArthur:    I look forward to walking forward at your shoulder going forward...

01:32:35    Sarita Patel:    This panel on HR today was the model of global leadership.

01:33:01    Rebecca Irby:    Thank you Sarita!

01:33:03    Julie Wolf:    walking forward at your shoulder going forward.


01:33:04    Sarita Patel:    People need to know what is possible. Wayshowers.

01:33:16    Lesley Southwick-Trask:    Thanks everyone for such a beautiful conversation. I have to leave for the run through of tomorrow with our contributors

01:33:28    Liliane Mavridara:    Thank you Les

01:33:32    Shannon McArthur:    thank you SO much, Lesley!

01:33:35    Rebecca Irby:    Thank you Lesley!!

01:34:14    MALINI Rajendran:    sally ann- it comes from the family evolving into a higher dimension. when there is cross cultural marriage in a highly othodox family that is when the cross pollination starts. How does 1. Swedish DIL 2. Armenian SIL 3. Ukraininan Jew SIL 4. Hongkong Chinese DIL 5. Jhat farmer SIL

01:34:23    Kala Perkins:    Thank you Rebecca for taking the time to be here with!

01:34:31    David Stoney:    I was reminded today of one of my favorite songs: “Trying to make it real compared to what” by Les McCann and Eddie Harris -  It is dated but still hits home.

01:34:50    Susan:    thank you to all. blessings and love.

01:34:50    MALINI Rajendran:    And the list goes on.

01:35:04    Ros Cook:    Thank you everyone for this opportunity and Rebecca again thank you for demonstrating so powerfully why we need to have these conversations before we can begin to move forwards together evolving and learning as a co-liberator got to go many thanks

01:35:20    Sarah Priestley:    got to go too. thank you so much

01:35:50    Shannon McArthur:    I love you all…

01:35:52    Cate Roberts:    breakouts earlier would be good

01:36:06    Shannon McArthur:    thank you for welcoming us all into your bedroom!

01:36:14    sallyannett:    thank-you-so-much-everyonexxxxx

01:36:16    Patricia Wagner:    Thank you!

01:36:17    Daniel (he/him, Giant Sequioa):    great song

01:36:33    Julie Wolf:    I am staying for who evern eeds me

01:36:34    sallyannett:    daniel-i-am-loving-your-pronouns

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