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Humanity Rising Day 193 After Chat   –   Friday February 26, 2021

Chat from AfterChat Zoom from HR Day 193:

aka ChatPeople Chat


00:05:36    Shannon McArthur:    good morning, all… lovely to see  you!

00:06:33    Diane Skidmore:    Hi Shannon - just six minutes to spare but - joining even if brief

00:06:33    Kat Haber:    Nice, Shannon!

00:07:12    Kat Haber:    YEs, Universe being on our side!

00:08:11    Kat Haber:    Will you house your public bank in your local post offices?

00:10:06    Liliane Mavridara:    love this Diane!!!!!!

00:10:11    Sarita Patel:    ::

00:10:16    Candy Leonard:    Bowie Money !!! Love it

00:10:21    Liliane Mavridara:    I want one of these...

00:10:28    Kat Haber:    Love David Bowie!

00:11:31    Liliane Mavridara:    In UK you have the co-ops, in that structure

00:11:56    Liliane Mavridara:    if I am not mistaken

00:13:07    Candy Leonard:    There was a town in Vermont that had its own money for a while

00:15:04    Candy Leonard:    We need more enlightened people in the C suites

00:15:06    Kat Haber:    Could someone also give us a heads up about what to Expect next week, please?

00:17:22    Stanley Pokras:    Info about public banking: The Public Banking Institute: ::

00:17:26    Candy Leonard:    Could you give a sense of who the presenters are?

00:18:43    Stanley Pokras:    The Philadelphia Public Bank Coalition: ::

00:19:01    Kat Haber:    Peace is happening…swarm of activities, stirred up the beehive How can we, what can we, will we? Day 1: Day 2: Day 3: Day 4: Day 5:

00:21:20    marciaraffstudio:    I think it needs a more direct link to Humanity Rising for each day

00:21:21    Shannon McArthur:

00:22:13    Kat Haber:    Day 1: race/culture/activism filmmakers/speakers Day 2: Intersection trauma/compassion/value economics Day3: beliefs/arts/transformations, Day 4:spirituality/reality/intentionDay 5: Action/Agency/impact Thanks for this overview! Who is guiding each day?

00:22:19    marciaraffstudio:    exactly!  at the TOP…they may only be interested in how to get to Humanity Rising

00:22:31    Shannon McArthur:    Lesley is lead, along with Kurt

00:22:38    Kat Haber:    Each day?

00:22:51    Shannon McArthur:    except for Day 4, yes

00:22:52    Liliane Mavridara:    Thank you guys, see you soon <3

00:23:04    Shannon McArthur:    lovely to see you Liliane

00:23:08    David Pinto:    ::

00:23:09    marciaraffstudio:    then give the the direct link to Humanitarian’s Rising!

00:23:19    marciaraffstudio:    Humanity rising

00:25:09    Kat Haber:    Thanks fro the flyer. I am adding to WE Rotary, virtual Rotary club focused on nuclear non proliferation fro 7 years now. Hope several will be able to attend or at least watch your recordings!

00:26:36    Stanley Pokras:    ::

00:26:39    marciaraffstudio:    If there’s nothing special today, I’m going to adjourn also

00:27:09    David Pinto:    Bye Marcia

00:27:42    marciaraffstudio:    bye David…see you tomorrow?

00:27:56    David Pinto:    If the sun rises, yes :)

00:28:11    marciaraffstudio:    till then…tata

00:28:37    Kat Haber:    Yaya, David, Kurt, Lesley, Stan!

00:32:19    David Pinto:    ::

00:32:49    David Pinto:    Room 3 Kath?

00:35:46    David Pinto:    Hi Where is Kathryn? She’s not in room 3…

00:43:18    Candy Leonard:    Tristan Harris

00:44:33    Kat Haber:    Thanks everyone. Hope to see my fav Chatpeople on Monday!

00:44:42    Candy Leonard:    ::

00:44:53    Candy Leonard:    The Social Dilemma

00:52:50    Candy Leonard:    ::

01:12:20    Stanley Pokras:    Bernard Coard - book about Granada.

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