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Humanity Rising Day 182 After Chat   –   Thursday February 11, 2021

Chat from AfterChat Zoom from HR Day 182:

aka ChatPeople Chat
00:20:16    Daniel Rieders, MD:     Utrech has some the very best cardiologists in the world

00:22:14    Julie Wolf: I wonder why we have less people each day in the afterchat this week. Is it your message Stan?

00:24:28    Stanley Pokras:   We could decide to focus on our conversation and less on our planingΓǪ in the message I post. We can discuss thatΓǪ

00:24:28    Daniel Rieders, MD:     The speakers, how can we support you?

00:25:11    marciaraffstudio: In the city of Austin, Texas, we have a Neighborhood Network page where people chat, tell whatΓÇÖs going on in the neighborhood, offer to help people shop, other things during COVID, announce things residents should be on the look out for, etc.

00:25:21    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  I cannot stay very long I have a webinar IΓÇÖm hosing today and I need to prepare.

00:25:41    Julie Wolf: I miss you Karen!

00:25:46    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  Marcia - yes

00:25:49    Daniel Rieders, MD:     we have the same

00:26:12    marciaraffstudio: Kathryn, yes that ΓÇÖs it!

00:26:14    Julie Wolf: got your challenge today ok Kathryn?

00:26:59    marciaraffstudio: Julie, did you get my email on that?

00:27:13    Julie Wolf: Shannon can we ask for that wondreful powerpoint at HR today?

00:27:24    Julie Wolf: about voices and that atom like image

00:27:51    Julie Wolf: reminds me of Stan's moto - no one neglected

00:27:56    Daniel Rieders, MD:     how can whelp share theories

00:28:02    Daniel Rieders, MD:     stories

00:29:29    Daniel Rieders, MD:     this is donut economics in healthcare

00:30:01  love caring and helpfulness at foundation

00:32:08    Daniel Rieders, MD:     I am also a cardiac electrophysiologist

00:32:44    Daniel Rieders, MD:     cardiologist, functional medicine, environmental medicine and energy medicine

00:33:19    Daniel Rieders, MD:     In the US non licensed individuals are practicing medicine

00:33:37    Daniel Rieders, MD:     without a license

00:34:01    Daniel Rieders, MD:     and then there is the governmental interference and censorship

00:34:57    Shannon McArthur: the institutions need reformation, and the licensing they do is questioned, in my mind

00:35:03    Julie Wolf: Marcia - just replied to your email on the Peace Challenge feedback! love it! dont get it but love the feedback - keeo it coming.

00:35:06    Daniel Rieders, MD:     against holistic health as quackery in US and UK

00:35:10    Matthijs Zwier:

00:35:36    Matthijs Zwier:   I do have to go in a minute! There are three children here that need to go to bed :)

00:36:12    Shannon McArthur: thank you Matthijs, and I hope to hear from you before you goΓǪ

00:36:51    Daniel Rieders, MD:     checkout Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)

00:38:42    Leo Jacoby: A question for David and Matthijs: today was so smooth. Did your panel rehearse?

00:40:06    Daniel Rieders, MD:     brilliant presenttions

00:44:51    David Somekh:     I have to leave very soon, enjoyed your company

00:45:12    Julie Wolf: :: Peace LAB , Week and Challenge here

00:45:48    Daniel Rieders, MD:     there is a huge transformation in mental health

00:48:50    Daniel Rieders, MD:     bye folks, gotta go.  peace

00:52:56    Karen Ball:

00:55:15    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  at the, under partners and under Peace are 16 organizations that are working on peace. Good if someone could connect with them.

00:55:37    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  IΓÇÖm needing to go oxoxoxox


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