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List: Humanity Rising Days
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The Main Humanity Rising page "Weekly" List of Humanity Rising Sessions
Talk:List Humanity Rising Days
Humanity Rising Resource Page Table of HR Episodes from 1-200
List of HR Chats
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Humanity Rising - Partner Resource Page Chat Action Resource Page
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List of ChatPeople Chats
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HR Chat People
Template:HR Chat
See:Category:Is-Zoom Chat Humanity Rising Days on Origin
"CM"=   "CA"=
Email List Subscribers Purpose Comments
ChatPeople@CM 231 People signed up for daily HR reports
ChatAction@CM 66 Members of ChatAction
ChatAdmin@CM 13 The people who show up regularly Rarely used
Cities@CA 31 People active with Cities Week planning
Peace@CA 41 People active with Peace Week & Challenge
PeaceLab@CA 7 1) This is how our public writes to PeaceLab decision-makers. Seven people receive these messages.

2) We work together as a "Support Team" and point of Contact for the site.

3) Peace Challenge Subscribers and Peace Week Contributors write to us here.

4) We intend to work together to allow the right one of us to respond.

Members of this list are:

Julie, Stan, Lesley, Kurt, Leo, Shannon & Malini

This address is often referenced as "Peace Challenge."

Replies to messages from A-Weber go to this list.

These include problems that people experience with the Challenge and comments or questions about entirely.

PeaceAdmin@CA 3 Julie, Stan, Lesley, Unused
PeaceChallenge@CA 3 Can not receive email.

The function of this list has been replaced by Julie's A-Weber (an email list manager). Julie, Stan, Lesley,

replies go to PeaceLab
A-Weber >80? Automated delivery of Challenge Steps. The messages are defined as being sent From:
Peace Challenge <>
Replies go to PeaceLab