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Please note: Kurt Krueger did 90% of this while teaching pretty much full time for the Los Angeles Unified School District in Ghetto schools over a 47-year time period. He retired from Los Angeles Unified School District, June 2016, to pursue his consulting/writing/training business full time, and became a Bestselling author with TWO books in December, 2016! A native of Los Angeles, an identical twin, Kurt A. Krueger lives what he teaches and teaches what he lives. In 1968, he set 3 school records while at the University of Colorado and coached the undefeated Water Polo Club. He has won 16 medals in four Senior Olympic swim championships. Krueger has taught Peak Performance Practices (PPP) on five continents for elite athletes/coaches, performing artists, business people, educators/students, etc. His goal is to have everyone physically and mentally fit throughout the 21st Century. Mr. Krueger was an All-American swimmer and Hall of Fame in Water Polo at Los Angeles Valley College, and he also coached numerous world-record holders; he was a member of Glendale College and Cal St. Uni. - Los Angeles faculties of Psychology and/or Physical Education. He is an internationally published author, photographer, lecturer and corporate consultant/trainer. He has been invited to speak and spoke about PPP on five continents. Mr. Krueger’s interest in Peak Performance Practices developed when he met a great teacher of these integrative sciences in 1974. His learning was tested three years later when he was a passenger on a JAL plane hijacked by the Japanese Red Army terrorists. Mr. Krueger used a PPP concentration technique he’d been practicing and found his mind relaxed and focused at the height of the crisis – the first coach passenger to speak with hijackers, and first off the plane! Returning to America, Mr. Krueger taught history and government at an inner-city ghetto school — Crenshaw High in Los Angeles. His mental control was again tested there when threatened by students carrying drawn knives. He peacefully settled the incidents by verbally demanding the weapons. His clarity and ease in an intense situation once again amazed Mr. Krueger and others. Fellow teachers recognized his ability to cope with crisis situations and requested that he instruct them in Stress Management techniques. This ultimately led to a series of highly successful presentations in Southern California culminating with a program at the United Nations in New York City and Oxford University’s Medical School (UK). Concurrently, Mr. Krueger also began training athletes for Peak Performance. It developed into a ‘systems’ program to strengthen a person’s body, mind and spirit. The use of these techniques had enabled him to win numerous medals in the Senior Olympics. Examples of some high school students’ improvements after just three month’s use of PPP: Greg Denby, a high jumper with a personal best of 6’6", leapt 7’1"; Macarthur Osbourn went from a 2:01 880-yard runner to a 1:54; Anita Sood, Arjuna Award winner of India, set eight National swimming records, and Bejoy Jain, within 14 days of a workshop, set a National Junior Record then swam the English Channel faster than any other Asian. Mr. Krueger co-founded the Institute of Sports Psychology in 1982 in Bombay and ultimately developed into an organization with four more offices in: London, Melbourne, Tokyo and Los Angeles. The following year he founded Success Systems International to develop programs and practices specific to companies and performing artist needs. Mr. Krueger has trained the Claremont Professional Football Club, W. Australia, which took second in the Grand Final that year. He has trained professionals and athletes of SIX different countries National teams. He has been asked to and did present programs for the United States Military Academy, Young Presidents Organization, IBM and other major corporations. Mr. Krueger has presented at major international conferences such as, a keynote speech, Stress Management in Sports and Business, at the World Congress on Sports Psychology in Copenhagen; Fitness for the 21st Century at the Olympic Scientific Congress in Seoul; and Technology with a Heart workshop at the International Conference on Technology and Education in Brussels; and Strengthening Character at the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education Recreation and Dance Conference in San Diego. He has been published nearly 50 times internationally in magazines and journals. Also, he is a National Board Certified Teacher in ‘secondary’ Physical Education and ameliorates environmental issues, was active with Boy Scouts. Mr. Krueger has served on the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Physical Education Advisory Board (2000-2014) and teaches Peak Performance Practices for Academics and Sports professional development classes/workshops. He is also currently involved in promoting The Peace LAB (, Character Inclusion, regenerative education/gardening/societies, and the World Fest,