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Why I am here ...

I help with this here with site organizing content, creating templates for Humanity Rising Day Pages, Projects, etc, mostly around Humanity Rising and ChatPeople. I found ChatPeople and ChatAction People from Humanity Rising Nov. 3 2020, voting day, when Charles Eisenstein presented on HR Day 130. I came to the afterchat and never left. I love this tribe!

Why AM I here?

I'm here on earth to serve the healing of the earth and humanity. I love to grow and make healthy live vegetarian food, and love to feed people. I love nature and feel the heart of all beings (a dear cat relative taught me the later). I have some skills in online/computer techiness (organizing info, content creation, video editing and posting, social media, blogging, etc). I am patient and love kindness. I am good at expanding and love the rare chance to focus. I hold many levels of awareness and can hold many details. My heart informs my mind to find solutions. I am eternal and this human journey is a challenge. I await knowing more about myself and my role or theme to serve the vision of a more beautiful world that our heart's know is possible. I wish to grow community and help network because we can not do this alone. We need each other. I dream of growing and connecting the tiny islands of heaven on earth so all beings can thrive on earth together. (Written on the fly - short answer: I don't know what to say about me at this time - still figuring out who and what I am. Can you relate?) Self unemployed on purpose to have time to serve as needed and time for self care and self development.

My Projects: