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This is the Talk or Discussion Page for Peace Lab

Julie and Stan have invited Karen to play in this page to keep everything you need here and to communicate with us about what you are doing.
Please have fun creating pages and organizing how ever you imagine Karen. Thanks for helping us!

Julie-How do I eliminate the Department of Peace page?
Karen- do you mean mention of Dept of Peace? Feel free to change all those the Peace Lab.

Karen's Peace Organizing Page

  • Categories found to use on Peace pages:
    • [[Category:Issue-Peace]] See these at the bottom of this page:
    • [[Category:Issue-Peace]] [[Category:About-Peace]] [[Category:Is-Idea Page]] [[Category:Is-Advocacy Organization]]
  • Karen suggests 3 main categories: advocacy, research, practices, intersecionality (done).
  • Julie says - yes - lets make them all Issues. Issue-Advocacy, etc

Useful Pages Related to Peace Chat Action Project

How To Develop This Page

  • NOTE: Contact Stan or Julie or Karen to help edit or add to this; email us via or text/call Julie at 858-848-7047 or Stan
  • Karen suggests we create hyperlinks for several elements of peace: education, religion, relationships, economy, arts, governance, media, environment, justice, health, science, and resources
  • Julie agrees with Karen - these can be pages or categories we link to on this main Peace LAB page.


  • What is our criteria?
  • Lets define a mindset or criteria that invokes open minded dialogue and includes all, even the imagined "Other".
  • We (ChatAction people) began to discuss Criteria/Mindset near the end of the AfterChat Dec 9th, 2020; Here is the Video Recording and here is the Chat.


  • Do we want to list possible tools or online platforms to use for best communication, co-creation and collaboration?
  • Karen asks should we identify constellation process as a tool? - Yes says Julie. We will have to index that recorded constellation session tomarrow 1/17/21 in Lesley's Zoom - it will allow the spirit of peace to be sensed by us and inform us how to go forward in these 5 planning weeks we have. Lesley thought the invite message will emgerge form this constilation excercise. We are in the sensing part of the U process, she says.


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