Rupert Read

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Ecological philosopher and green activist

I’m an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of East Anglia, an author, a blogger, and – closest to my heart – a climate and environmental campaigner.

  • I am an author of over a dozen books. Many of my books focus on Wittgensteinian philosophy, others on the climate crisis, and others still on the intersection between the two.
  • Until recently, I was a frequent spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion. Previously, I was a spokesperson, national parliamentary candidate, European parliamentary candidate and councillor for the Green Party of England and Wales. I also formerly chaired the ecological think tank Green House.
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Participation In Humanity Rising

Day 333 Wed 10/6/21 Extinction Rebellion and COP 26: A Dialogue with Rupert Read
Day 351 Mon 11/01/21 Global Regeneration Summit Day 1: What is at Stake for COP 26
Day 392 Mon 1/17/22 What’s Next for the Climate Movement?: A Dialogue with Rupert Read
Day 580 Fri 11/11/22 COP 27 V: Direct Action to stop Climate Change or is it time to simply Adapt to the Inevitable? — A Dialogue with Rupert Read of Extinction Rebellion
Day 818 Tue 12/05/23 COP 28 II: Regenerative Ecology - Rupert Read & Liam Kavanagh
Liam reported that Rupert was suffering a nasty cold and could not participate in today's session

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