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As a film director and explorer, I see life as a journey of discovery, moment by moment. My films are about the human potential and the search for fulfillment.

Peter is a rare storyteller who cultivates as rich of an inner landscape as the outer pilgrimages he has traversed over a well-lived life, in sacred reunion with the world’s most prolific and powerful living wisdom keepers.

He brings an exquisitely trained eye through his lens that can see interdimensionally and therefore perceive greater depths veiled within each subject. He is an exemplary ritual practitioner as he has cultivated a sacred container of ritual to the dynamic realm of film and photography.

In an age when our minds have been deeply uprooted by the Internet and the hall of mirrors, we recognize the power of the stories we hear and the stories we tell ourselves and beliefs that create our reality.

True wisdom cannot be downloaded or bought — it must be earned and Peter’s life work is a testament to the cultivation of our “Inner-net”, where the inner eye gazes into the infinite boundless realms of our origins, unclouded by the illusion of form or narrative. This way of seeing and being IS the transmission itself and why we have chosen Peter to serve as our Featured Practitioner — these truly Human skills that required devotion to cultivate and bring to life through our work. We are deeply honored to be partnering with Peter in his next project, The Inner View, and showcase the living treasury of his life’s work on this Light Web.

The essential is seen with the heart.

Peter brings a vast polymathic background from living and working internationally for over 40 years that carries through each creation, each offering. A short preview of some of his previous experience includes:

  • Travels in over 50 countries. Leader of film expeditions in Sahara, Sinai, India, Bhutan, Belize, Guatemala, Peru, Nepal, Mali and many other locations.
  • Trained in The Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter, host and speaker at international workshops.
  • Member of The Adventurers’ Club of Denmark, Creative Member of the International Club of Budapest, and other networks.
  • Studied Psychology, University of Copenhagen. Energy Field Photography, UCLA, University of California, L.A.
  • Guest teacher & censor at KaosPilots University, Århus and Copenhagen Business School, CBS, Copenhagen.
  • Still photographer for The Danish Film Studios, Warner Brothers/Metronome.
  • Translator for Warner Brothers, Gyldendal Publishing, Danish Film Institute.
  • Lived 2 years in Japan. Work as photographer and writer. Studies in Zen and Oriental Medicine.
  • Received awards and prizes at international film festivals as well as honorary grants from e.g. The Danish Arts Foundation, The Danish Film Institute, The
  • Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Culture and The Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Never doubt that a small group of committed individuals can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only way it ever happened.”


Once we thought that the Earth was flat.

But a few visionaries challenged that belief and our world view changed.

For millennia native tribes of the Earth have seen the universe as one living being. Today mass media as well as our educational systems are feeding billions of minds with an increasingly fragmented and conflicted worldview. This has created a mindset of fear and separation that has left so many people feeling depressed or alone. More and more information clearly does not automatically bring more wisdom and a higher quality of life.

We are seeing an exponential increase of individuals and communities who are co-creating new ways of living and being in harmony with the planet and our heart. We are being called to a new mindset that can create educational and living systems that reflect this – now.

The internet has made it possible to connect with others instantly around the globe. Has it also given us a greater experience of meaning, clarity and coherence? The web of life – it could be called the Innernet – is our cellular knowing that we are all connected. When Peter Engberg interviewed the astronaut Edgar Mitchell he told how it had changed his life completely to see our Earth from space – a blue jewel where all is connected. Not only in theory, but in reality.

The Inner View project is a kaleidoscopic invitation from luminaries and pioneers to reconnect to the source of life in us all and to co-create a society based on this.

Our time has come. We are invited to go from emergency to emergence. Now.

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