Patricia Klauer

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Dr. Klauer is expert in adapting new technologies, aligning organizations and developing architectures to transform businesses, while addressing the pragmatic realities of preserving revenue through existing products and systems. With a primary focus on pioneering new information technologies, she recently lead an end-to-end IoT solutions company that provides data as a service for real-time monitoring of environmental conditions for transportation and smart cities of the future. Trained initially as a chiropractor, Dr. Klauer began her IT career at MIT and went on to Wall Street to design some of the first large-scale relational database systems for investment banks. She led a diverse team at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and has been providing strategic consulting to integrate innovative technologies for a variety of industries, academic institutions, government, life sciences and telecommunications institutions. Dr Klauer applies her full spectrum skills to support organizations to develop seamlessly integrated, intelligent and highly adaptive technology systems that will address dynamic environmental and social factors.

Participation on Humanity Rising

Day 121 Meeting the Mystery of Money
Day 755 Fri 9/8/23 May I Have Your Attention, Please? How do we re-imagine a conscious attention economy?