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Dr. Katerina Zalamova is a Bulgarian physicist and Smart Cities expert. She studied Applied Physics in Sofia University, Bulgaria, where she graduated with a Master Degree in Quantum Mechanics & Laser Techniques. She started her scientific carrier in the Bulgarian Academy of Science in the field of superconductivity in 2003. In 2009, Dr. Zalamova obtained a PhD in Material Science from Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain.

Today, Dr. Zalamova is a recognised Smart Cities expert with a special interest in zero waste infrastructures and the circular economy along with the adoption of digital infrastructures focused on economic development and social change.

Along with her Smart City consultancy, Dr. Zalamova runs the think-tank for advanced cities, CREA IDEA LAB, with the objective to transfer new technologies and circular economy knowledge to the new and growing smart societies. At CREA IDEA LAB she also fosters, mentors and supports new smart innovators and young entrepreneurs who she believes will be the next developers and applicators of the new smart cities.

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