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Humanity Rising Day 071 After Chat

-* Date: Friday July 31, 2020 (2020-07-31)

Chat from Chat People Zoom from HR Day 071:

  • 13:20:12 From: Kurt Krueger : I gotta go. Great being with you guys. Thanks for all you love and actions. :) On this Special Day…

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  • 13:20:25 From: Shannon : thanks kurt!!
  • 13:22:34 From: Stanley Pokras : Shannon talks about "Our Heart Gardens."
  • 13:32:46 From: Cyndy Clemens : I have to go everyone! It is great connecting with you here! I will join in probably on Monday! ☺
  • 13:33:01 From: Shannon : thanks for joining us Cyndy
  • 13:33:09 From: Shannon : come back again, I look forward to more
  • 13:33:21 From: Cheryl Cronin : got to run...will try again next time
  • 13:33:33 From: Shannon : bye Cheryl!
  • 13:33:59 From: Cyndy Clemens : ♥
  • 13:37:25 From: Kathryn Alexander, MA : You act as a role model and show by attraction the benefits of inter general relationships
  • 13:45:31 From: Katerina Zalamova : Katerina Zalamova:
  • 13:45:33 From: Katerina Zalamova :
  • 13:45:58 From: Shannon : My loves, I must go and I really want to talk about this but… thank you so much for continuing and being so vibrantly alive!!!
  • 13:46:47 From: Diane Skidmore : bye Shannon xxx
  • 13:53:57 From: Diane Skidmore : Have to leave too. So sorry. Will aim to be back tomorrow xxx
  • 13:59:12 From: Stanley Pokras : Katheryn - One way to address the housing issue is for people to share housing..