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Janice is a social alchemist and synergistic culture and business ecosystem designer, with a broad-based global network, who thrives on connecting visionary change agents, paradigm shifters and evolutionary leaders. She is gifted at articulating the narratives for new, thrivable worlds and futures.

President, Natural Network International (NNI) - since 1991, a strategic management, business development, trends forecasting, brand-building company, focused on wellness, environmental sustainability, climate change and clean technology solutions that are committed to fostering a regenerative and evolutionary coherent world. She played a role as one of the architects of the natural and organic products industry, and working toward global peace helped to contribute pioneering efforts in media and international event development with the Natural Product Expos, the UN and various NGO’s.

Working with the Arctic Arts Project, American Renewable Energy Institute, and Action for Nations, she consults on strategic partnerships and marketing as well as fundraising. In addition, she is an Advisor to the Environmental Education Fund, Unity Earth and Vihara Foundation, is on the Leadership Team of the One Humanity Institute, and is part of the Wisdom Collaboratory of the Tipping Point System.

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