HR!Day742 - Values development in Europe in the context of the Russian invasion into Ukraine - Kateryna Yasko & Auke van Nimwegen

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Imagine how drastically your life conditions need to change, in order for you to pick up arms and protect your family from being raped, tortured or killed. For all of us in western countries only an imaginary exercise, but only two generations ago most of Europe was confronted with this reality and today the people in Ukraine are living this nightmare. What has made it possible for Europe to live in peace for such a long time and what led to its disturbance and the Russian invasion into Ukraine?

In this session Auke van Nimwegen talks about the social and political developments in Europe starting with WW II and leading to the 2014 and 2023 Russian invasion into Ukraine. He will discuss the cold war, anti-war movements, the fall of the Berlin wall, the dissolvement of the Soviet Union, NATO expansion and developments in Russia. He uses Spiral Dynamics as a map to explain the conflicts and developments both on a geo-political as well as on the grassroots level.  He will tell the story with references to his own experience and political development.

Some knowledge of Spiral Dynamics is required to be able to understand this presentation.


  • Kateryna Yasko (Ukraine), Moderator, is a psychologist, educator, dialogue facilitator, civic activist and a guide into the Ukrainian history, culture and current socio-political context. Her academic background is in the area of international relations and law (MSc), business (MBA), and psychology (MSc). For more than a decade Kateryna has been an active explorer of Ken Wilber’s integral approach, adult development and Scandinavian bildung practices to hold space and design interventions that foster social dialogue in the Ukrainian society. She is certified trainer in Nonviolent communication (NVC), founder of the educational initiative and NGO International Institute for Integral Development, co-founder and lecturer at the New Thinking School. As a mother of three minor children, after the full-scale invasion, Kateryna’s family temporarily left Ukraine and spent a year in Vilnius, Lithuania, supporting local Ukrainian refugee community and civic society through Open Society Foundation Lithuania.
  • Auke van Nimwegen (Netherlands) is former entrepreneur, an organizational consultant, leadership development coach and mentor. Spiral Dynamics has been the model that has helped him frame his work in organizations as well as his interest in society, geo-politics and humanity. Auke worked closely with Dr. Don Beck from 2005 until his passing in 2022 and has been an authorized Spiral Dynamics trainer since 2007. Auke has introduced thousands of people to the model and trained various other trainers. In 2011 he co-founded ValueMatch, which provides training and assessment services based on Spiral Dynamics.  Since the Russian invasion into Ukraine Auke has been involved in aiding Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands and has used his knowledge of European politics and Spiral Dynamics to help create clarity about how important a proper response to this situation is for European and world peace.  


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