HR!Day725 - Al Alignment Summit Day 4: Alignment in Social Media - Tobin Hart, Amy Chapman, Johnny Rose & Georg Boch

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--- Humanity Rising Day 725 - Thursday June 22, 2023      (GoTo Bottom)
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This Week: AI Alignment








Social Media




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AI Alignment is a term used to describe how aligned the “processing” and behavior of an AI is to human interests. High alignment means a positive AI future, low alignment leads to a dystopian one.

Experts agree: in the near term our civilization hinges on AI alignment.

The immense difficulties with it are at the core of what moved prominent figures in AI to demand a 6 months hold on AI development.

Even the lead scientist Ilya Sutskever of OpenAI in a recent interview stated:

“I would not underestimate the difficulty of alignment of models that are actually smarter than us, of models that are capable of misrepresenting their intentions. It's something to think about a lot and do research.

Oftentimes, academic researchers ask me what’s the best place where they can contribute. And alignment research is one place where academic researchers can make very meaningful contributions.

A mathematical definition (of alignment) is unlikely. Rather than achieving one mathematical definition, I think we will achieve multiple definitions that look at alignment from different aspects. And that this is how we will get the assurance that we want.“

The goal of our interdisciplinary series is to help explore these multiple definitions.

We explore the computer science term AI alignment via novel perspectives from evolutionary biology, sociology, philosophy as well as insights from the wisdom tradition.


Alignment in Social Media

Following the ingenious understanding of Tristan Harris and the Center of Humane Technology, we have already had a first contact with AI in the rise of social media and its algorithms that optimize for engagement / or our reptilian brain’s emotions of hate, anger, and fear.

How can we first fix social media and bring the AI that is already in place into alignment with healthy human behavior?


Tobin Hart, Ph. D.

Amy Chapman

Professor of Psychology, University of West Georgia

Author: “The Four Virtues”, “The Secret Spiritual Lives of Children”, “The Integrated Mind”

Johnny Rose


Dr. Lisa Miller

Georg Boch

Tom Eddington


Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University

68 Participants


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