HR!Day709 - The Resonance Code: A Rebirth of I Ching, the Ancient Chinese Divinatory System - Dr. Spring Cheng

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--- Humanity Rising Day 709 - Wednesday May 31, 2023      (GoTo Bottom)
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Spring Cheng joined us

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Dr. Spring Cheng, a native Chinese woman living in the US, has re-framed I Ching, the ancient Chinese divinatory system into the Resonance Code. Rebalancing the feminine and masculine, Spring drew inspirations from disciplines ranging from Chinese medicine to complexity science, from leadership development to modern understanding of consciousness. In this talk, Spring will discuss how a modern reframing of an ancient Chinese divinatory system may empower us to evolve our consciousness toward wholeness, while navigating a world of crisis and uncertainties.

  • Spring Cheng, PhD, is a coach and teacher in leadership development and self awareness. Spring created a holistic blend to integrate her diverse experience as a dancer, artist, scientist and Chinese medicine practitioner. Spring spent the first half of her life in traditional, pre-industrialized China and the latter half in the US. After she received a doctoral degree in molecular biology and masters in biostatistics, she worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a data scientist. However, in her career as a scientist, her heart and spirit felt empty and deserted. She then dedicated herself to reconnecting with her own indigenous root through Chinese medicine and Taoism. Later, with her partner Joe Shirley, Spring co-founded the Resonance Path Institute, where she integrated these different disciplines through coaching and leadership development. Spring invented The Resonance Code, a rebirth of the ancient Chinese classic I Ching, the Book of Change, in the context of leadership and organizational development. She is the author of The Resonance Code: Empowering Leaders to Evolve towards Wholeness. She is an advocate for integrating indigenous wisdom with modern thinking in the field of adult development. She brings her work to diverse places such as the U.S., Canada, China and European countries.


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University

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