HR!Day652 - ENDANGERED Humanity II: Celebrating Action - Marie-Noelle Keijzer - WeForest

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--- Humanity Rising Day 652 - Tuesday March 14, 2023      (GoTo Bottom)
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    Tom Eddington, Moderator, is an author, Executive Coach, Business Advisor, and Executive Producer of documentary films. He holds an M.S. in Organization Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania. As a scholar of Conscious Leadership, he is passionate about bringing more conscious leadership into the world which he does through his coaching and advisory work, film and media projects and Board positions. As CEO of he brings his commitment and experience to impacting climate change and biodiversity loss.


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University

67 Participants


  • Marie-Noelle Keijzer, Co-Founder WeForest. Passion, vision and action have made Marie-Noëlle Keijzer the climate leader she is today.   After a career in large corporations, she chose to align her work with her life’s purpose and make a real difference in the world. She co-founded WeForest in 2009 and turned it into a world leading non-profit organization, addressing simultaneously the planet’s most formidable challenges: global warming, water scarcity and poverty. WeForest is recognized for its holistic Forest Landscape Restoration approach in overlooked African geographies and for its biodiversity focus, connecting wildlife corridors in South America and received in 2021 the prestigious Mother Teresa Memorial Award for Social Justice.


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