HR!Day535 - Eco-Feminism and Mother-Wisdom for Ending Burnout Forever

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--- Humanity Rising Day 535 - Friday September 9, 2022      (GoTo Bottom)
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On this final day, Dr. Mines will collaborate with Dr. Davis and Dr. Yadav in re-framing burnout from an Eco-Feminist perspective. This will be a rich deep-dive into resources generated from a feminine wisdom stream that is both ancient, modern and futuristic.

  • Dr. Stephanie Mines, Facilitator'
  • Dr. Stephanie Mines is the author of five books that reflect over three decades of research as a neuroscientist. She has investigated shock and trauma as a survivor, a professional, a clinical researcher, and healthcare provider. Her nonprofit The TARA Approach is instrumental in the systemic change she promotes as a Regenerative Health paradigm. Dr. Mines also developed Climate Change & Consciousness to facilitate inner transformation for grounded climate action. Climate Change & Consciousness serves an international and intergenerational community of visionary activists. In addition, Dr. Mines is an award-winning poet. Her poetry has been published in anthologies and in chapbooks. Dr. Mines’ latest book, Memoir of An Embryologist: How I Discovered the Secret of Resilience, will be released in 2023 from Inner Traditions/Sacred Planet Books
  • Nalini V. S. Yadav, PhD S. Yadav, PhD, is Doctor of Pharmaceutical Science and an Advanced TARA Approach Practitioner. She has firsthand, deeply personal experience with meeting the challenges of burnout. She was introduced to the TARA Approach while working on her doctorate, which was a high stress period of enormous challenge. Now she is once again thrust into the burnout realm as she navigates the COVID pandemic while working in an intense environment of high-powered biotech and big pharma. Dr. Yadav will speak to how burnout is a holistic, multi-faceted experience. She will also address the transformative component of deconstructing burnout personally and professionally. Dr. Yadav will comment on the impact of immigration for herself and her family and its epigenetic contribution to the burnout phenomenon. Her lived experience immigrating from both India and Canada to ultimately settle in the US and the ways in which these migrations shaped her adrenal system are of inestimable value. The cultural disconnect while developing a career as a woman of color plays a significant role in Dr. Yadav’s contribution about burnout and how to offset it. Finally, Dr. Yadav will demonstrate how the TARA Approach self-care strengthens her nervous system as she evolves in a climate changing, racist, patriarchal and pandemic ridden world. She will share how learning and practicing this self-care permanently ends burnout.
  • Allison Davis, MS, LPCC, PhD, Allison is a counselor, educator, and researcher of perinatal mental health. Her work focuses on the development of mothers' psychoecological growth in matrescence, the transition into motherhood, reframing eco-related distress as resilience and offering a path through the mental health dangers of idealized green motherhood towards lifestyles that are psychologically healthy and ecologically sustainable. Through articulation and application of an ecofeminist-informed developmental approach, she fosters ecological thinking and contact with nature for psychotherapeutic healing and growth. She maintains a clinical practice at Mother Nature Therapy, LLC, teaches at Alliant International University in the Professional Clinical Counseling Program, and conducts postdoctoral research in the Maternal Psychology Lab at Columbia University.
Editor Note: Allison Davis did not participate in today's episode


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University

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