HR!Day483 - Self-Health Empowerment II: [[Evolutionary Somatics]]: Movement Practices for Restoring Life Through Toning Your Fascial Body

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--- Humanity Rising Day 483 - Tuesday May 24, 2022      (GoTo Bottom)
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As an embryo, you created yourself from the inside-out. That generative energy lives in all of us still.


“We don't know the limits of human transformation but,

we do know it begins with feeling safe.” E. Andes-Bell

Evolutionary Somatics is a practice dedicated to dynamically embodying the change, in ourselves and in our world. Nature endows us with the ability to be self-arising and self-creating, to shape and reshape ourselves and to carve out lives that sustain us. From the womb to the tomb, we form our bodies in relationship with the forces acting upon them. Our existence depends on it and so, we become imprinted with our suffering.Trauma, systemic injustice and cultural conditioning are just a few things that sever us from the formative power of our true nature. Until it doesn't. Until we have new relationships with Self, Space and Perspective. Healing is reconnecting with our formative power. Evolution is the flow of new formative information through us.

Learn intuitive, safely-sequenced, embodied experiences to unbind and come home to your body, expand your senses and open your mind.Translate them into practical ways to build resilience and integrate change into your life. Unlock the formative power to heal your pain, anxiety and trauma and move into a thriving future .

As a curriculum of dynamic embodiment, Evolutionary Somatics is the fruit of our work in exploring how energy moves through us to shape our bodies, our movement and our creative responses to life. EvoSom has developed over our 40 year professional collaboration in dance, choreography, ritual, fitness, energy healing, yoga, yoga therapy, Pilates, Continuum, movement research, somatic and esoteric studies, Integral and Evolutionary thought and many, many remarkable teachers. It is also informed by fascial research, the new science of biotensegrity, Polyvagal Theory and other somatic approaches to trauma healing. Exploring New Frontiers of what it means to be Human.The future is not in Artificial Intelligence (AI), it's in Body Intelligence (BI)! Our consciousness and our sensory capacities have been co-evolving forever! Who we become and how we intentionally co-create our evolution depends on what we feel and perceive and that is something we can discover as emergent properties in our own miraculous bodies!


Dehanna Rice is a Health Visionary, and former dancer, that bridges Ancient Healing Practices with Modern Evidence-based Science. She is a Newyorker, now living in the Bay Area, that has practiced for the past 25+ years Polarity Therapy, the original "Energy-Work" model that started in 1950's Chicago by Dr. Randolph Stone and is a Certified Hypnotherapist that uses "Imagery", one of the worlds oldest and most powerful healing tools. She teaches Polarity Yoga and Open Focus Meditation & the crux of her teaching is "Coherent Breathing", a breath-work featured in The New York Times that initially helped firefighters and residents recover near ground zero after 911 and continued to assist soldiers, refugees, victims of mass shootings and natural disasters globally. Her motto: "Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold"! Dehanna is a member of Design Science Studio coheART Evolutionaries, in collaboration with The Buckminster Fuller Institute, that has launched a decade long initiative that catalyzes action toward the regenerative future that works for 100% of life.

Elizabeth Andes-Bell and Bruce Bell are embodiment coaches, somaticmovement-healers, educators and somanauts. They have been teaching and exploring human expression/potential through movement and the human energy field for 40 years. They are the founders of, a center for biotensegrally-informed fascial fitness, healing and a lab for exploring evolutionary consciousness. They offer classes, workshops, trainings and private sessions. They are also the creators of the IKO-Ball ( a fitness-tool to rehydrate, reorganize and retune the facial body. As senior faculty and department heads of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing for ten years, Elizabeth and Bruce created somatic training and art-as-healing programs.They also owned and operated yoga and fitness centers in New York City for twenty-five years. ::


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University


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