HR!Day414 - Dancing with Biomimicry: Embodying Nature as Our Guide

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--- Humanity Rising Day 414 - Wednesday February 16, 2022      (GoTo Bottom)
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Learn about and apply Nature inspired innovation, business and industry ideas, building, structures, and systems.

Experience utilizing Biomimicry to guide us to our inherent Nature. Imagine our body blending as nature. No longer learning from nature's example/guidance but being Nature. Automatically following INspiration, INtuition… Explore with us in this deep dive into full authenticity as the unique ‘snowflake’ we truly are. Come with us in this adventure of re-enculteration. "As I am the Implement I Am, the I Am can be implemented.”

People in harmony allow all other things to be more harmonious. The tuning fork brings another into resonance/alignment. Create the conditions and environments of interaction, each plan and business being immersed in valuing being in relationship with each other. Being in the “Mindful” state IS the NATURE state opening your energy to flow freely in the moment. Being, Listening, Creating.

Learn about and apply Nature inspired innovation, business and industry ideas, building, structures, and systems.

This program offers both an intellectual understanding and direct experience of biomimicry in its fullness ~ From INside Out. Journey in the curiosity of SHOW ME the highest expression of this moment.

Behind the restless movement of the mind is the stillness of being, the stillness that has no name, no reputation, nothing to protect. It is the natural mind. ~ Steven and Ondrea Levine.


  • Harry Uvegi is an artist, photographer, designer, integral visionary enthusiast, Columbia trained architect (M.Arch., Columbia University 1982) with 40+ years in the Architecture and Design field. He embarked on a new journey in 2002 with the creation of Aspirallink, a search engine for sustainable products and services. While becoming a founding member of BiomimicryNYC in 2012, Harry regained his footing in nature, focusing on amplifying Biomimicry into the spotlight. In November 2014, he helped to facilitate the BiomimicryNYC + Urban Green Harbors workshop titled “How would nature design resilient breakwaters?” Bringing together 40 people from across the United States—students, teachers, biologists, architects, designers, engineers, and business people—to focus on developing nature-inspired, ecosystem-restoring solutions for NYC Harbor Restoration on Governors Island. Harry’s commitment to planetary health and resilience, caused him to embark on the journey to develop a nature inspired purposeful business model. He founded, a media strategy that is radical, audacious, and courageous, while being generous, mutualistic, and regenerative, to help exponentially scale nature’s innovative solutions, currently in creative mode to birth a regenerative ecology financing a human economy. Stay tuned.
  • Carolyn Bumgardner lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Is a certified Conscious Business Change Agent through Humanity's Team, first cohort. Among other things, such as Reiki Master, Energy Transformation Facilitator, certified Global Peace Ambassador, NLP, Nonviolent Communications, took The Silva Method at 12 years old, lifetime intuitive & energy channeler. I worked with Barbara Marks Hubbard  almost 2 years before she passed in a weekly beta group with which she participated, focused on small group development globally and the Wheel of Co-Creation, culminating at Sunrise just 5 months before she transitioned. Just for everyone's awareness of more about me.  
  • Kurt Krueger lives on and cares for the ancestral land of the Tongvé, just 20 miles N.E. of Los Angeles CA. Kurt is a global citizen serving a regenerative society and life on our planet; he is one of the founders of the Peace Lab; and is a polymath, philosopher, explorer, alchemist for love, and pragmatic futurist. A former Boy Scout and a leader, backpacker, and connected with our indigenous relatives and ways since the 1950’s, he’s had a deep connection with nature. He founded the Institute of Sports  Psychology, and Success Systems International in the early 1980’s.  He has taught in the ghettos of Los Angeles for 40+ years and is in Who’s Who in American Educators. He’s helped present on and promote Vegan World 2026, the Alliance/Drawdown, and Character Inclusion programs. He has written the Best-Selling series Winning Ways for Living, and produced numerous Peace Lab programs for the Humanity Rising.


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University


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