HR!Day401 - Intentional Change:  Direct Action using Inner Resonance Technologies

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How do we mobilize diverse people who have complex ways of seeing the world into a living movement of profound change?  With clear emotional intention that transcends the differences bioenergetically.  All change is connected inside the matrix of life and by integrating the human spheres, the silos we create and the structures we limit ourselves by, we can erase the hidden barriers and bring peace, happiness and laughter into the world.

Humans have a historical habit of limiting our conception of the world as physical. What if we could bypass the limitations, clear out the vector splatter, the static, in the non-physical worlds first - where the signals originate - to create clear and direct action into the visible world?  We can then coordinate our energies to compound creative flow states to make physical manifestations simpler.  Come learn how it works!

The challenge we face today is learning to shift gears and to work with intentional love, heartfulness, and harmony in the non-physical creative void, the quantum side of who we are as human beings.  It is the space where we “feel” life in motion moving through our bodies, our minds, our spirits – not just individually, but collectively where we can gain exponential power.

Maureen Edwardson has designed Inner Resonance Technologies to help people have clear insights on the links between our past, present and future, then how this intersects, integrates and activates who we are physically, mentally and spiritually as creative, innovative and adaptive beings. Maureen will guide us through a direct experience of a group Inner Resonance Technologies protocol in order to clear and activate each of our individual gifts into inspiration and creativity in collaboration of where our hearts are calling us to greater service to the Whole!

We will be discussing how different outstanding groups that are doing direct action in the world today end up spiraling into each other - such as how the environmental movement has been enriched with the music movement. To this end, Maureen has invited Laurence Singer of to hopefully join the discussion to illustrate how people from these seemingly disparate worlds are in truth doing the same thing when it comes to taking intentional direct action in the world today.

As a main participant in Unity.Earth with Ben Bowler and with Emanuel Kuntzelman, Laurence can speak to the ability of groups to collaborate in projects that bring peace and sustainability to the planet. Laurence’s own vast experience across the spectrum includes 40 years in Africa with communities and projects effecting change with music.

Key Presenter

Maureen Edwardson is the originator of Inner Resonance Technologies (IRT), and the author of “Your Magical Evolutionary Code Unleashed – The Science of Inner Resonance”.  Maureen has been in practice for 30 years as a change agent. Maureen has shared these teachings internationally, including US Bureau of Indian Affairs national conferences and US tribal school trainings, with shamans of the Republic of Altai, medical and physics professors from the research institutes in Novosibirsk and Moscow, Russia, and in Scandinavia.

Maureen is a Certified Delegate of Nassim Haramein’s breakthrough Unified Field Theory physics which connects the Newtonian (physical) and Quantum (non- physical) worlds, proving that we are indeed the central co-creative force of our own perceptual universe.

IRT is resourced on Dr. Bruce Lipton’s website and in his second two books “Spontaneous Evolution” and “The Honeymoon Effect”.  Dr. Lipton, the Father of Epigenetics, endorses the front of Maureen’s book with the quote, “Maureen’s pioneering efforts are vital to our evolution”.  You can find more about her at

Maureen currently has an online international practice facilitating the Wake Up and Empowerment of the Global System, both individually and with cutting edge groups that are creating breakthrough solutions which address our current crises. She is also consultant to and featured expert in the recently released “The Grand Self Movie” by acclaimed filmmaker James A Sinclair.  Watch at  

Maureen hosted her own tv show on for 3 Seasons, the last of which is “HUman: Redefined, Aligning With Our Grand Cosmic Self”.

Laurence Singer


Joy Gilfilen, presented Humanity Rising #301Standing Up with Power; then hosted the Intentional Change Series #375, #376, and #377 in December.  Her goal with this series is to “Humanize Communities in 2022” by demonstrating how small pods of people can start intentional movements that naturally spiral out through the community, and then show how other generations expand the work, and how elders are necessary to build foundations that are vital.  As a civic leader, Joy is President of the Restorative CommUnity Coalition, podcast host of iChange Justice and JoyTalk and the convener of the Intentional Change Network.  Joy founded the Civic Joy Academy to teach Intentional Change philosophies, and is providing her flagship product Flipping the Joy Switch – Introducing the Fear to Joy Triangle Model free for the public.  Go to for mor


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University


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