HR!Day368 - Next Steps for the Climate Movement beyond the COP: A Dialogue with Roger Hallam

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--- Humanity Rising Day 368 - Monday November 22, 2021     (GoTo Bottom)
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COP 26 will go down in history as that moment when the world failed to agree to keep the global temperature rise under 1.5 degrees Centigrade. We are faced with the reality that once again our governments, corporations and financial institutions have failed to take the necessary action to deal decisively with Code Red. They are masters at speaking the platitudes that they know the public wants to hear and then writing the protocols so they actually have to do little or nothing. Kicking the can down the road is the legacy of COP 26. And yet the situation is now going from bad to worse. What is the climate movement to do in the face of escalating climate turbulence and the inaction of governments?

  • To comment on this we have invited Roger Hallam, one of the founders of Extinction Rebellion who was the master strategist for the April 2019 actions undertaken by Extinction Rebellion that succeeded in bringing the climate emergency to world attention. Please take a look at a recent lecture he gave. He is sincere, strategically astute and passionate about how we can turn the climate crisis around, which he believes is possible if we act in a purposeful and concerted way through deeply intentional non violent direct action. He points to the Suffragettes and Martin Luther King as examples but there are numerous others, especially from Gandhi, the Occupy movement, Black Lives Matter, Standing Rock, Arab Spring, among many others. His perspective is very nuanced from a scholar who has studied the nature of social change very deeply. Roger is one of the more thoughtful leaders in the climate movement and he has consistently espoused non violent direct action within a deep understanding of the history of non violent direct action in relation to social change.  Roger emphasizes that we are incontrovertibly in Code Red. We are now in the climate tipping point which means escalating ecological turbulence is now unavoidable. He frequently quotes Sir David King who says that if we don’t take action in the next 3 - 4 years, literally hundreds of millions of people, mostly poor and in developing nations, will die. This is one of the prime motivators for both Humanity Rising and the Global Regeneration Corps. Enhanced unity among individuals and organizations involved in climate action is critical or we will not be able to make any measurable difference in a world spinning out of control.

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