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The Transformative Power of Co-creation – professionals and citizens working together

--- Humanity Rising Day 310 - Thursday September 9, 2021     (GoTo Bottom)
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Nordic Health 2030 and the European Health Futures Forum (EHFF) start their third series of Humanity Rising webinars, ‘Conversations with leading edge practitioners on the art of transforming health’.

  • Lars Munter and David Somekh are again your hosts, and we are delighted to welcome for our first ‘fireside conversation’ two experts from opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean  to talk about their personal approach to this vital topic.
  • Professor Louise Jane Phillips is head of the Research Group in Dialogic Communication in the Department of Communication and  the Arts at Roskilde University. Roskilde is on the Island of Zealand, about 30 km from Copenhagen, Denmark. She is especially interested in the democratic relevance of genuine conversations.
  • Olga Elizarova runs her own business on the East Coast specialising in applying behavioral science, research and design to improve how social entrepreneurs and nonprofits make decisions. Formerly, a Behavior Change Design Director at Mad*Pow, a human-centered design agency working with Fortune 500 companies. Olga is passionate about advancing achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, and bringing co-design and behavioral science to the underserved communities that need it the most but can’t afford it.



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Each Zoom live webinar will have a maximum capacity of 500 participants. If you are not able to join on Zoom, we will be live streaming here on the UbiVerse and on:

UU Facebook: ::

UU YouTube: ::

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