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Leading a Country towards Comprehensive Healthcare - A dialogue between Peter Merry and Dr. Amir Hagos

--- Humanity Rising Day 283 - Friday July 2, 2021     (GoTo Bottom)
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Dr. Amir Hagos is the former Minister of Health for Ethiopia. In that role he lead the implementation of transformative systemic changes in the healthcare system in the country, inspiring many at home and abroad. He is currently advising the World Bank’s Global Financing Facility on a Country Leadership Program focused on systemic change for national healthcare systems, which Peter Merry is also involved in as an expert in Transformative Leadership. They are embarking on a project to explore how they can integrate more traditional approaches to healing, which 87% of the Ethiopian population still use, with the best of the Western scientific approach to medicine. This session with explore Dr Hagos’ journey to becoming Minister of Health, his experience in that role, and his vision for the future of healthcare in Africa and globally.

Dr. Amir Hagos is passionate about quality, accessible, affordable and equitable health care as a fundamental human right and a non-negotiable moral imperative. He has served in different positions both in government and private philanthropic organizations. His most recent assignment in the government was as Minister of Health of federal democratic republic of Ethiopia. Under his tenure at the Ministry of Health in various capacities, he lead the health sector in the implementation of a transformation plan by pioneering new initiatives and setting ambitious goals while devising innovative approaches and executing major multisectoral collaboration to expand health care access to tens of millions of Ethiopians. These efforts have improved the population’s health status and health systems performance of the country. He holds an MD from Addis Ababa university and MPH from the University of Western cape.


  • Peter Merry, Chief Innovation Officer, Ubiquity University


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