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Actions For A Preferred Present and Future

--- Humanity Rising Day 264 - Monday June 7, 2021     (GoTo Bottom)
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This panel of cultural creatives has important stories to share. Decades of learning and experience have been devoted to social and economic transformation. Each panel member has found their calling. Bob Randall in Houston, for permaculture education and developing urban food systems, Lois Arkin  in Los Angeles, for eco villages and repairing the urban landscape, Jim Schenk in Cincinnati, for eco villages and humans reconnecting to nature and Jan Spencer in Eugene, Oregon, for permaculture applied to suburbia and paradigm shift. These stories are all part of a greater narrative on behalf of System Change. The panel members will show and tell their own personal passions and projects and then conclude with describing how these and other stories of System Change can go out to a far wider audience.


  • Lois Arkin is the founder of LA Eco Village, an inner city site in Los Angeles.  She is an icon within the eco village movement and has written two books on sustainable cities and cooperative housing.  Lois is a board member of the Global Ecovillage Network as well as the Global Village Institute. Currently under development at the Eco Village under Lois's leadership, is a ground breaking project to transform a 1/4 acre brown field auto repair shop, next to the Eco Village into a community culture, economic and activity center.  And then, transforming the street next to the center into a car free community plaza. See   Site tour:  ::
  • Bob Randall is a permaculture icon in Houston.  His suburban subtropical food forest dates back to the 1980's.  Bob was the director of Urban Harvest, an accomplished non profit in Houston that has helped start many school and community gardens and  farmers markets.  Bob has authored an extensive manual for growing food in southeast Texas that accounts for climate change and is a model for manuals others could write for their own regions.  Bob has had a hand in dozens of permaculture design courses and is a board member of the Permaculture Institute of North America. See   Site tour:  ::
  • Jim Schenk initiated the idea to his neighbors to turn their lengthy residential street into an eco village. That was in 2004. A third were not interested, a third said fine and a third became actively involved. Much has happened since then. Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage seeks to create a multi-generational intentional community that joyfully works, plays and grows together while connecting with the wider neighborhood and community.  Jim also has a passion for the rights of nature and creating sustainability in urban places. He is working to publish a book on the ecovillage called, Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage, A Way to Recreate Our Cities.   See            Site tour:  ::
  • Jan Spencer lives in Eugene, Oregon. His interests are a fusion of economics, permaculture, urban land use, the environment and positive human potential. Jan has devoted 20 years to transforming his 1/4 acre suburban property to produce more basic needs at home - food, water, energy, aesthetics. Thousands of people have visited over the years.  Jan has also been a board member of his neighborhood association for 15 years. Check his website for contact, links to podcasts, presentations, how to info for transforming suburbia. See Site tour: ::



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