Friendship And The Global Mind

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By Stan on HR Chat for Day 334 2021-10-07

Hello, Tumaini...

This day, your participation from Tanzania in a broadcast predominantly serving  elderly English speaking "westerners" demonstrates a major shift in the awareness that global consciousness, or global mind, can have of itself. The global mind's image of itself can be thought of as akin to the "mental image" an individual can have of the reality of which they live within.

I'm specifically NOT speaking of a global "brain." No, the idea of a global brain might imply some form of governance. A global mind or consciousness is more attuned to how art and media operate in human societies.

The effect of your participation here in Humanity Rising is to enable. a shift in our collective understanding of the world.

Taking this shift to a larger context, participation of thousands, millions or billions of people in an ever expanding spiral of awareness is most likely to produce the major shift needed to heal our social interactions, making more peace among religious communities and nations and more care for the state of the natural world we all are part of.

To state this more simply, the more people who make more friends around the world, the better off we will all be... Let's all think about making more friends. Making friends can happen on a very limited budget. Friendships don't require lots of money. Any... and all... or EACH of us... can be part of the healing the world needs simply by paying attention to seeking new friendships. One needs not to have a large number of new friends. But the process each of us building friendships can help everyone... and the planet at the same time.

And, of course, there is the idea that "Helpfulness brings people into focus." Being helpful is certainly an element of kindness through which friendships can come about.

Thank you, Tumaini for coming here to become our friend.

-- Stan

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