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Humanity Rising Day 143 After Chat

Chat from Chat People Zoom from HR Day 143:

  • 00:18:50 Natalie (she/her): im here but making breakfast 🍳
  • 00:19:49 maura Conlon-McIvor: Is it Commonweal in Calif?
  • 00:20:18 Leo Jacoby: Francis Weller (The Gates of Grief; Entering the Healing Ground)
  • 00:22:00 Julie Wolf: Welcome EveryOne!

Today the HR topic seemed to be about Grief. Francis Weller and the Threshhold Choir

  • 00:22:35 Daniel: let us give him a chance and hold him accountable, President Biden
  • 00:22:52 Julie Wolf: and our 1st women VP Kamala.
  • 00:23:26 Kurt Krueger: Cuf is a regular with HR.
  • 00:23:38 Daniel: we need younger people here, more color, diversity makes us better and stronger. bravo for natalie
  • 00:23:42 marciaraffstudio: That’s the issue….they have tow ork
  • 00:23:49 Kala Perkins: As least it feels like there is an emphasis on the reawakening of the heart in the incoming administration, is the feeling that is being presented.
  • 00:25:02 Daniel: so it was great, to get the conversation ouit
  • 00:26:17 Daniel: we are gold miners here, discovering the greatness in HR
  • 00:28:09 Daniel: if we do not get younger voices, brown and black skin folk, then we are creating a world of exclusion
  • 00:28:51 Jon Harvey: Please add me to ChatAction
  • 00:30:00 Kurt Krueger: It’s in your mailbox now
  • 00:32:25 Kala Perkins: Kala
  • 00:33:45 Daniel: I would like to hear more about todays talk
  • 00:33:54 Daniel: HR TALK
  • 00:33:59 Daniel: ON CHAT
  • 00:34:19 Kala Perkins: BlessingThis us the tribute to RBG:
  • 00:34:28 Kala Perkins: Now on Carnegie Hall Live, a tribute to Ruth Bater Ginsburg with music🌺♥️🙏🥰
  • 00:35:28 Daniel: Stan you can use lead pages or mailchimp
  • 00:35:39 Daniel: both are free
  • 00:36:18 Stanley Pokras:
  • 00:37:42 Bruce Schuman: what heals us back together -- "container"
  • 00:39:54 Stanley Pokras: Hello is a conversation game.
   Hello is a conversation game about living and dying and what matters most.
  • 00:40:02 marciaraffstudio: ill be gone for a few minutes….be back soon
  • 00:42:32 Bruce Schuman: is this container anything like a "co-creators agreement?
  • 00:44:00 Kala Perkins: Be well everyone🙏I need to go....
  • 00:44:12 Julie Wolf: Kala
  • 00:44:14 Julie Wolf: bless you
  • 00:50:24 Shannon McArthur: All you need is Love!!
  • 00:50:45 Kurt Krueger: Imagine; or Dream the Impossible Dream
  • 00:50:48 Daniel: I was hoping Ed would chime in
  • 00:51:30 Daniel: I was talking of the soul’s song
  • 00:51:37 Daniel: i have to take a call right now
  • 00:51:46 Shannon McArthur: nice to see you Daniel
  • 00:51:48 Malini Rajendran - Infinite Life: That is why all families do aarti in music.
  • 00:51:55 Shannon McArthur: bye for now, Daniel
  • 00:52:23 Kathryn Alexander, MA: Arty is wonderful - that is one things I miss from the ashram
  • 00:52:44 Shannon McArthur: All you need is LOVE!!
  • 00:52:52 Malini Rajendran - Infinite Life: One moment in time is my song
  • 00:53:02 Shannon McArthur: ooo I like that!
  • 00:53:04 Kurt Krueger: CU Dan
  • 00:53:07 Kathryn Alexander, MA: Spirit of Life
  • 00:53:18 Shannon McArthur: WWe need a playlist!!!
  • 00:53:28 Kurt Krueger: Cat Stevens
  • 00:54:39 Jon Harvey: "Because" by the Beatles (the lyrics are very short so I will post)

Because the world is round it turns me on Because the world is round, ah Because the wind is high it blows my mind Because the wind is high, ah Love is old, love is new Love is all, love is you Because the sky is blue, it makes me cry Because the sky is blue, ah

  • 00:55:24 Leo Jacoby: Lyrics of the chants Kate Munger shared were very simple and repeated for chant texture.
  • 00:58:50 Suzanne Marie: You are glowing today, Stan
  • 00:59:39 Julie Wolf: Love to hear more od Ed's smile now
  • 00:59:53 Julie Wolf: more of Ed's smile
  • 01:02:30 Malini Rajendran - Infinite Life: In the Bahai traditions they begin their prayers by singing songs from every country in every language and every religion. and they transact the days events, It is the most amazing experience . So borrowing from that we could have a playlist of powerful and empowering sounds in different languages from different cultures.
  • 01:03:08 Kathryn Alexander, MA: @Malini what an interesting idea!
  • 01:04:20 Malini Rajendran - Infinite Life: Stan you need to present again in the conversation and press conference forumn.
  • 01:05:46 Kathryn Alexander, MA: @Shannon I was so touched by the depth of your grief. - big hug
  • 01:06:09 Shannon McArthur: glad you’re here today, Kelly! Well come!
  • 01:07:41 Kurt Krueger: How does ruminating or gestating time instead of Isolating sound?
  • 01:09:58 Kurt Krueger: Cocooning is so much better than isolating! Thanks Ed.
  • 01:11:22 marciaraffstudio: I hadn’t thought of it that way but your right Kurt.
  • 01:14:06 Shannon McArthur: My mom is Bahai
  • 01:15:07 marciaraffstudio: I know their temples are very beautiful! very gorgeous gardens in Haifa, Israel
  • 01:15:37 Julie Wolf: Kurt what is the download ? I got it and want to rename the files.
  • 01:16:02 Kurt Krueger: A butterfly.
  • 01:16:46 Bruce Schuman: Baha'i is about "the One"...
  • 01:17:01 Shannon McArthur: The Blues came from Africa!!
  • 01:17:27 marciaraffstudio: Kurt, my Norton’s said your file is a security risk?
  • 01:17:52 Jon Harvey: It is only because of the sender being unknown to Norton
  • 01:18:11 Julie Wolf: yes we know the sender. Its Kurt
  • 01:18:12 Shannon McArthur: doctrine!!
  • 01:18:17 Kurt Krueger: Don’t know why it is a photo of an artistic butterfly.. :(
  • 01:18:41 Julie Wolf: thank you Kurt
  • 01:18:45 Jon Harvey: Well, we know the sender, but Norton security does not
  • 01:18:46 Kathryn Alexander, MA: @Kurt very funny
  • 01:19:25 Kathryn Alexander, MA: @Malini - I have learned, over time, the importance of the prescribed method - it brings in the energy.
  • 01:19:25 marciaraffstudio: it says files with this extension may be harmful to my computer? Should I ignore the warning?
  • 01:19:36 Suzanne Marie: must leave ... thank you all
  • 01:19:49 Jon Harvey: have a great weekend
  • 01:19:52 Kurt Krueger: Sacred Geomety, etc.
  • 01:20:00 Shannon McArthur: Suzanne, thank you for coming!
  • 01:24:16 maura Conlon-McIvor: Thank you all. I’m new to HR. I’ll look forward to next time….happy singing.
  • 01:25:28 marciaraffstudio: I don’t accept any guilt I dont think I deserve!
  • 01:27:09 Shannon McArthur: Maura, sorry I didn’t hear your voice!! Blessings!
  • 01:27:13 Kurt Krueger: No one deserves guilt. Let’s talk Marcia
  • 01:30:30 Malini Rajendran - Infinite Life: yes I remember seeing Jon on the shift network,
  • 01:36:15 Carolyn Blasdel: Chat and chat action
  • 01:41:19 marciaraffstudio: I have to leave now. I wish all a good week end. See you Monday.
  • 01:41:32 Leo Jacoby: bye Marcia
  • 01:41:57 marciaraffstudio: bye leo
  • 01:42:20 Daniel: I am back
  • 01:42:26 Daniel: briefly
  • 01:43:15 Julie Wolf: 3 Zooms for Kate:

1. Connection Field 2 Humanity Rising 3

  • 01:43:20 Julie Wolf: Cate
  • 01:44:14 Kurt Krueger: CU leo
  • 01:44:24 Shannon McArthur: bye Leo
  • 01:44:42 Leo Jacoby: still here
  • 01:44:59 Shannon McArthur: good!
  • 01:46:02 Cate Roberts: for a fullschedule and zoom link. for programs put on by Good of the whole
  • 01:46:32 Julie Wolf: Gratitude Cate
  • 01:47:37 Cate Roberts: is i believe Phil Lane Jr web address
  • 01:48:28 Shannon McArthur:
  • 01:49:51 Shannon McArthur: Malini, I think it would really be good if you asked your questions of him. Your questions are very good and would help him develop his idea.
  • 01:49:58 Cate Roberts: enlighting our way ToGetHer is the title of the on-line ceremony Dec 11-14
  • 01:51:26 Shannon McArthur: There is a solution suggestion that has mirrors floating on the ocean - the darkness of the oceans collects the heat so this seems helpful
  • 01:52:13 Shannon McArthur: you KNOW why Tesla’s ideas were quashed.
  • 01:52:21 Kathryn Alexander, MA: @Shanno the waves and wind make it very hard to put large ‘stable’ platforms in the ocean.
  • 01:53:06 Shannon McArthur: you have a point, Kathryn. Luckily it’s not MY idea - and we need lots of ideas… and action!
  • 01:53:38 Kurt Krueger: IONS is havincalled. g an online program today. A friend just
  • 01:54:56 Shannon McArthur: more HEMP!!!
  • 01:56:12 Kurt Krueger: "The Edgar Mitchell Overview Effect Virtual Reality Experience – Community Launch!" will begin in 1 hour on:

Date Time: Nov 20, 2020 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device: Click Here to Join

  • 01:56:25 Kurt Krueger: US: +1 253 215 8782 or +1 301 715 8592 or +1 312 626 6799 or +1 346 248 7799 or +1 646 558 8656 or +1 669 900 6833

Webinar ID: 831 2590 8864 International numbers available:

  • 01:56:29 Leo Jacoby: ciao
  • 01:56:56 Kurt Krueger: Special Bonus!

Before the program starts: Five minutes before our program begins (at 10:55), we’ll show a 5-minute animated video depicting a Saturn V rocket (Apollo 11) from launch to splashdown, explaining the sequence of events leading to the lunar module landing on the moon and reuniting with the command and service modules.

At the program’s conclusion: You’re invited to join us in an open community Overview Meditation with EvolVR’s Dr. Jeremy Nickel in Altspace. EvolVR is described as the world’s first virtual reality sangha. Our avatars will begin on Earth’s surface (video) and rise to low Earth orbit during a guided meditation. If you have a virtual reality headset, use the link below for set-up directions; or, if you have a PC, you can join us in a 2D format.

If you have any questions please email

  • 01:57:03 Daniel: ciao Leo
  • 01:57:27 Kathryn Alexander, MA: @Kurt - I think the actual join link didn’t make it
  • 01:58:20 Daniel: we are all existing outside of time
  • 01:58:34 Daniel: This is the realm of the soul kitchen and spirit
  • 01:58:36 Kurt Krueger: Webinar ID: 831 2590 8864
  • 01:58:40 Daniel: we are all soul connected
  • 01:59:02 Daniel: when separation dissolves, time disappears
  • 01:59:58 Jon Harvey: I must take my leave.

So long farewell

  • 02:*00:08 Jon Harvey: Auf veidersehen goodbye
  • 02:*00:19 Daniel: hasta
  • 02:*00:32 Daniel: ate logo