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Humanity Rising Day 105 Chat Page

  • Date: Tuesday September 29, 2020 (2020-09-29)

Text of the Zoom Chat from HR Day 105:

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:01 AM) Happy Tuesday Everyone!

From: Shannon McArthur (11:01 AM) 105!! WOW… good morning, All! Please change the To to include attendees too! happy Tuesday, indeed!

From: Anita Jones (11:01 AM) Happy Tuesday to you as well Liliane. Good morning all.

From: Sabinije von Gaffke (11:01 AM) Welcome to

From: Sharon Truax (11:02 AM) 105 and rising! good morning and well-being to all From: Seattle

From: Doreen Tanenbaum (11:02 AM) Good Morning From: a rainy day in the woods of North Carolina

From: Sabinije von Gaffke (11:04 AM) Humanity Rising Day 105 
Mindsets for Change: Stopping the Next Pandemic by Creating a Safer Future for People and the Planet

From: Diane Skidmore (11:04 AM) Hello Everybody Everywhere xxx Happy Tuesday

From: Me (11:04 AM) . ..oOo..
Dear Chat PEOPLE and panelists
Some of us are gathering in a Zoom meeting after this session closes. 
You can join the Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 810 4561 3451
Passcode: 919541

We also have an email list for Chat People to interact without being on at the sAM)e time. Write to be added to the list:

. ..oOo..

From: Diane Skidmore (11:05 AM) So happy to work on Safe Mindsets - a learning curve I'm sure

From: Shannon McArthur (11:05 AM) warm welcome indeed!

From: MALINI Rajendran (11:06 AM) according to a new technology study, It takes only 25% of the online community to create an revolution. The mindset we need to embrace is unconditional love. From: that mindset or rather should I say heart set we will be able to transform the world.

From: Shannon McArthur (11:06 AM) on our way, @Malini!!

From: Anita Jones (11:07 AM) We are all in this together and committed to make a change. @Malini

From: Diane Skidmore (11:07 AM) Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart - Gratitude Lovely Malini Heart We Share Love xxx A collaborative tipping point!!

From: Shannon McArthur (11:09 AM) induce the birth of the One arising through each of us… cells in the Body of the One ty Sabinije

From: Diane Skidmore (11:10 AM) Oooooh Thank You Sabinije (and Jim) - A hearty Vaccine to and for US all xxx

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:11 AM) Welcome back Karen!!!!

From: Sharon Truax (11:11 AM) beautiful sabinije!

From: Anita Jones (11:12 AM) Wonderful to have you here again Karen leading us in this important topic.

From: Suzanne Marie (11:12 AM) @Shannon…Thanks for the reminder!

From: Me (11:12 AM) Did she just say that she wrote in the chat? Did I miss that?

From: Diane Skidmore (11:12 AM) @Stan, she did say that

From: Kat Haber (11:12 AM) ONE MILLION DEATHS….silence…reflection>ACTION!

From: Shannon McArthur (11:13 AM) conscious does not mean control it means response-able

From: Michelle Kidd (11:13 AM) In order to live in Balance with each other we have first to live in balance with ourselves 💓 Michelle

From: Jane (11:14 AM) This is Sacred Activism.

From: Kat Haber (11:14 AM) Leaders notice our growing anxiety-our unknowing…(a ripe place From: which to reimagine all our relations? From: Anita Jones (11:14 AM) @Shannon - I like that.

From: Me (11:14 AM) She needs to set her "To:"

From: Kat Haber (11:14 AM) Heat/drought, no homes for birds…wearing for our lonelier places weaping

From: Suzanne Marie (11:14 AM) Agree Malini!


From: Liliane Mavridara (11:15 AM) I AM) with you @Kat, there is hardly 10 yrs the rate this is happening.

From: Kat Haber (11:16 AM) Threats we face daily, what are the practices which bring us forward movement into aliveness into coherence: love, repeat, LOVE, repeat…LOVE!

From: Shannon McArthur (11:16 AM) identify & AM)plify what’s working. yes.

From: Anita Jones (11:16 AM) Practices anchor us to Mindsets for Change. Identify and AM)plify what is working - yes Karen.

From: Diane Skidmore (11:16 AM) AM)plify what's working. Thank you xxx Work together. Change the design!! Brilliant!!!

From: Shannon McArthur (11:18 AM) I like his language.

From: Diane Skidmore (11:19 AM) Listening is very important. Then collaborate.

From: Me (11:20 AM) Love it - "mess maping" ???

From: Anita Jones (11:20 AM) Here is a link to Social messes: Robert E. Horn. Interesting…

From: Shannon McArthur (11:20 AM) thanks, @Anita

From: Diane Skidmore (11:21 AM) Not out there in the 'real' world but - in the world of 'crazy' - we're kinda used to it Thanks Anita indeed

From: Sharon Truax (11:22 AM) coming back to deep stillness. where by grace the energy is transmuted. make a mess clean it up. then make choices From: a place of clarity. practiced daily it is magical.

From: Anita Jones (11:22 AM) You are welcome @Diane and @Shannon.

From: Kat Haber (11:22 AM) Identify/AM)plify what’s working to awaken us- 3 leaders:Jan-WWF, another, Lisa Spoken word artist, parts of living systems working together to change design of past for a finer future, repeat past or create a finer future? 5 steps 1. know we do not know how to solve these messes (MESSMAPPING-wicked problems-social messes ill structured problems, variant views, so contradictory solutions, cross systemic, political/sociological continuing change conditions, so intervention points are difficult to identify, we begin to learn together, 2. Listen for an emergent future (HUMANITY RISING IS A LISTENING!) collective learning is needed now, need wise life engendering life enhancing choices daily, wisdom rich world, remove filters of our limiting beliefs/frAM)eworks, AM)plify wisdom that is here now, who do you know is wise? deescalating conflicts, or a leader without leadership, or one who lays out expectations, and steps back, of someone who really listens, or one who welcomes contradictory info to what she wanted to

From: Jenna Tontz (11:22 AM) Cynthia Bourgeault is a wise leader

From: Shannon McArthur (11:22 AM) thx Kat!

From: Diane Skidmore (11:23 AM) ooooooh - suggest and step back. Thanks Kat - this (your notes in the chat) will be really useful

From: Jenna Tontz (11:23 AM) love is caring active caring

From: Anita Jones (11:24 AM) Here is the blog and course of Karen’s:

From: Diane Skidmore (11:24 AM) conscious consideration and care xxx

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:24 AM) and also what it means to love/what is love, how do we comprehend/embody/practice it. What it looks like when we love.

From: Kat Haber (11:24 AM) Karen Buckley : Wisdom is, listening, always here, paying attention to guide us steadily forward, people, profit, planet 3. CONNECTING WISDOM WITH LOVE?: need warmth of humanness, how we cultivate this and lead From: love, COURSE OCTOBER 19 Cultivating Love, coming From: love, no matter what else is happening, @Anita-THANKS FOR COURSE REFERENCE!

From: MALINI Rajendran (11:25 AM) when you are in a state of unconditional love, wisdom automatically arrives in our lives. Our actions, thoughts and plans are all in the right form , in the right way for the good of the whole.

From: Diane Skidmore (11:25 AM) Thanks again Anita @Malini Yes!!

From: Jane (11:25 AM) That is the key...always come From: love especially when engaging with those who have alternate views on how to solve the 'Messes'.

From: Anita Jones (11:26 AM) It’s an ongoing practice..@Malini @Kat

From: Me (11:26 AM) @Kat - Please help to create the page for them:

From: MALINI Rajendran (11:26 AM) There is only one war to be fought the war between unconditional love and hatred. There is only one battle to be won is the battle of unconditional love over fear. There is only one choice to be made to live From: the heart instead of being ruled by the head.

From: Michelle Kidd (11:27 AM) 💓 Malini

From: Jane (11:27 AM) YES Malini!

From: Diane Skidmore (11:27 AM) 2040; Donut Economics; Costa Rica - wonderful @Karen - you're listing them. We'll keep focussed on the successes/ways forward

From: Kat Haber (11:28 AM) 4. BUILD ON WHAT”S WORKING, best can burst forth, grit, caring, compassion, core values alive and intensely lived, IN CA FINALLY LISTENING TO NATIVE AM)ERICANS ABOUT BURNING TO SAVE FORESTS, capacity to return to ancient knowledge passed on through verbal storytelling, so much is working—LEt’s flood this chat with what we observe is working: protection of EARTHs wild places, AM)AZON Climate pledge friendly label cradle to cradle , certified carpets, blinds, materials, circular production and safely returned to a cycle of resources, we change best when we are strongest, surround sound of strength, inside/outside any given system, tech, eco, psychological HOW CLIMATE CHANGE INTERACTS WITH AND AFFECTS pandemics

From: Anita Jones (11:28 AM) A recent blog of Karen’s on Mindsets -

From: Sharon Truax (11:29 AM) so much is working now. it shows forth daily. thank you Karen. it’s a moment to moment practice.

From: Diane Skidmore (11:29 AM) Gosh we're lucky aren't we - an unprecedented opportunity. We are ONE. We are LOVE!!

From: MALINI Rajendran (11:29 AM) If we can start doing even one act From: each of the 100 that paul Hawkens drawdown list,

From: Anita Jones (11:29 AM) Yes Karen. Thank you for reminding us - we are all inter connected.

From: Diane Skidmore (11:30 AM) Those last words - Arundhati Ray - AM)AZING!!!

From: Kat Haber (11:30 AM) 5. CONSICOUS LEADERS CONTINUOUSLY LOOK FOR UPGRADES IN MINDSETS, what is the behavior that drives dysfunctional behavior, backs up goes deeper to old operating systems that unconsiously affects our current operations, From: enviro/eco/economic practices are now in a mess, we can rebalance nature, to consciously reshape finer future, on a quiet day we can hear…( our future alluring us into belonging with each other From: Shannon McArthur (11:30 AM) Thank you Karen for sharing your face instead of your screen - I AM) more engaged with what you offer when I see how committed you are.

From: Diane Skidmore (11:30 AM) Massive thanks Karen

From: Rachel Root (11:31 AM) Thank you Karen. YAY WWF!!!

From: Me (11:32 AM) I believe that the most dangerous pandemic is the always present desire for some people to rule the world...

From: Jane (11:32 AM) Heart breaking!

From: Anita Jones (11:32 AM) Wow - terrible.

From: Jen Forti (11:33 AM) Thank you Karen for that beautiful presentation. Could you put a link to the 

From: Shannon McArthur (11:33 AM) child with hand to mouth… unaware.

From: Anita Jones (11:34 AM) @ Jen Forti Here is a link to the Six Lessons Blog:

From: Jen Forti (11:34 AM) Thank you Anita!

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:35 AM) The Ecocide Law needs to be applied everywhere.

From: Jenna Tontz (11:36 AM) kind of depressing hearing these sAM)e old stories of deforestation, greed, capitalism gone wild. the system is set up for megalomaniacs to thrive aka $80mm tax refunds.

From: Anita Jones (11:36 AM) Here is some more information about Zoonotic Disease. Thank you for bringing this to our attention Jan.

From: Kat Haber (11:37 AM) Jan Vertefuille - WWF, preventing future pandemics, 30 hills tropical Indonesian rainforest, critically endangered elephants and tigers, indigenous people forest dependent living, human incursion into nature, increased disease risk, roads lead to settlements, first shacks and then villages, cutting down trees for palm oil, goats/chickens, killing for bushmeat or exotic pets, zoonotic spill over jumping From: animals to people is a virus that mutates into humans who have not adapted, wet markets, shed viruses more, ( 29 CONGRESS members held the first online hearing right at shutdown to understand what happened-they left understanding zoonotic causes) Half zoonotic diseases comes From: wildlife Xploitation/ag intensification/land use change-entire world is in unhealthy relationship with wild world: FOR NATURE FOR US addressing root causes, COVID19 recovering needs to be about righting our relations-INdigenous, poor, wildlife Work with govs/corps, no deforestation in supply chains, CHINA & VIET NAM) 2 of worst

From: Shannon McArthur (11:37 AM) Yes, Jenna. There are those of us who have heard it before and /but there are others who need to hear it (again and again!) Enduring is part of stepping up, imho. Being witness. Holding love.

From: Simone de Wijn (11:38 AM) quickly I hope that is possible

From: Kat Haber (11:38 AM) JV: Also adopted quickly, meaningful deforestation, Congress considering root causes in bills (CALL OUR REPS LET THEM KNOW WE WANT ROOT CAUSES INCLUDED) act quickly to restore our relations with nature #NatureNeedsHalf

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:38 AM) @Shannon, and for the rest of us breathing and holding this sadness and grief.

From: Diane Skidmore (11:38 AM) Check for palm oil content and - put it back - DON'T BUY IT!! (for exAM)ple From: Sharon Truax (11:38 AM) thank you Jan. so clear.

From: Jenna Tontz (11:39 AM) Jan, curious about your take on zoos like SD that say they are conservationists. would you agree?

From: Kat Haber (11:39 AM) KB: Pandemic recover is not just about a vaccine, its about righting root causes JV_Wholistic approach, WWF to dig into various ways HOW IS WWF COLLABORATING WITH OTHER ENVIROS?

From: Anita Jones (11:40 AM) Thank you Jan - really opened my eyes at how serious this all is.

From: AM)Y A BLUMENSHINE (11:40 AM) Thank you, Jan!

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:40 AM) @Jenna, please put your question on Q&A so it doesn't get lost in the chat. I AM) curious about SD too.

From: Shauna Evans (11:40 AM) question why the statement try to do, rather than committed to do

From: Kat Haber (11:41 AM) Elsi Mile-WOMAN ON A MISSION-whoo hoo, Elsie, Humanity Inc, feminine values to humanize capitalism, ready for quantum feminine leap-YES!

From: Diane Skidmore (11:41 AM) Prevention is better than cure - and that's why we'd like our leaders to change their behaviour. A different kind of business - people over profit

From: Shannon McArthur (11:41 AM) YES! Socrates and Jim!

From: Simone de Wijn (11:41 AM) Mindset change by design thinking and collabaration with many people

From: Kat Haber (11:41 AM) Elsie Maio: stirring revelations engaging with living systems, THANK YOU JIM FOR CREATING HUMANITY RISING, and teAM)s!

From: Rachel Root (11:42 AM) Yes thank you Jim!

From: Jim Garrison (11:42 AM) Thank you for your very kind affirmation. We are completely dedicated to making Humanity Rising available to people worldwide for as long as the pandemic lasts.

From: Jon Harvey (11:42 AM) After Humanity Rising, then Humanity Ascending!!

From: Shannon McArthur (11:42 AM) and maybe longer…? ooo, like that Jon!!

From: Jim Garrison (11:42 AM) We will continue as long as we can serve.

From: AM)Y A BLUMENSHINE (11:43 AM) Socrates Symposium apt comparison since it was all men! thoughtless of women’s perspectives. We bring change.

From: Anita Jones (11:43 AM) @Jon - Love it!

From: MALINI Rajendran (11:43 AM) That consumer driver was what caused all the problems to begin with,

From: Jenna Tontz (11:44 AM) lost audio

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:44 AM) No sound

From: AM)Y A BLUMENSHINE (11:44 AM) Instead of Humanity Ascending, Jon, how about Humanity with less Hubris!

From: Shannon McArthur (11:44 AM) so far so good for me re sound

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:44 AM) @AM)y, there were other powerful women groups, and also mixed groups.

From: Anita Jones (11:44 AM) I cannot hear either…

From: AM)Y A BLUMENSHINE (11:44 AM) Sounds left!

From: Jane (11:44 AM) No sound

From: Shauna Evans (11:44 AM) no sound

From: Me (11:44 AM) No sound

From: Jane (11:45 AM) o.k.

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:45 AM) sound ok

From: Anita Jones (11:45 AM) Fixed. thank you!

From: AM)Y A BLUMENSHINE (11:45 AM) Now I can hear

From: Shannon McArthur (11:45 AM) I’m ok

From: Jan Vertefeuille (11:45 AM) @Kat, RE how is WWF collaborating with others, we are actively working with universities, legislators, scientists, other conservation groups, funders, and public health leaders to ensure a holistic approach to preventing pandemics. There are so many groups recognizing that this has to be a collective effort if we're to succeed.

From: AM)Y A BLUMENSHINE (11:45 AM) Yes

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:45 AM) perfect

From: Kat Haber (11:45 AM) EM: Moment where we are, marvelous outcomes of it, felt Xperience of our shared fate as humanity that we’ve not before, rocked us to our roots, SO WHAT? feeling sadness at 1,000,000 deaths worldwide, concern, anxiety about survival given physical/health challenges, economic/emotional fallout, entire sectors upended-retail drivers fo capitalism, consumer spending, with now money to spend what happens to the driver, WHAT SHALL WE DO WITH OUR SHARED FATE? intensify business and commerce on a 40 year corse of profit primacy, exclusions, elitism, maintaining a wobbly line of stability is cracked and past an equalbrium point, investment markets/commerce responding differently, since 1999 corporate accountability for disequilibrium that builds things upYES!

From: Barbro Esbjörnsdotter (11:45 AM) i hear you!

From: Anita Jones (11:45 AM) We can hear you now - Thank you Rick.

From: MALINI Rajendran (11:45 AM) WE dont need large business whos only philosophy is economies of scale.

From: Jon Harvey (11:45 AM) I never had a sound problem. I suspect it was an unstable connection rather than a problem with her mike

From: MALINI Rajendran (11:47 AM) how much is ever going to be enough? I wonder Beautifully put.

From: Paul Coleman (11:49 AM) Cutting down consumption of all things is one of the most powerful things we, as individuals, or as a community, can do. Right now we have a serious local issue in that our municipal garbage dump is full to overflowing and finding suitable land for another is proving extremely difficult. Recycling in a remote community is not cost effective or practical in terms of the carbon produced through transportation to recycling facilities. So the most effective would be reduction of needless consumption and with that re-use ability. We personally have not sent anything to the garbage dump for ten years. When you take care of your own garbage, you immediately begin to reduce it, y watching everything you buy.

From: Kat Haber (11:50 AM) EM: Responidng in similar ways growing awareness that life outside of profits while life systems are impacting sustainability of profits, lvigin system, climate crisis/climate crises affects profitability systems, do not look to companies to lead, stock market is not an indicator of a healthy economy, those at the edge are raising their voices, grotesque inequality of income, healthcare, institutionalized racism WHAT SHALL WE DO ABOUT IT? knee jerk responses: Challenge-request discern stock market pronouncements behind these (AS YOU SOW-INVEST YOUR VALUES-ANDREW BEHAR_ CHECK THE FREE ONLINE TOOL TO SEE WHATS IN OUR INVESTMENTS) Sustainable branding has been predators for a veil of celebritiy branding and now look for impact, investments of $/time, draw back the curtain, see who is really doing what, what is our impact on the equilibrium of the living system-look for these metrics

From: Diane Skidmore (11:50 AM) Where we put our money - make sure it goes to sustainable conscious providers

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:51 AM) ease and balm the pain, instead of exploiting it.

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:51 AM) @Paul - yes! Out of sight out of mind.

From: Diane Skidmore (11:52 AM) @Paul Yes!! Stop consuming (so much From: Kat Haber (11:53 AM) EM: Step away From: generating appetite, deep knowing of our emotional triggers, turn our sensitivity in marketing/ communications become empathetic voice of humanity, this is the pain that is not yet felt by top Execs, impulse purchasers, we are creative artists contributing to a finer future instead we have created a generation of celebrity brands, much good news, remember this WE ARE POSING AS COMPASSIONATE PREDATORS UNTIL WE LOOK AT ENTIRE ECOSYSTEM IMPACT OF OUR BEHAVIORS< ATTACH WHOLISTIC WELL BEING< ADDING/SUBTRACTING, FOLLOWING OUR USNESS LIVING SYSTEM INSTEAD OF I AND ME?

From: Jane (11:53 AM) Follow the Wisdom of Nature.

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:53 AM) @Jane - Yes

From: Kat Haber (11:54 AM) EM: Leap the S-Curve communing with other (everything) what is our well being contingent upon and how might we reorganize ourselves to have this thriving? enlightened self interest to have stable societies/companies, front edging embraced new dreAM)ing,

From: Anita Jones (11:54 AM) What is our well being dependent on…much less than what we already have most of the time. Good statement @Elsie

From: Kurt Krueger (11:54 AM) BRAIDING SWEETGRASS, by Kimmerer. Outstanding implementing of Indigenous wisdom in regenerating LIFE! .

From: Jane (11:55 AM) Yes Kurt.

From: Shannon McArthur (11:55 AM) thank you Elsie

From: Kat Haber (11:55 AM) Thriving, natural flowing dynAM)ic of life, activate creative in each of us, motivation matters, systemic identity, requires, Skill + Will +Resources…encourage investment community to make the right moves

From: AM)Y A BLUMENSHINE (11:56 AM) Disciplined alignment with a FELT system of ….. (anybody can help me catch the slide? From: Anita Jones (11:57 AM) What is our impact on the equilibrium on the living system - question to address.

From: Jane (11:57 AM) Courageous Lion Hearted Leadership is required.

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:57 AM) Sounds like biomimicry principles

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:59 AM) @Elsie, yes, this is how we need to look at everything, no matter what the industry and sector.

From: Anita Jones (11:59 AM) Here is the Six Grass Farms website link:

From: ChangJi (DDMBA) (11:59 AM) @AM)y How to leap the S-Curve? By disciplined alignment with a FELT sense of humanity living system (System Identity From: Kat Haber (11:59 AM) AWAKEN-us all. We belong to each other. EM: may seem big, but many current SAM)ples, What if in the desire to start a business, we looked at natural systems, a forest, my goal is to preserve this forest, how might business achieve this, Dansko, built it and gave to employees, Mandy is in EM’s book, resources to preserve forest and local economy education, products, services, organizations, nourishing, lens, inclusive natural dynAM)ics, asking a deeper whole system approachCould companies be held to produce in a certified eco parAM)eters?

From: Paul Coleman (12:00 PM All these things are possible, when there is the will of the people.

From: MALINI Rajendran (12:00 PM Yes the compliance is possible. Its part of company law in India. You will not get licence to operate unless all parAM)eters are followed. The fact that the inspectors are corruptible is another story.

From: Anita Jones (12:00 PM Cradle to Cradle -

From: Shannon McArthur (12:00 PM great concept & going forward

From: Kat Haber (12:00 PM Lisa Rafael-Now is the time

From: Jen Forti (12:00 PM Is there a resource list available of all the companies out there committed to ecological parAM)eters?

From: Kat Haber (12:01 PM Brilliant thank you!

From: Anita Jones (12:01 PM Good morning Lisa - grateful to have you here!

From: Me (12:01 PM YES - Women's voices!!!

From: AM)Y A BLUMENSHINE (12:02 PM @ChangJi TY!

From: ChangJi (DDMBA) (12:02 PM @AM)y, my pleasure to be of service!

From: Joana Franco (12:03 PM Beautiful! How can we share this video online?

From: Paul Coleman (12:04 PM @Lisa Wonderful. Powerful.

From: MALINI Rajendran (12:04 PM Beautiful film ! beautiful poem! thankyou for sharing.

From: Michelle Kidd (12:04 PM Wow Lisa 💓 So Powerful 💓

From: Rachel Root (12:04 PM Awesome Lisa well done!

From: Paul Coleman (12:05 PM @Lisa Please don't forget to leave a link to your vdeo!

From: Jon Harvey (12:06 PM I discovered Humanity Rising a bit over 2 weeks ago. Tomorrow will be the first day I will be unable to tune in first thing after I wake up in the morning. I already know I will miss it so very much though I know I can watch it later.

From: Shannon McArthur (12:06 PM I see beauty… and hope and love and the rising of Humanity while our clay feet stomp and roots go deep. Thank you Lisa for your heart and breath, your all going into what you… we believe and see

From: Diane Skidmore (12:06 PM AM)AZING!!! Thank you so much. More sharing material!! Remember Be Grateful. Remember Be Kind

From: AM)Y A BLUMENSHINE (12:06 PM Beautiful!

From: Jane (12:06 PM Tears...Thank You For this powerful message.

From: Barbro Esbjörnsdotter (12:06 PM I got so inspired!

From: Diane Sue (12:06 PM So powerful!!!

From: Kurt Krueger (12:06 PM How can we share it all over?

From: Anita Jones (12:06 PM You can see this video at:

From: Sharon Truax (12:07 PM power to the arts!

From: Shauna Evans (12:07 PM Thank You Lisa... beautiful work

From: Diane Skidmore (12:07 PM Ooooh thanks Anita - this video? Wonderful!!

From: Richard Page (12:07 PM Love that it ended on a yes…there is something that (I) can do!

From: gary wohlman (12:07 PM Elsie, will you kindly include those marvellous words of that poem for us to see, and visit, and revisit? So compelling your telling…

From: MALINI Rajendran (12:07 PM Thank you lisa for mentioning the pandemic of fear.

From: Anita Jones (12:08 PM You can also watch the Now is the Time Video on the youtube channel: Now is the time official you tube channel

From: Doreen Tanenbaum (12:08 PM Great video Lisa…and sharing a new language

From: Me (12:08 PM I believe that the ARTS don't just predict the future... Art CREATES the future!

From: Shauna Evans (12:08 PM Thank You for your mentoring Lisa

From: Karen Buckley (12:08 PM The language of fear or the language of connection on behalf of children and grandchildren of the earth.

From: Jon Harvey (12:09 PM A quote attributed to Percy Shelly "Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world"

From: Paul Coleman (12:09 PM If you are in fear, take action to remove that what you fear and through that action you will find peace and joy.

From: Diane Skidmore (12:09 PM WE must focus on the better language - love and connection!!

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:09 PM Partnership!

From: Anita Jones (12:10 PM We MUST protect the planet for future generations - yes Lisa.

From: Liliane Mavridara (12:10 PM And we all have friends who have children <3

From: Sharon Truax (12:10 PM a beautiful powerful invitation to enter the new conversation and take action.

From: Jane (12:10 PM Soo Much to be Grateful for.

From: Diane Skidmore (12:10 PM @Jon - Shelley - Brilliant - another revolutionary!

From: Jane Norton (12:10 PM powerful video - thanks for an inspiring, moving creative piece!

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:11 PM Fabulous video!

From: Joana Franco (12:11 PM You are all beautiful and powerful women. Thank you for the model!

From: Diane Skidmore (12:11 PM Wonderful Karen - a passion for wisdom.

From: Doreen Tanenbaum (12:13 PM As we change our language, and choose carefully we need to wake up to the technology we use also. Be wise by knowing we need to see all the manipulations that are there.:Please check out documentary on Netflix – “Social Dilemma” to better assess why it is so difficult to communicate with others – alternative universes/manipulation by technology

From: Elsie Maio (12:14 PM @Jan “Nature as a role model” @KarenBuckley “When you are wise you are in sync w Nature’s ways”

From: Anita Jones (12:15 PM @Doreen. That Netflix “Social Dilemma” doc should be shown to students at school now!

From: Shannon McArthur (12:15 PM She’s my muse!

From: Doreen Tanenbaum (12:16 PM @Anita …I agree

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:16 PM Nature is not taught in school we teach pieces and parts.

From: Jane (12:16 PM Yes Lisa Gratitude with and for Nature.

From: Diane Skidmore (12:16 PM In sync with Nature's ways - many Moments of Magic Flowing...……. And yes, gratitude - continual

From: Sharon Truax (12:17 PM you all are Mirroring my deeper home in nature and now holding the grief of potential loss of life

From: Doreen Tanenbaum (12:17 PM Our attentions are robbed by technology and taken away From: Nature

From: Jane (12:17 PM Lovely Lisa.

From: Anita Jones (12:17 PM Yes Lisa - the place where no words are necessary.

From: Michelle Kidd (12:17 PM Nature is my wisdom because immersing myself in Nature allows me to return to balance and use my wisdom

From: Richard Page (12:17 PM Humbling and heart-opening to hear the tone of woman-nurture, including, not separating. Mother wisdom kindly presented so this man is encouraged to listen…

From: Diane Skidmore (12:18 PM Phew..... we're working together...… for the planet; for our children; for a future

From: Anita Jones (12:18 PM One of Karen’s AM)azing writings on Commitment and making a difference:

From: Sharon Truax (12:19 PM you all are wise women. so good to connect points of light.

From: Shannon McArthur (12:19 PM Mother Earth gave me my life… I give Her mine.. As She leads me, so shall I follow… and strive to thrive.

From: Karen Buckley (12:19 PM What is your commitment going forward From: today?

From: Doreen Tanenbaum (12:19 PM Commitment to our younggest and new parents in coming back to Nature

From: Jude Asphar (12:19 PM a commitment, not to give up?

From: Me (12:20 PM I commit to continuing to help people find each other... a Whole Earth Catalog of People

From: Jen Forti (12:20 PM My commitment is to imagine a new future

From: Liliane Mavridara (12:20 PM To educate on the interconnection of everything and respect for all Life.

From: Diane Sue (12:20 PM my commitment is to step into quiet leadership in our community to help others also envision a different future

From: Kurt Krueger (12:20 PM Share Love and Light in ever increasing expressions.

From: Diane Skidmore (12:21 PM I commit to Life - whoever and whatever crosses my path. No judgement. I'll do my best xxxxx

From: Doreen Tanenbaum (12:21 PM Such an inspiring and beautiful presentation. Thank You ALL!

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:21 PM I’m committed to developing many more partnerships with people and themselves and wit people and nature.

From: Jane Norton (12:21 PM commitment to access and follow my inner guidance and Nature's genius!

From: Jude Asphar (12:21 PM what it must take for you, Jan to be faced with all that you do — a deep bow to you and WWF — proud to say I’ve been a member since 1988

From: Mushin Patric Roberts (12:21 PM Grandmother’s rock and appreciate Lisa’s artistic poetic film. My partner in Maka Si Tomni institute is Mother Marie Randall, Great Great Lakota Centurion since 2007. The Lakota people creation story are Star People who becAM)e the Buffalo Nation in intimate relationship with the Bison on the Great Plains on Turtle Island. “Oyate Win Message to the World: What we are going through today.” Thank you wise women caring for the water of life and saying “Stop That.” Western uncivilized behaviors, activities and mindsets ~ historic patriarchal patterns have created splits between creator and creations. The Lakota Paradigm of Wakan Gli brings back the ancestral wisdom of the primordial humanness based in the biology of love not arrogant aggression understanding we are all related and belong to a sixth squiggling sense of a universe becoming aware of itself and a new peaceful education paradigm for the children of tomorrow. Indigenous peoples are generative leaders. Deep Gratitude

From: Cheryl Ritenbaugh (12:22 PM My commitment is to helping others envision a new sustainable future to live into, to break through the fear that causes paralysis.

From: Jon Harvey (12:22 PM My commitment is to express gratitude to nature every day and never ever take nature for granted

From: Monica Affleck (12:22 PM My commitment is to continue moving away From: being a consumer to becoming an investor into the beautiful world we all know is possible.

From: Anita Jones (12:22 PM My commitment is to produce less garbage!

From: Jane (12:23 PM I commit to to hear, love and protect the voiceless.

From: Elsie Maio (12:23 PM Thanks to all! see you in the living system!

From: Anita Jones (12:23 PM Thank you ALL for creating this space.

From: Liliane Mavridara (12:23 PM @KarenB, thank you for always being such a magnificent wise Leaders! <3

From: Paul Coleman (12:23 PM @Anita Very noble and valuable commitment.

From: Michelle Kidd (12:23 PM Wonderful panel thank you all

From: Sharon Truax (12:24 PM thank you all. beyond words.

From: Kala (12:24 PM Thank you for all this powerful wise inspiration

From: Anita Jones (12:24 PM @Paul - your story of not going to the dump for 10 years really inspires me.

From: Diane Skidmore (12:24 PM Thank you to all of you Lovely Ladies and to Jim and Sabinije and all Humanity Rising for bringing this conversation today. It was wonderful!! spread the word indeed

From: Karen Buckley (12:25 PM I acknowledge and appreciate the power and joy in each of your commitments and the actions you take every day.

From: Diane Skidmore (12:26 PM Remember to be grateful. Remember to be Kind!!

From: gary wohlman (12:26 PM I commit to co-creating moments like these together. What BE U TO FULL sharing here AM)ong us all today. We are remembering, We are all Awakening. Kindness & Gratitude is the way. Hip HIP HORRAY

From: Michelle Kidd (12:26 PM Lisa can you please put a link to your Wonderful video thank you 💓

From: Shannon McArthur (12:26 PM I AM) committed to Humanity Rising, both this venue and the reality that surpasses reality, that holds us all as we use the present Now as our jumping off point… these are the resonances that make it possible.

From: Anita Jones (12:26 PM Please share Lisa’s powerful video! Inspire others to take action!

From: Monica Affleck (12:26 PM beautiful, thank you everyone!

From: Joana Franco (12:26 PM Thank you all!

From: Paul Coleman (12:26 PM Very well said Sabinije.

From: Shannon McArthur (12:27 PM I feel I know you now, Karen! Such a pleasure to see you!

From: Karen Buckley (12:27 PM Please also share Humanity Rising Day 105 via you tube! Let’s keep this conversation going.

From: Diane Skidmore (12:27 PM Very special xxxxx

From: Richard Page (12:27 PM Humbling and heart-opening to hear the tone of woman-nurture, including, not separating. Mother wisdom kindly presented so this man is encouraged to listen…

From: Liliane Mavridara (12:27 PM @Karen what is your web link?

From: Anita Jones (12:28 PM Karen’s website:

From: Karen Buckley (12:28 PM Thanks @Anita!

From: Shannon McArthur (12:28 PM I hear it too Richard. Isn’t it beautiful? So healing...

From: Liliane Mavridara (12:28 PM Thank you

From: Anita Jones (12:28 PM And she also is at:

From: Jude Asphar (12:28 PM bravo Richard Page for having that courage to acknowledge and to be en-couraged

From: Rachel Root (12:28 PM Thank you everyone!! So wonderful. Thanks for your wisdom and insights and encouragement!!

From: Sharon Truax (12:28 PM @sabinije thank you for continually gathering the kernels of wisdom.

From: Shannon McArthur (12:28 PM yayayyayayaya

From: Anita Jones (12:28 PM YES PLEASE!!!

From: Diane Sue (12:28 PM YES!!!!

From: Shannon McArthur (12:29 PM Yay again!!!

From: AM)Y A BLUMENSHINE (12:29 PM How about a less domination image, Jim. Instead of being dictator for a day, how about using your magic wand?

From: Karen Buckley (12:29 PM Join me in the conversation on my blogs as well.

From: Doreen Tanenbaum (12:29 PM It is called nurturing all

From: Liliane Mavridara (12:29 PM OMG, this is an incredible mindset change, just by imagining this scenario @Jim

From: Me (12:29 PM . ..oOo..
Dear Chat PEOPLE and panelists
Some of us are gathering in a Zoom meeting after this session closes. 
You can join the Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 810 4561 3451
Passcode: 919541

We also have an email list for Chat People to interact without being on at the sAM)e time. Write to be added to the list:

. ..oOo..

From: Kala (12:29 PM we’re ready to re-employ our nation!!

From: Sharon Truax (12:30 PM let’s all take over our individual departments of interior!

From: Jude Asphar (12:30 PM and what has it cost humanity not to have done what your wish is, Jim… for the last few hundred years?!

From: Diane Skidmore (12:30 PM So - we'll all focus on that - Women for the New World

From: Joana Franco (12:31 PM These conversations at Humanity Rising bring me hope. Thank you, @Jim

From: Jude Asphar (12:31 PM and link more and more people together, as you have and do, Jim — to get closer to critical mass

From: Anita Jones (12:31 PM Please go to Lisa’s site: for important information and help around getting registered to vote and links for supporting these issues we all support around saving our planet now and in the future.

From: Shannon McArthur (12:31 PM Humanity now has a voice to talk to Itself. Thank you for creating that voice.

From: Jane (12:31 PM The path of Service.

From: Anita Jones (12:31 PM Thank you Jim!

From: Sharon Truax (12:32 PM Beautiful all!