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Humanity Rising Day 075 After Chat

  • Date: Tuesday August 4, 2020 (2020-08-04)
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Chat from Chat People Zoom from HR Day 075:

I thought of this "allegory of the spoons" to illustrate helpfulness... Vision of hell: An abundant feast of the finest food and drink but the people around the table are in anguish because they could not eat. With splints on their arms they could not bend their elbows to raise food to their mouth. Vision of heaven: Same feast, table, and people with splints on their arms. They were happily raising their arms to feed one another. Cf.:

  • 13:21:18 From: Shannon McArthur : You guys were made for each other!!
  • 13:23:09 From: Kurt Krueger : Who could create a before and after this story as a short or Long film?
  • 13:24:22 From: Stanley Pokras : Kurt's file needs to be downloaded, files don't remain attached to the Chat.
  • 13:24:30 From: Shannon McArthur : NOW is the seed for the gathering of stories that create the Common Ground we stand upon, heart to heart.
  • 13:26:37 From: Malini Rajendran : still trying to figure out the audio on this laptop but listening to all of you.
  • 13:26:49 From: Kurt Krueger : "You and I are also news stations. You and I are also reporting on what’s going on in the world. Like the TV executives behind the scenes, we also get to decide what stories to tell — even on the street when a friend asks us how we’re doing. That is our moment of truth. That is our broadcast. That is our time to choose.

"Will our stories be local versions of the nightly news, always skewed to what’s bad and wrong, full of gossip, worry, and complaint? Or will we choose to share a new kind of story — one infused with possibility, progress, insight, awareness, and hope?" ~ Mitch Ditkoff

What say you? How are you broadcasting your “news”?

  • 13:26:52 From: Shannon McArthur : good to know, @Malini
  • 13:27:15 From: Bruce Schuman : Just a couple of links

  • 13:27:27 From: Malini Rajendran : stan did they post a link on peters films .
  • 13:28:31 From: Stanley Pokras : I didn't see Peter's links... but I may not have seen them.
  • 13:29:16 From: Shannon McArthur : The Promise of Peace I received From: Mother Earth is something that ALL of us have to choose. Everyone needs to know so they can choose it… a short film would help spread the word…
  • 13:29:26 From: Stanley Pokras : Gary, I've muted your typing .
  • 13:29:37 From: Malini Rajendran : youtube has shown that the audience is ok with content without hollywood level production, as long as it is relevant to them.
  • 13:29:51 From: gary wohlman : Great sharing, everybody. It’s 3:33 am here, need to get some sleep before late becomes early here in Melbourne. Goodnight and G’day, Gary
  • 13:31:20 From: Kurt Krueger : Thanks for being here Gary. I sent you an emimail.
  • 13:31:30 From: gary wohlman : Such wisdom and inspiration shared here. Happy to share in common projects, appreciating our staying in touch.I feel talked out. Need some quiet time now.
  • 13:31:56 From: Leo Jacoby : @Gary thanks for being on the panel at such a late (early) hour
  • 13:31:59 From: Stanley Pokras : My favorite film
  • 13:32:10 From: Stanley Pokras : The story of solutions...
  • 13:32:59 From: Bruce Schuman : Also meant to say that I had sent a brief note and link to Chief Phil Lane abut this essay on Beloved Community and "Circle" -- and though he is very busy, he did come back to Ubiquity and posted a very positive comment about the article:

  • 13:34:26 From: Bruce Schuman : Blame implies linear causality....
  • 13:36:45 From: Bruce Schuman : Ok, guys (and ladies) -- got to check out. To be continued.... blessings and thanks. :)
  • 13:37:10 From: Stanley Pokras : Jeff, I'll be adding a page in for your organization.
  • 13:38:27 From: Kurt Krueger : Infinite Potential, David Bohm’s documentary

Implicate Order, the Bonding ONENESS of All Wholeness. This film scientifically supports the Metaphysical experiences and teaching of the Mystics of all ages.

The Observer and the Observed. This verifies the ancient teaching, "THE WORLD IS AS YOU SEE IT!" ~ VASISTHA's last instructions to Rama before Rama went to take over his kingdom. From: the book, Vasistha’s Yoga

We are Co-Producers of life/experiences. Everyone is In-Formation. How do we choose to decide to inter-act with the Earth, with Each Other?

Unity is also the second of The Four Sacred Gifts, a great book by an elder, Anita Sanchez.

See what you think/feel… Check it out

Lots of Love,


If you’d like to open more to that Infinite Potential more, contact me and/or read the best selling series, Winning Ways for Living

  • 13:40:54 From: Jeff Dunne To Stanley Pokras(privately) : Thanks!
  • 13:45:51 From: Leo Jacoby : @Kurt From: today's chat: Every little bit/step/learning breeds amazing results! Depending on your choices. Choose wisely - leave an honorable legacy.

This video comes From: the PPT that we present worldwide in our Peak Performance Practices programs:

  • 13:50:57 From: Leo Jacoby : @Kurt I had trouble downloading your jpg on empowering
  • 13:54:41 From: Kathryn Alexander, MA : @Leo, It takes a minute, my computer is a bit slow, but it did down load.
  • 13:57:58 From: Leo Jacoby : Another post by Kurt: Use words to get what we focus upon:
  • 13:59:01 From: Stanley Pokras : Jeff, my friend Nancy McClernan runs a website for playwrights.
  • 14:01:29 From: Stanley Pokras : Hi, Kathryn, Hi, Danielle!
  • 14:03:39 From: Diane Skidmore : There's more going on than meets the eye!!
  • 14:04:33 From: Stanley Pokras : Hi, Kathryn, Hi, Danielle!
  • 14:04:53 From: Diane Skidmore : Bob Dylan - Something is happening and you don' t know what it is, do you, Mr Jones hahaha
  • 14:04:57 From: Kurt Krueger : Morphagenic field, Quantum connections, TM’s meditation research.
  • 14:05:02 From: Danielle Hansmann : Hi everyone!
  • 14:05:39 From: Diane Skidmore : Hi Danielle and Hi Kathryn :)
  • 14:05:56 From: Kurt Krueger : Before humans created time - we were living in the PRESENT!
  • 14:08:34 From: Stanley Pokras : Friends here in Philly publish about "Black Quantum Futurism."
  • 14:*13:39 From: Kurt Krueger : How hippies saved physics, is a great book on this
  • 14:17:50 From: MALINI Rajendran : Itzakh Bentov
  • 14:17:57 From: MALINI Rajendran : j.w.hardin.
  • 14:18:20 From: Jeff Dunne To Stanley Pokras(privately) : I used NYCPlaywrights on an almost daily basis :-)
  • 14:18:36 From: Stanley Pokras : Kurt, I knew Ira Einhorn who is featured in that book. And I've read it.
  • 14:20:58 From: Leo Jacoby :
  • 14:21:36 From: Stanley Pokras : Einhorn died in prison...
  • 14:26:27 From: Leo Jacoby : Thanks Stanley for arranging this follow=up.
  • 14:47:39 From: Leo Jacoby : Thank you all